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Part 28: Episode 5-5: No Escape

This episode is quite brief, and definitely filler, but I really like it.

Episode 5-5: No Escape

Markus: We have no reason to believe that a rescue team is on its way, and there's been no talk of a ransom. I hate to say this, but the situation looks grim.

Valerie: Then, should we start planning an escape?

Markus: We could use our scalpels as weapons, but the risk is too high. I don't think we should. It's better to wait a little while longer and see what their next move is.


Elena: Was that a gunshot?

Markus: Scrap the scalpel idea. Let's use anesthesia to knock 'em out.

Valerie: First, we need the key to this room.

Hey, it's that junkie from chapter 2. Not surprising, given that they're wearing the same hoodie. Well, I guess it's possible that two people spotted miles apart could have the same top, but not in a piece of fiction. That never happens.

Incidentally, I can finally just call him by his name, Jean-Paul Massey, since he's obviously going to be our patient in a moment. I couldn't spoil how I knew his name until now.

Valerie: What's going on here?

Suit: Save him or let him die. I don't care either way. He's nothing but a traitor to us.

Markus: This is a shotgun wound!

Massey: P-please, help me…

Markus: …Serves you right, pal. See what a mess you get yourself into?

Massey: I did what I was hired to do, so I thought I'd split.

Suit: You know the rules.

Elena: He's bleeding profusely! He needs a transfusion!

Markus: We need blood. Artificial is fine.

Suit: So you're going to operate on him? You guys must be crazy. I'll get the blood, but you'll owe me one.

So, did they hire him and send him to bum drugs for Concordia, or did they hire some arbitrary junkie off the streets and bring him to Maryland, or did he get the money to move, or what?

I think this one explains itself rather nicely.

Elena: He's coughing up blood and suffering from dyspnea. There must be a pellet in his lungs.

Dyspnea: Shortness of breath.

Markus: We're in a race against time.

Valerie: Wait a second! We don't have any stabilizer! All we have left is a small amount of antibiotic gel.

Elena: We can't perform an operation like this!

Markus: We don't have a choice. He won't survive until we operate. Now.

Valerie: Yes. As long as we call ourselves doctors, we can't just leave him to die.

Elena: Understood. Then, please, treat the external wounds and extract the shotgun pellet inside his body. There isn't any stabilizer, so be careful of the patient's vitals during the operation.

And the surgeon is:



Viddler Backup

This is a gimmick operation, but a clever one. Let's get started.

With no stabilizer, vitals are very limited, and what would normally be a minor error will cost you. You can take the edge off by using Val's Healing Touch, as I did, although it does feel like cheating.

Gunshot wounds need to be treated with patches, and therefore gel. If you run out, you'll need to suture them. This drops vitals and loses you your bonus. That said, you have plenty of gel. Probably almost twice as much as you need.

These pellets need to be removed from the wounds before you can seal them, and you'll have to drain the blood before and after taking it out. Also, if you patch two holes that are near to each other, you can gel both at once. After dealing with these, there are internal wounds to fix. When making your incision, it's good to just use a few dabs of gel, and try to get more than one dot at once.

The inside is basically the same deal, but with one minor complication.

Two of the wounds need to be opened with the scalpel to extract the pellet. Other than that, it's the same as the outside.

If you didn't do well, there's a real chance of failing just before the end, so be careful with the last few bits. You should have enough gel left to stop the bleeding on the incision before applying a bandage. The rest can be used to raise vitals a bit.

Like I said, I'm a fan of this operation. It's a clever gimmick and forces you to approach things more carefully.


This is another operation where simply performing well should cause everything to fall into place.

Suit: The boss has decided to let him live… for now. Besides, we can always use his organs later, if needed.

Valerie: Who is this boss of yours?

Markus: He's got connections, it seems.

Suit: Well, maybe you'll get a chance to meet him.

Next time: We get a chance to meet him.