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Part 7: Into The Breach

Chapter 6 - Into The Breach

"Commanders Log: April fifteenth, 1200 hours.

Another important step forward in understanding the events and our enemies around us has been made. Our researchers have been able to fully translate the Reticulan language. With the language deciphered our researchers poured over the library found on board the Laputa. Tasuki has summarized the reports and findings for us. The first few sections are on the language itself, how their written language works, syntax, and other technical points. However some of the findings about the Reticulans in the library are quite interesting, and as such I've included the relevant sections of the report."

>>Linking File
>>Reticulan Language Report, Sections 3 & 4

"I'll briefly mention the rest of the library findings, as from that point on most of the alien records deal with the events of Twilight and Nightfall and finding us, The CoE, and the ensuing conflict. It's odd how focused their records are on us. Once the conflict broke out there are fewer and fewer science reports on the progress of the Biomass. It's possible to assume the Reticulans weren't expecting any survivors from The Fall and were scrambling just as much as we were to mount a real war effort. In any case the more the aliens fought with us, the less time or resources they had to monitor the Biomass it seems. Eventually they stopped or were unable to continue their research as the war turned against them. It could be that due to our interference the Reticulans lost the means to oversee their project to completion even before the destruction of their lunar base. In any case it seems our actions have ruined the Reticulan project, and the current state of the Mass is clearly not what the Reticulans had planned.

Research aside, we've been having an increasing number of skirmishes with the Cult of Sirius. Their closest base to our territory is in Algeria, just across the sea from the village in southern Spain where one of our more recent bases was built. Booya is picking out a squad and will be dropping right into hostile territory in a few hours. These cultists don't know we can drop tactical squads on them from the sky, so the idea is to take them by surprise. Booya's team drops in and kills everything in sight. Simple and straightforward, if a bit dangerous. But that's how Booya likes things."

April Fifteenth, 16:02

Booya: It's another wonderful day in the CoE Boys!
Cheese: I am so glad my guts are titanium reinforced.
Booya: Oh stuff it tin man, the sphere isn't that bad. What could be better then dropping into an enemy compound completely unanticipated and then blasting them all away?
Ackbar: Picking the infidels off one at a time from a kilometer away.
Booya: Oh right, I forgot you like that kind of thing Ackbar. Anyway, while the cult doesn't know we can pull this stuff off yet, you can be sure they all heard the landing impact. Take a quick look around and let's try to figure out where they are.

Nayo Lus: I'm going to guess in there.
Booya: Shut up rookie.

Nayo: Okay, what about in here?
Booya: That's better kitty cat.
Nayo: Er, what?
Booya: Isn't Nayo how Japanese say meow?
Nayo: That's Nyao.
Booya: Whatever Calico, next thing you'll be going around in all black camo with that sword we found saying you're a ninja.
Nayo: Calico?
Booya: You get to be cat names from now on. Now get on point Mr. Cuddles.

Nayo: Clear so far.
Pumpkin: Wait, I see one.
Nayo: What, where? The room's empty.

Pumpkin: There.
Booya: Okay, what's the vegetable lady talking about?
Pumpkin: In the next room, to the right. I see them.

Nayo: She's right, contact!

Cheese: A Cyborg? Why has he joined these madmen?
Booya: Who knows. The cult draws in all sorts. Good thing they never teach them not to run into gunfire. H'yaa!

Nayo: He's down.
Booya: Behind you Snarf.
Nayo: Damn it, he's running!
Booya: Heathcliff, with me. Ackbar, Tin Man, room on the left. Zucchini, watch the front door.

Booya: Dumbass, had no where to run. Rest of you, see anymore?
Cheese: Nothing.
Pumpkin: We have a problem.

Pumpkin: Three of them. By the sphere.
Booya: Right, they heard the gunfire and are coming to see what's going on. Get by the door and get ready.

Cheese: Hostile spotted. Psionic.

Cheese: Target neutralized.
Booya: Good work Cake.
Cheese: Cake?
Booya: Cheese Cake son, don't you cyborgs eat?
Cheese: Are you going to do this for everyone?
Ackbar: It is too late to stop him my friend!

Cheese: Here's the second one.
Ackbar: I see her!

Cheese: Too easy

Nayo: Here comes the third one.

Booya: Seems like tactics isn't the cultists strong point. Like not running into a doorway full of gun fire. That's an important one you know. I heard 80% of S.W.A.T. casualties happened in doorways when entering a room with hostiles inside.
Pumpkin: Is he always like this?
Ackbar: Sometimes he's worse.
Booya: I'm not the one with the pro-falafel agenda.

Ackbar: Infidel! In the tower to the left.

Booya: Damn it, he's got position on us, keep moving.

Nayo: Cyborg coming out the tower.

Ackbar: One down. The other one is still in there.
Cheese: He's trying to run.
Booya: Where is he going to run to in there?

Pumpkin: Looks like he's wounded.
Booya: Dandy, get up there and make sure he's not getting up.

