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Part 14: Episode 3-2: Q&A

Episode 3-2: Q&A

And we have another new character, one of the nurses. To make things easy, I'll give her name a few lines early, as I often do: Leslie Newman. Which means she has the same given name as the generic nurse in Second Opinion. This is either a callback or extremely bad memory from Atlus.

Elena: No, it's the doctors who are good. I'm just fortunate to be working with them.

Leslie: Sounds like you work well with them. In my case, it depends on who I'm assisting.

Elena: By the way, Ms. Newman. About the operating room's control system.

Leslie: Call me Leslie, everyone else does. Now, it's our responsibility as nurses to manage the control system. It'll take a little time, but once you get used to it, it's a snap. Wanna give it a try in a vacant O.R.?

Elena: I'd love to.

Well, she's made a new friend. Meanwhile, the adults are talking.

Irene: We received a report from the National Security Council and have begun an investigation. It's threat level is unknown, but I can say that the pathogen displays astonishing mobility. It was unclear if it even existed until now, but the Wilkins case put an end to the debate.

It's the previously-mentioned Dr. Tsuji, who needs to have her glasses fixed or something. You can actually meet in her in the previous operation if you fail, in which case she bursts into the room and is understandably confused about the two strange people botching an operation on her co-worker. It's pretty funny, actually.

Irene: You're absolutely correct, Kanae. While the information provided by Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock is highly reliable, our own investigation at Concordia also validates the theory. It's worth noting that Professor Wilkins was performing the research on his own, without help from other doctors.

Valerie: While we were there, the Professor seemed somewhat paranoid about an information leak.

Markus: To be honest, I'm surprised there was one, no matter how small.

Everett: The NSC never tells us their source of information. I bet the military is involved somehow.

Irene: Let's try to make do with the information we have on hand. At this point, the research can no longer be left exclusively to Wilkins. It's now the concern of our entire organization.

Markus: What!?

Tsuji: Prior to your coming here, we received reports of suspicious cases from various countries. We already discussed them in a previous meeting. The pathogens in question were confused with various parasites, so nothing was conclusive. If any new cases occur, they should be reported to Caduceus International.

Everett: It's unfortunate that Professor Wilkins' data was destroyed, and by an unidentified assailant at that. Am I the only one here who feels uneasy about this?

Valerie: We're hoping that the Professor is still alive.

Irene: From now on, if any new cases of Stigma arise in the U.S. the patients will be transferred to this facility whenever possible. Both Health and Human Services and the National Security Council have agreed to this. The operating surgeons will be Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock. Their prior experience with Stigma will be invaluable. I, personally, stand behind them 100%. The rest of you will be invited to witness their expertise very soon.

Tsuji: I look forward to seeing the infamous Healing Touch.

Valerie: Were you as shocked as I was by what they already knew?

Markus: Not really. A doctor considers any and all possibilities.

He's the one who yelled in surprise, of course, so he may just be trying to look cool.

Valerie: Well, I was. I had no idea there was data on Stigma other than the Professor's.

Markus: Well, we've got more important things to worry about. We're heading for the tech department tomorrow morning at 8, right?

Valerie: Yes, so don't be late.

Markus: Alright. I'm going to go home and get some sleep.

After the first two or three times you think he'd learn not to say that.

Elena: There was a big accident on the freeway! More than 30 people are in serious condition! The request came from the state hospital!

Markus: Now I feel right at home.

Valerie: Elena, can you let them know that we'll accept the patients?

Despite the scenario, we'll only be dealing with one patient today.

Elena: No eye response, incoherent speech, decerebrate posture… E1 V3 M2. He's under eight in the glascow coma scale! He's in critical condition!

Elena: The patient has taken considerable damage to the right half of his body, and his lungs may be at risk. The exact locations of his injuries are difficult to determine right now. His vitals aren't stable, either. Please hurry, but be careful!

And today it's Val's turn. But first, some…

Underlined Text!


Viddler Backup I may have screwed up the upload here. And deleted the original video file. We'll see about fixing that.

This is basically a filler operation, and there's nothing really new here, so this'll be brief.

Outside wounds come first, naturally. Just glass and cuts to deal with, then you open him up.

More of the same inside, as well as those big gashes from before. For some reason, the game makes a big deal of reminding you to close them with the forceps before suturing.

After clearing the first screen, you gain the ability to move up and down to find more things to fix. Those hemorrhages that need to be gelled start popping up, too. A few will appear in the middle after you've done some things in the bottom. Other than that, there are no surprises this time.

Finish everything you see and close him up. Done.


It's a nice operation, but there's not much to say about it.

Nothing surprising here, either.

Not quite, but close. My method of dealing with all the gashes first probably actually hurt my chain here, as letting them bleed for awhile will give you more things to drain.

Elena: All right. Thanks, Leslie.

Leslie: That was impressive. If you don't mind, I'd like to assist you again some time.

Pretty sure she was nowhere to be found during that one, but maybe this is after a few more. There were 30 people to treat, after all.

Markus: It's 3:00 AM? Man, talk about a long day.

Valerie: Well, this is what you wanted, right? To continue seeing patients.

Markus: Yeah, I guess that's the life of a doctor, no matter where you are. Well, see you tomorrow, bright and early.

Valerie: Hey, don't worry. If we can survive in Alaska, we can survive anywhere.

Next time: Even more Caduceus. It's the CaduceEST.