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Part 1: Proluge


They ramped up the load times to unimaginable levels. I'll be seeing this screen a LOT. You , however, will be spared due to my generous nature. Be grateful.

We start off with some royal types chilling out on the former queen's grave. Welcome to party town.

The king is an old, impotent waste. Already he's the best king this series has ever seen.

I'll bet you a million dollars she overheard that.

Oh, yeah. She's definitely evil. Also, the guard on the left apparently made a mess in his armor.

Seriously, evil. I'm surprised they didn't have her ride in on a firey tank fueled by the souls of sad orphans.

Ooh, burrrn.

Also a wicked stepmother. Any minute now she should sprout leather wings from her back.

...or, the king could sprout a dagger out of his.

This looks familiar...

Oh crap. I bet I know what's going to happen next...

Yep. Right on cue. Anyone want to bet whether or not she's gonna get burned at the stake?


The what?

No wait, go back. Fiend's arm? What the fuck?

What does this have to do with her arm?!

Hey! Come back here right this instant and explain the arm thing to me!

A great mother, that one.


You should have known, what with her being very blatantly evil.

Oh boy, we get to flee a castle! I never get sick of that.

An old mansion? I don't like the sounds of that...

Well I guess I coul-wait, you're actually going to do something useful?

Allura has an ally who actually does something useful. It's a god damn miracle.

But enough of that, we have an escape to make and a mansion to visit!

Just not right now.

Check out everything you just saw in video format here or here

Next time, we hit the castle of the dam Mansion of the Darned.