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Part 21: Episode 4-3: Forced Appearance

And NOW… the point where everything just goes completely bonkers.

Episode 4-3: Forced Appearance

Irene: Yes. I have a favor to ask of you two. Please have a seat. Would you mind watching this video?

The title is "Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery", in case you can't read it over the eye-searing background. This logo is the single most animated thing in the game outside an operation.

"In these times of skyrocketing medical costs, there remains a ray of hope for those in need. Only one doctor provides life-saving surgery free of charge. This is Wish Come True: Miracle Surgery!"

That's such a Japanese title.

Guy: Now, let's bring in our hospital's director: Dr. Leonardo Bello!

This question in promptly forgotten and has no relevance whatsoever.

Guy: Thanks for being with us, Leo. Let me compliment you on your work last week; it was inspirational!

Bello: Thanks, Guy, but it's the patient who's the true hero. I'm pleased to report that Mr. Ellis is well on the road to recovery.

Irene: Yes, they agree to cover all the medical bills, and in return they broadcast the entire procedure. Ethically, I have some concerns about the show, but I hear it's rather popular.

The fact that people need to sell their souls to primetime TV or trick a rich kid to get medical attention sounds like the biggest ethical concern to me. Just sayin'.

Markus: Seems like a complete farce to me. So, what does this have to do with us?

Irene: Keep watching. You'll see.

Bello: Actually, I was. Allow me to tell you why. As our viewers know, this program has brought to light many serious issues within our healthcare system, but I recently heard something even more disturbing. $300 million of our countries annual budget goes to Caduceus! Personally, that disgusts me. What's wrong with our current medical administration? Where's the money going? I haven't heard any reports that would justify such an outrageous budget. Research only gets us so far. What about the thousands of patients that aren't receiving medical care?

The US's dept. of HHS's annual budget is over $630 billion, a little less than the DoD(although there's a load of money spent on defense that's not in that budget). So, basically what I'm trying to say is "see thread title."

Guy: The future of this country's health care looks gloomy indeed.

Bello: I suspect that the members of that organization are growing rich while taxpayers foot the bill. I doubt they're courageous enough to operate under the scrutiny of the public eye.

*Makes tons of money off of people that can't afford insurance's life-threatening illnesses*

Guy: You said it, Leo. Please stay tuned, we'll introduce today's patient after the break! Say goodbye to your medical worries, and hello to Miracle Surgery!

Irene: They've publicly tarnished our reputation. Obviously, their claims are completely unfounded.

Markus: Let them say what they want. They'll eat their words eventually.

Irene: I agree, but the higher-ups are outraged. We've received orders from the Secretary of Health and Welfare to crush them.

Valerie: "Crush them"?

Irene: Yes. They want someone to make an appearance on the show.

Markus: That's why you wanted to see us…

Valerie: We had no choice. Besides, someone has to do it. We can't just pretend like it never happened.

Leslie: I can't believe you two will be appearing on Miracle Surgery!

Markus: Well, I wouldn't bet on it. One of the conditions is that if we win, they'll take the show off the air.

There's no reason to show this screenshot except for that face.

Everett: With your skills, I highly doubt you'll lose.

Tsuji: I'm a little more sceptical. Don't get me wrong, I'll be rooting for you both. But with Leonardo Bello as your opponent, it won't be so easy.

Valerie: You know him?

Tsuji: Yes. He was well known at the medical school I attended. It may seem like he's all talk, but he's a skilled doctor.

Guy: From Caduceus, one of our country's best-funded medical institutions, please welcome Dr. Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock!

Valerie: Good evening. It's nice to be here.

Markus: …Hey.

Guy: Let's start off with a simple question: what made you decide to appear on the show?

Valerie: Unfortunately, there have been a number of rumors perpetuated by this program. We're here to clear things up. Caduceus conducts useful research and provides unparalleled treatment. In fact, our research is the future of medicine.

Guy: My, you seem defensive. What do you have to say in response, Dr. Bello?

