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Part 3: Episode 1-3: Snowstorm

GuavaMoment posted:

I know nothing about this game. Should I be taking these sarcastic posts literally? Because not much would really surprise me.

This game is probably more ridiculous than the original, but less of it comes from supervirus stuff.


Episode 1-3: Snowstorm

Markus: We finally manage to dodge the late shift, and we're stuck here anyway. Well, I'm going to get some sleep.

Valerie: Isn't that investigator from Concordia supposed to stop by today? I'm sure you'll be the first they want questioned.

Markus: Don't worry. They won't be sending anyone in this weather.

Now, sit perfectly still until your phone rings, and imagine it happened in game. Don't answer it- you'll ruin the immersion.

Valerie: I guess since no one else is around, all calls are being transferred to us. Dr. Blaylock speaking.

A woman's voice comes from the phone.

Valerie: Markus! We have an emergency! Yes, this is Montgomery Memorial. Please stay calm and tell me what happened.

Woman: A man was accidentally shot in the chest with a rifle. He's bleeding profusely. I estimate he's already lost about 500 millilitres. His CS is 2-3-3.

Another bad day for Harry Whittington.

Incidentally, CS is short for Coma Scale. Specifically, they're using the Glascow Coma Scale. The three numbers are for Eyes, Verbal, and Motor response. The individual numbers as well as the sum are important. Totals 8 or less are considered severe trauma.

Valerie: We'll prepare for your arrival. How long before you can get here?

Woman: Mister, how long will it take us to get there? Ten minutes? Can you get us there in five? …We'll be there in five to ten minutes!

Valerie: Got it. We'll be ready. …All the nurses have gone home. We'll have to do this on our own. Can you prep the O.R.?

Markus: The IV, BGA, and CT are all ready to go. So is the blood count and cross matching test. Looks like the storm's headed our way.

You are no doubt familiar with the ancronym IV, and probably also X-ray Computed Tomography, commonly called a CatScan. I wasn't actually able to find out what BGA stands for. The blood tests are just to find blood of the right type for the patient.

Woman: I've managed to stop the bleeding, but his vitals have decreased significantly! He's been shot in the chest. Looks like the bullet's still inside him. There isn't a moment to lose.

Valerie: Everybody's gone home for the day. You'll have to help me get him on a stretcher.

Woman: No problem. I'm actually a nurse. So, if your short-handed, I can help you with the procedure.

Valerie: I was wondering how you knew to report all that information. We can definitely use your help. Let's go!

Valerie: This girl is a nurse. She's going to help us.

Markus: Finally, some good news. So, does she have a name?

Markus: I'm surprised they sent someone as young as you.

Elena: It's good to see you again, Dr. Vaughn.

Markus: Have we met before?

Valerie: Let's save the introductions for later. We have an operation to perform.

Hemostasis is the opposite of hemorrhage. It means that we're going to try and keep the blood in, which is sensible.

I went looking around for accidental shooting statistics/info, but then I realized that was stupid. Instead, I'll just tell you not to play with guns.

Elena: I know this is an emergency, but please allow me to advise you on the situation. The patient is a Caucasian male in his 50s. He's suffering from a gunshot wound from a rifle. The bullet didn't exit his body; it's still inside him. Due to the excessive amount of bleeding, their's a possibility the bullet nicked his heart.

Valerie: He's lucky you got him here so quickly.

Elena: The objectives in this operation are to extract the bullet and treat the haemorrhaging areas. Let's give it our all.

That's our cue. Today's surgeon will be…


I'm not really positive how being shot gave this guy huge gashes all over his chest. It's possible he was shot by a bear.


Viddler Backup

Today's operation is not extremely difficult, but I think it's the first one where you have a considerable risk of losing if you aren't careful. This is because the vitals ceiling is so low.

Part 1 of this operation is the outer wounds. The drain and sutures take care of the normal cuts, and the entry wound is sealed with a patch, just like a tumour. After that, you start the real operation.

For starters, all this blood will hurt vitals, so you need to drain it before you do anything else. The bullet is roughly in the middle. You have to use the scalpel to open it wide enough to reach the round.

You extract the bullet, but it turns out that you only got half, and the other half is still inside. To make matters worse, the patient's heart stops, and you can't do anything about it until the round is gone. This is the where the tricky part starts.

You've got to drain the blood, open the wound wider, drain the blood AGAIN, and extract the round. I restored vitals before starting the process, and they still fell this low by the time I was finished. If you have to stop to restore vitals, the wound will start bleeding again and you'll lose your chain. You also won't be able to get the time requirement for this operation on hard, since it's extremely tight to begin with. You can only allow 40 seconds to pass on the clock, or you'll lose it.

Anyway, as soon as you get the bullet out, pump vitals and patch up the hole. The last step is getting the heart beating again.

This works the same as in Second Opinion. First, you push the Wii remote and nunchuck forward so you can look like a moron with your arms outstretched. That little bar up top fills and empties, and you have to press B and Z together with the right timing. Hitting dark grey does nothing(and cost you a special bonus on hard), but two shocks in the light grey or one in the green will revive the patient. It takes a little practice, and even I'm not all that consistent with it. Hopefully, you don't take too long to get the hang of it, because vitals will continue to drop while you attempt, and you can definitely fail here, after passing the hard part.

Speaking of failing, it's also possible to make so many mistakes that you lose while closing him up, especially with the low vitals. That's something to avoid.

Elena's non-specific congratulations mark the…


Incidentally, I might as well get this out of the way, since someone will probably post it: Defibrillators aren't for patients with no heartbeat!

Moving along...

Like I mentioned before, the last bonus is for doing it within 40 seconds. It's tight, but I still wasn't far off. Getting green right away with the defibrillator would have helped.

It shows how demanding the game is that I only got a B. I'm not sure what rank I'd have gotten if I had that last bonus, but I'm betting it would only have been an S, even though my performance was solid otherwise.

Elena: Really?

Valerie: Yes, really. I'd love for you to assist us again some time, if possible.

She's slightly less bland than the regular nurse.

Markus: But first, we should clarify some things. What instructions did Professor Wilkins give to you prior to coming here, Elena?

Elena: You're right. I shouldn't hide my true intentions. But I didn't come here to spy on you, and I didn't come here to help you. I came to ask you to operate on me, Dr. Vaughn.

Markus: What!?

Elena: It's the pump unit you implanted in my pancreas seven years ago. It isn't going to last much longer. Please, Dr. Vaughn. You have to help me.

Markus: Now I remember. So, you're that little girl…

Next time: Elena's operation.