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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 1: Above The Clouds So High

Chapter 1 - Above The Clouds So High

Haggis: Landing confirmed. We're here lads.
Booya: God damn it these buckets are tiny as hell. Pile out!

Booya: Hero, grab the guns and armor. Let's suit up and find everyone else.
Hero: Right. Landing area looks quiet.
Booya: Well if its as big as the Omen was we have a lot of ground to cover and god damn, would you look at that!

Hero: What, something wrong?
Booya: Nah, relax. But the view up here is incredible. I love this job!
Haggis: Come on laddies, we've got a job to do ya ken. Go about sight seeing and ooo'n and aww'n when we're done.

Booya: Right. We don't know whats crawling around up here so stay behind us Haggis.

Hero: Contact!
Booya: Well I'll be, first squish of the new year!

Hero: Head shot, he's down.
Haggis: Nice shooting lass.
Booya: Wait a sec, he's not done yet.

Hero: What was that for?
Booya: Never too early to carry on a fine tradition.
Hero: Ha! Whatever, moving on.

Booya: Here we go with the real welcoming party!

Hero: Hey, we said stick behind us. Take cover Haggis!
Haggis: I cain't be afraid of no lil' gray alien pipsqueeks. I'll break'em over like cabers with me strong arm!
Booya: Target down!

Hero: So is mine.
Haggis: Last one is for me, you ken! Come're you kilt tosser...
Booya: Damn it, son of a bitch is getting up. Oh no you don't.

Haggis: Hey! You daft in the head? I said that one was mine lad!
Hero: Booya, yours is still trying to get away.

Booya: Tricky little squish, but that ought to keep the bastard down.

Hero: So, think this is the way in?
Booya: Sure looks like the teleporters they used to use. We're going in, Haggis, you stick behind this time.
Haggis: Aye aye, I ken. I'll gather up the hot flashlights n'caber toss the deaders into a neat pile. Lay low 'till you call me.
Booya: Right then. You want to poke the little green bubble or me?
Hero: Grow up.

Golden: About time you guys showed up. Been scouting around waiting for the other pods to land.
Booya: Yeah? Find anything?
Golden: Killed a couple of Reticulans.
Hero: That's it?
Golden: They have a really awesome globe in there.
Booya: Damn it Showers...
Golden: Hey, c'mon I'll show you.

Booya: Okay. This is a really cool globe.
Golden: Told you. It's all interactive too.
Hero: You checked out all these side rooms?
Golden: Not yet. Figured I'd wait for back up.
Booya: Good call dead man. You're on point. Let's get going.
Golden: Damn it sarge...
Booya: What was that?
Golden: Sorry, Major... how the hell did you get to be a Major anyway?
Booya: Posthumous promotion!
Golden: But you didn't even die!
Booya: That's the best part!
Golden: I hate you so- Whoa fuck!

Golden: Hostiles!

Booya: That's some prime scouting technique there son. Don't check around corners or anything.

Hero: Oh good job Showers. Missed three of them this time?

Golden: Oh shut up. I can take all three of them.

Golden: See, told you! Two down and the last ones running away.
Hero: Ow fuck!!

Booya: Hero's hit!

Golden: Ha! So much for watching the rear 'eh Hero?
Hero: Shut up, this hurts!

Booya: That sneaky bastard is down.
Golden: Other one is running. I'm on it.

Golden: The dumb ass ran into a dead end.

Booya: Uh oh. Alien!
Golden: Ha! Give me shit about looking around the corners will you?

Booya: Stow it Showers. Theres one sneaking up behind you too.

Hero: Everything is dead here.
Golden: Think that is all of them?
Booya: Probably. We made enough noise to let any of them nearby know where we are. Keep on guard but lets look around this place and report back. Haggis and the techies will want to go over this place once it's safe.

Golden: Hmmm, some sort of control room?
Booya: Damned if I can tell. Everything is written in squiggly!
Hero: It's probably in the Reticulans language.

Booya: Whoa, whats that? Squish modern art?
Hero: Some sort of sphere. Looks like it's parked over a hatch.
Golden: An escape pod?
Hero: Could be.

Hero: This has got to be a power source.
Booya: Get away from that! I don't want people glowing green when we get back. It would ruin our night time combat effectiveness!

Golden: Alright, now we're just lost.
Hero: Cloning center for the Reticulans?
Booya: Who knows, but we aren't going to be the ones figuring this out. Sweep the area once more and then we're reporting back.
Hero: Got it.

Booya: Mission control, come in. This is Major Booya.
Golden: Seriously, who thought letting him go around calling himself 'Major Booya' was a good idea?
Vault: Mission control here. Good to hear from you Booya. What's the situation there?
Booya: We cleared the area of about a dozen aliens and there were no cultists anywhere. So I'd say this was a Reticulan base the cult didn't know about.
Golden: Would explain why everything is written in alien.
Vault: Roger that. Other teams are reporting similar findings. You find anything else?
Booya: Well, they have this really awesome globe.