Bello: It's not the future I'm concerned with, it's the present. And if my criticism will force you to improve, then it will have served its purpose! Now, let the lesson begin!

Guy: That's our Leo! A straight shooter! Well then… let's introduce this evening's patient. Enrique Alverez is suffering froma very troublesome tumor. Unfortunately, he also has complications with his heart and lungs. This has made operating on him very difficult, and that is why he has come seeking help on this show. Mr. Alverez, is there anything you'd like to say?

Enrique: There were times when I got really down, but now I have hope. It's just that… I'm a fan of Dr. Bello, so I was hoping he would be operating on me.

Bello: I'm sorry to hear that, Enrique, but there's no need to worry. If anything even slightly out of the ordinary happens, I'll take over, so please let them proceed with the operation.

Note: His definition of unusual seems to be fixed at "You die or this takes longer than 5 minutes."

Enrique: Really? Great! That makes me feel a lot better.

Valerie: Don't worry, Mr. Alverez. You're in good hands.

Elena: This isn't exactly the place for it, but let's begin the briefing. Like the host said, the objective of this operation will be to extract the tumors from his stomach. The patient also has arrhythmia, so we'll need to be careful.

Valerie: Got it. We'll perform this operation flawlessly.

Guy: It's finally begun! The miraculous, life-changing operation is upon us! WILL they save the patient!? WILL they prove their skill and determination!?

Markus: WILL that guy ever shut up?

He stole my line. Well, Val seems to have invested herself in this, so today's surgeon will have to be…

Dr. Blaylock!

The announcer is a lot of the fun of this one, so I highly recommend the video version this time.


Viddler Backup

This operation represents a jump in difficulty, and gives you a good taste of the sort of shit we'll be dealing with later on. I like it.

This is basically the best line in the game, right here, so I felt the need to include it.

Tumors: you got 'em. You'll be treating a handful of them in the opening segment of this operation, with no other mitigating factors. That changed as soon as you finish.

Phase 2 adds blood pools and view-changing to the mix. Drain some of the blood, especially the stuff blocking the tumors, but there isn't any point in draining all of it. The goal here is to avoid raising vitals until all the tumors are gone. You'll see why.

For no reason at all, more tumors are generated when you finish, and you'll need to check everywhere again. But that's just the start, because as soon as you cut one out…

…everything goes to shit. While Elena goes to get another drain, you have to hold out. This means pumping vitals and spreading gel around as much as you can, which is why I recommended ignoring them earlier. This bit isn't hard, really, but it's unlikely that you'd see it coming. When Elena gets back, you can quickly cut the tumor, but don't press your luck too hard, because the heart will start acting up.

The heart mysteriously appears in front of the stomach so you can do the massaging minigame again. Finally, after all that, you can work on the tumors again. Note that vitals will be down from the heart failure, and the remaining tumors have been bleeding everywhere for the last minute or so.

This is the best time to use the Healing Touch. I like Valerie's best here. Just deal with the remaining tumors.

Also, the announcer rambles on throughout the operation, which is why Val is so mad at him here.


These are all pretty simple in concept, and can be best summed up as "do good."

This one's easy to get as long as you earn all the bonuses, but I still think I deserve a .

Bello: But as I suspected, I should have been the one to perform the procedure.

Guy: What do you mean by that?

Bello: I would have been able to complete the operation in ¾ the time, reducing the amount of bleeding.

Pfft. That's only 40 seconds shaved off. Without the drain breaking I could have managed that.

Valerie: What!?

Bello: Guy, why don't we settle this once and for all? Let's invite two patients with the same condition on the show and do their procedure's simultaneously. Then, the difference in skill will be obvious. Of course, it depends on whether or not out guest surgeons are up to the challenge…

Valerie: Of course we are! We accept! We'll show you who's more talented!

Markus: You completely fell for their trap, Val…

Next time: The ethics of this are highly questionable, but it's A CHALLENGE!