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Part 4: Episode 1-4: Sorcery of Salvation

Episode 1-4: Sorcery of Salvation

Markus: The disease surfaces due to stress caused by aging, viruses, or chemical substances. If left untreated, it could cause septicemia, cellular necrosis, and a severe case of pancreatitis.

Septicimia is a term that can refer to a pathogenic organism in the blood stream causing sepsis, which causes whole-body inflammation known as SIRS. It's also known as "blood poisoning." Apparently the term Septicimia is deprecated now. Either they changed their minds in THE FUTURE or nobody told Markus.

Markus: Thankfully, an effective immune suppressant was developed in 2015, so now the disease can be treated by implanting a high-efficiency pump system in the patient.

Valerie: But why do you need another operation? Is the system malfunctioning?

Markus: Yeah. It's designed to last for 20 years.

Elena: The antibody has denatured. The medication isn't working. To compensate, the pump's immunity suppressant control chips need to be replaced. I wanted to ask Dr. Vaughn to perform the operation, since he already saved me once before. I'm sorry I didn't contact you beforehand.

Hoover: Oh, no need to apologise. You're quite welcome here.

Markus: Placing the pump unit is no easy task, and tampering with the unit may cause stress and trigger an acute reaction. An inexperienced doctor wouldn't even attempt such an operation.

Marcy: Doctor, we've received a shipment from Concordia. According to the label, it requires refrigeration.

Elena: I had them send all the materials necessary to perform the operation.

Markus: Marcy, please refrigerate them at once. The patient appears to be in good condition, but that doesn't mean we have time to spare. Once the preliminary test results are in, we'll need to operate immediately.

Valerie: So, it's a difficult operation, huh?

Markus: It'll require some preparation.

This episode has the longest story sequence we've seen yet, so there's plenty of plot left. The operation is also more heavy-duty to make up for it, though.

Valerie: Yes, I am. You're staying here tonight, I assume?

Elena: Yes. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights.

Valerie: Well, try to stay warm. By the way, I wanted to ask you how you became a nurse. It must have been tough, being so young and having your illness.

Elena: Well, I was working toward something I really wanted, so I was able to overcome those obstacles. In the process, I was able to learn more about my condition.

Valerie: But you even received your International Nursing License, right? That's amazing!

Elena: I was grateful to be alive. People are capable of so much when they don't take life for granted.

Valerie: You're really mature for your age. I think you have a great career ahead of you.

Elena: Thanks. I can't wait to get back to treating patients instead of being one.

This is as close to an animated background as we get.

Markus: As the stars have taught me… I am one with life… I am one with now…

Hoo boy.

Markus: Yeah, who is it?

Markus: Professor Wilkins.

Wilkins: I suspected this would be a good time to reach you.

Markus: It would've been nice if I could've finished meditating.

Wilkins: I see you're still dabbling in witchcraft. Good. It is precisely that sorcery of yours that we need now.

Markus: Look, I'll perform the surgery on Elena, but don't expect me to return to Concordia.

Wilkins: It seems there's been a misunderstanding. She's not why I contacted you, Markus. There's another patient I'm concerned about. Stigma has awakened, and I require your assistance.

Markus: What!? Didn't I tell you it was too dangerous to tamper with!?

Wilkins: So, you think you don't share in the responsibility? Don't be ridiculous. It's too late to wash your hands of this. However, there's no reason to let your feelings of guilt torment you. In fact, I have some good news for you. The patient I'm referring to is me. Well then, we shall continue this conversation another time.

Markus: Professor Wilkins has Stigma… I can't believe it.

Markus: I'm fine, thanks.

Valerie: Just as long as you'll be able to use the "Healing Touch."

Markus: If all goes as planned, I won't need to. Don't worry, Elena. Everything will be fine.

Elena: Oh, I'm not worried.

Marcy: About these microchips we're replacing…

Markus: They went through the trouble of including directions from the designer himself. Fortunately, they're perfectly clear. I'll have to thank professor Kerensky.

