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UFO: Aftershock

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Part 2: Planet Fall

Chapter 2 - Planet Fall

"Commander's log: April fourth 2086.

Where do I start... Well first off we've done it. We took over the new sky city with out much problem. There were no cultists on board and only light Reticulan resistance. Veteran soldiers like Booya's team reported that the Reticulans were much easier to deal with than previous encounters. None of them reported psionic attacks like we are used to seeing with Reticulans. The city is secure and we've been moving what few resources we have left after the destruction of the Omen on board. It's still isn't much, and Haggis is still leading survey teams into the bowels of this thing to see what we're working with. In the mean time we've set up a decent control room, barracks, and plenty of storage room should we ever need to hoard huge quantities of supplies.

Oh yes, the name! Someone came up with the idea of calling the city Laputa after some long ago story of a traveler or something. It works well enough for a name. Most of the soldiers wanted to name it the Vengeance or something more aggressive. And some of the civilians wanted names like New Haven or some such. I'm willing to settle on Laputa being a nice middle ground. Now the problem with Laputa is that while it's plenty big and everything seems to be in perfect working order there doesn't seem to be a whole lot here and what we do find is all in the aliens language so the computer systems are currently a bit of a mystery. We're pressing buttons and seeing what happens mostly while Tasuki works on translating the language. Which may take some time since the entire thing is in squiggly.

So then, the situation report. It's not bad, but it's not nearly as good as everyone would think it is after taking the Laputa. It has almost no resources stored up, no factories, no aircraft for intercepting UFOs, and no means of gathering raw materials. We have a safe haven for right now, but its a haven that is nothing more then an empty box the Biomass can't reach. We've set up an armory for the troops, but it's horribly understocked. Our armory on the Omen was one of the first things the Cult blew up. So right now we're working with Reticulan laser weapons and the power cells we found laying around or off dead aliens. This works for right now, but we can't make more power packs and we have a very limited supply.

The bottom line is that we can't isolate ourselves up here. We need supplies, medicine, food, weapons. We need space to set up factories and we're going to need more soldiers to fight with. All of this leads me to the decision that we're going to have to go back to the ground and start fighting it out there. With the exception of the retreat after the Omen we've been off the surface for a number of months now and don't have a clear picture of what is waiting for us there. As far as I can tell from the holographic Geosphere the Biomass isn't swarming over everything down there, but we don't know if it is just displaying a snapshot of the earth like an old 3D picture, or is actually updating surface conditions and rendering an accurate real time hologram of it."

* rumble rumble voooosh! *

"What the hell was that?!"
"Sir! Sirrr! We've figured out what those spheres do over in the east section."
"Calm down Johnson. What do they do?"
"They get shot down to the surface of the earth!"
"Okay... and why is this so exciting?"
"Well, they come back too!"
"So.. we have a giant alien Yo-Yo?"
"No no, the spheres are hollow, we can use them as a small scale transport system."
"Hahaha! You're serious? Have you tested this with someone in it?"
"Well no, we haven't put any one in it and sent it back and forth yet."
"Oh man, Get Booya and the squad together. They're going to love this."

Golden: uuuuurrrrghhh...
Vallhallan: Oh god... solid ground...
Hero: I don't think I've ever puked so hard before.
Golden: Bleeehhhh....
Hero: Okay, Golden has me beat.
Booya: Come on you girl scouts, haven't you ever been on those rides at amusement parks were you drop straight down? Get yourselves together.
Vallhallan: We just plummeted from orbit to the earth in a metal ball going the speed of light!
Booya: Pansy. Alright fine, take 5 minutes if you need to.
Golden: I'm gonna go find some fresh grass to puke on for a minute.

Golden: Oh god my stomach... Starting to feel better.
Vallhallan: I hope they figure out a better way of getting us back. But seriously for a minute, why are we here?
Golden: I don't know man. I was thinking about that a lot on the Laputa. I mean we've survived two disasters that have nearly ended humanity now.
Vallhallan: What? Thats not wha-
Golden: And now we're getting this second chance to fight against the forces that want to wipe us off the Earth.
Vallhallan: Oh god, here we go again...
Golden: Out of 7 billion people only a few hundred thousand still survive. How did we do it? Was it just luck? Some sort of divine lottery-
Vallhallan: GOLDEN!
Golden: Ah! What?
Vallhallan: Why are we here? Back on the surface. Isn't the Mass supposed to be all over the place? I missed the briefing cause I was trying to find equipment.
Golden: Oh. Vault says we need to explore the surface, find sites for outposts to gather raw materials, build manufacturing plants and that sort of thing. Also something about local survivors down here. I don't know really. I've found this trick to falling asleep with my eyes open and- hey wait as second Val. Are you black now?
Vallhallan: What? No. It's camo face paint.
Golden: Dude, you're black. What were you expecting, a night time mission? It's fucking noon here!
Vallhallan: Shut up dickbag.
Booya: You two love birds done exchanging soft whispers in each others ears?
Golden: Sigh... Yes Sir.
Booya: Yes Sir, what?
Golden: Yes Sir... we are done exchanging soft whispers in each others ears.
Booya: That's what I thought cupcake. Now get up here!
Golden: God I hate him so much.
Booya: I heard that coffin stuffer!
Golden: Damn it.