Valerie: This operation is sure to be a success, with such a well-prepared team. All right, Elena, I'm going to begin administering anaesthesia.

The pancreas is a gland organ. In the body, there are endocrine glands which secrete hormones into the bloddstream, and exocrine glands, which secrete hormones into ducts. The Pancreas is actually both, producing several important substances, including insulin and digestive enzymes.

Markus: The objective of this operation is to readjust the pump unit located in the pancreas. Depending on the condition of the pump, we'll most likely have to change the control chips. There's a high chance that there may be haemorrhaging as a result of the chip exchange. Follow my lead, and keep in mind that we may have to make some changes on the way.

Marcy: The control chips are ready, doctor.

This is one of the very few operation where you do not get your choice of surgeon in single-player. You must use Markus. Co-op still has both doctor's operating, of course. But, as I'm on my own, today's surgeon is…

Markus (again)!

As before, I tend towards trying to show the operation rather than rush, although they're still short. The result is that I can't get the time bonus or show a good rank, but that's not my main priority. Actually, there might be some benefit if I tried to slow down even more.


Viddler Backup

Okay. Down to business.

Here's a new type of basic wound, usually just called a hemorrhage. These little clouds of blood will grow thicker and eventually turn into blood pools. If that happens, you'll break your chain and lose vitals, plus you have to drain them. As shown here, a little gel will take care of them if you're quick enough.

To remove the chips, you laser and the scalpel them. It's best and most efficient to laser all of them at once, and then scalpel all at once. You should be able to do this without stopping to gel the new clouds of blood that keep popping up throughout the operation.

With the old ones removed, you simply drop the new ones in. You can do three before you're interrupted.

A bunch of blood pools form, and removing one just leads to another popping up. Each one you drain will cause a hit to vitals, plus new clouds will still form. You'll want to gel periodically to ensure they don't fully form, or you'll lose the special bonus here. You'll also need to raise vitals as least once. To get things happening, you just need to drain a certain number of blood pools.

Markus: I had a bad feeling something would go wrong. Guess I have no choice.

Markus automatically activates the "Healing Touch." It's a medical superweapon, as it slows down time dramatically while active. For now, it has an unlimited duration. All you need to do is finish the operation, which should only require one chip to be placed some blood to be drained.

For those not familiar with Trauma Center: Yes, it's very silly.

Markus collapses, and Valerie takes over while he's brought to his room to rest. That means that we get off early.


Time and blood pools are the tough parts here, and blood pools really just requires you to pay attention. There aren't many places to get a miss here, and the chain will come naturally if you have the miss and pool requirements.

And that's another one down.

Valerie: Ah, you're awake. You seem completely drained, Markus. Is that because you haven't used your "gift" lately?

Markus: Yeah, I'm exhausted. How's out patient?

Valerie: I completed the rest of the operation. Her condition's stable now. I'll keep an eye one her, so feel free to get some rest.

Markus: That sounds good, but I'd probably end up freezing to death.

I have no idea what he means by that.

Valerie: …I don't understand why they'd send someone with your ability to a place like this.

Markus: Alright, enough with the sarcasm.

Valerie: I'm serious. Actually, I'm a bit jealous. Personality aside, I'd love to be you Markus. To have your ability.

Good thing this is a hospital, because we're going to need to visit the burn ward!

Markus: Don't sell yourself short, Val. You didn't come here for the tropical weather. You came to refine your techniques and learn the "Healing Touch." But if you've already given up on that, then there's no reason to stay.

Valerie: Who are you to be judging me!?

Suddenly violently angry for no reason? Complaints that don't make any sense?

She's become Angie.

Markus: Sorry, Val. That didn't come out right. I'm not very good at giving pep talks. All I can say is, "try harder," which isn't very helpful.

Valerie: I'm sorry, too. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that.

Markus: I guess when it comes to interpersonal communication, I'm no Dr. Montgomery, huh? Maybe if you pray hard enough, he'll visit you in your dreams and teach you the right way…

Next time: Something different. Something the same.