Booya: Right, now that Showers and Mr. Night Ops are ready. Let's get going. We're looking for some humans that have a settlement in the area.
: Howdy!

Golden: I found them.
Booya: If ammo wasn't so precious right now I'd shoot you in the foot.
Golden: Well hurray for scarcity.
Vallhallan: All economies depend on it.
Booya: Don't validate him.
Forest: Uh, well if you guys are here to help, we could really use it. My names Forest. I run a small village around here. We've been squeezing out a living on the land since the Biomass has left us alone here. Problem is there are a lot of dangerous mutants in the area. Transgenants and other things we haven't seen before.
Hero: Well, we do specialize in killing things.
Forest: If you help protect us, we're willing to do what we can for you. I've spoken with your leader Vault on the satcom, and we know you need resources and somewhere to build facilities. That's why we had you meet us here. Theres an abandoned factory right over there, lot of mutants go in and out. If you can clear it out it would help us a lot and you guys can keep the place and do what you want with the place and the surrounding area.
Booya: Roger that. One Xeno nest needs clearing. Let's go ladies.

Hero: I see something! Probably a transgenant.

Hero: Oh yeah, that's a Morelman alright.

Golden: They're a bit faster then I remember.

Golden: Crap it's coming right for me!

Golden: Son of a bitch clawed me! Die!
Booya: Hahaha. A great start to a new campaign.
Golden: Shut up, who brought a med kit?

Vallhallan: Whoa! New target spotted. I don't recognize this one!

Booya: Me either. But you know the policy.
Hero: Shoot first, shoot later, and when every thing is dead try to ask a question or two.
Booya: Exactly!

Hero: Gross looking thing. Looks like a transgenant snakeman sort of thing.

Golden: Check it out, that morelman had a real gun on him, I'm totally keeping it.
Booya: Stop clowning around over there buttercup, we got more hostiles.

Booya: Oh yeah, snakey is down.
Hero: They're not as tough as the morelmen. These guys take a lot of hits to stop.

Golden: Oh god it's coming for me again! I said I needed a med kit!
Vallhallan: It doesn't even have a weapon you pussy.

Vallhallan: There, it's down. You feel safer now?
Golden: I still want a med kit, this gash is bleeding.
Hero: Alright already, hold still then.

Hero: This may take a few doses to have an immediate effect.
Golden: Thanks Hero.
Booya: Whoa, what is that?!

Vallhallan: It's a... land stingray?
Booya: Definitely not normal, blast it!

Booya: Tough little bastard. Can't really do much to hurt us though.
Vallhallan: Yeah, guess you could say it's like a fish out of water.
Booya: That was terrible. Golden, let me see that pistol.
Golden: What? No way! Why?
Booya: I want to shoot Val in the foot.
Golden: Oh, here you go Major.
Booya: Thank you, dirtbag. *blam*
Vallhallan: Hey come on! You almost hit me!

Booya: Well, this is place Forest was talking about.
Golden: Looks like a dump.
Hero: It's been abandoned a long time.

Vallhallan: Whoa, what the hell is that?

Golden: Oh god it's coming right for me! Why does everything do that!

Booya: I think it's dead. What the hell is it? A flying ball with spikes?
Hero: Kind of looks like those transgenants we saw in the Biomass. Muckstars, that was it. Used to roll around on spikes that came out of the Mass.
Booya: Well it's a long way from the Mass. Guess they learned to fly own their own. Check the back, and then I think we're done here.

Golden: Another snakey!

Booya: And a stingray. Not much of problem.
Hero: Yeah, don't the locals have some guns?

Booya: Okay, I think we're done here. Let's check in with Forest and then get back to base.
Vallhallan: Oh god, not another sphere ride.

Golden: Buuuuurrrrrffff.... Urp.
Hero: My stomach.... Oh god where's Val?
Golden: He didn't make it!
Booya: Seriously. Bunch of pansies.