Nayo: Yeah, don't have to worry about him anymore.
Booya: Good, now get back here and get back on point.
Nayo: I'm getting the feeling you don't like me Sir.
Booya: What gives you that impression Maverick?
Nayo: You know, never mind.

Booya: Incoming, get down and open fire!
Ackbar: Cyborg and a Psionic.
Pumpkin: How did they lure this many away from our settlements?

Nayo: Ow god my face!
Booya: Hahaha, be glad they're aiming high Mr. Bigglesworth.

Cheese: All targets down, ready to move ahead.
Nayo: Let me guess, I'm on point. Right Booya? ...Booya?

Ackbar: The Major is hit!
Pumpkin: I didn't see anything.
Ackbar: Me either. Nayo, grab a medkit. Andrew, Pumpkin, with me. Let us find the infidel that has wounded the Major.

Ackbar: Nayo, I said to take care of the Major. Allah gives me patience, but if you do not- Oh sweet heavens he has been struck too! Pumpkin, back to our fallen brothers, we must aid them.
Cheese: I'll keep an eye up front.

Cheese: Somethings coming this way. What the hell are these things, over sized ticks?

Booya: Ah fuck that burns... what hit me?
Pumpkin: We don't know Sir. Booya's back on his feet, how's Nayo.
Ackbar: He will live I believe, but he does not move.

Cheese: What the fuck are these things the cultists keep around? Oh god the gas burns my lungs and eyes!

Nayo: Ow my face... really hurts.
Booya: Well, looks like Pussy Galore is up too.
Nayo: Okay, now that one wasn't a cat.
Booya: This is about to go all fubar. We're grabbing cover now! Get off the bridge and get out of sight of whatever got me and Cheshire.
Nayo: I don't feel up to it it Major, barely staying on my feet.
Booya: Alright Felix, get back to the sphere and keep your head down then.

Booya: Oh yeah, thats the stuff. When did they start giving the medkits a mint flavor?
Ackbar: Um... Sir?
Booya: Never mind. Keep dosing me while we wait.
Pumpkin: Wait for what?

Booya: That!

Booya: Knew it had to be a sniper. Figured they'd come to check if they got me and fluffy.
Cheese: Well, that just leaves the... big thing I saw earlier.
Booya: Big thing huh?
Cheese: It was green and spewing gas.
Booya: Alright Gouda, let me see this big thing of yours.
Ackbar: ...
Pumpkin: ...

Cheese: See, told you.
Booya: Huh well that's a new one.
Ackbar: Not like any transgenant or Biomass creature we've encountered before.
Booya: Lemme take a closer look at it.

Booya: Well, its not moving anymore. Think I'll name it a cheese monster, in honor of you Swiss.
Cheese: That's okay Sir.
Booya: No really, you discovered it, it's all yours.

Ackbar: The infidels have set up an altar to their false god here!
Booya: Yeah, looks odd too. I thought the cults symbol was more of the pyramid head type.
Pumpkin: You mean the all seeing eye, set over a pyramid?
Booya: Yeah that's the one. So what's with this new thing?
Ackbar: Who knows, it is all heresy. One false icon or another makes no difference.
Booya: Good enough. Area looks clear so let's get back to Sylvester and get out of here.

Booya: Hey there Meowth, holding up alright?
Nayo: Good enough. We heading back?
Booya: Yup, try not to bleed all over the sphere on the way up. The janitor hates that.

"Commanders Log: April fifteenth, 1700 hours.

Booya's squad returned an hour ago, and I've talked with him and the squad about the mission. Another successful operation against the cult has left us in possession of one of their bases. The downside is that it is in an area where the Biomass is still active. Well that is just one of them really. Booya and Nayo Lus were badly wounded by a sniper and will be resting in medical for a long time. Further more, the material cost of keeping the resource tracks running between all of our bases is beginning to take its toll on our supplies. Our elerium and other higher tech components had gotten scarce during the week.

There is good news to counter each of our recent problems. While Booya and Nayo are in medical once more, the cultist base was fairly well stocked and Phoenix Company will now have several new weapons available, including several sniper rifles. Our elerium problems are solved in the short term by turning to the psionics on the surface. I've used what diplomatic capital we have with them to secure a large chunk of needed supplies. Hopefully we will find more sources of our own, if not we may be able to trade for future supplies.

Our expansion goes well though, we now have a complete hold on western Europe and are working to secure as many resource bearing territories as possible.

However the cult is also rapidly expanding from their known locations. We recently had a request for help from a group of on the coast of Africa. This call was handled by Snake Squad and we now have an outpost there. Unfortunately we have not connected it to a supply lane yet, the costs of running a sea lane there are currently not worth it with our supply situation the way it is now.

In addition to the outpost in Africa, we had a similar situation on the northern coast of South America.

We have set up a base in Venezuela and connected it to London via sea lane. This new base is worth the expense of maintaining the supply line because its local areas are the only ones containing elerium and high tech materials we have found outside of the UK. We're hopeful that as we explore more of the nearby areas that we will discover further resources.

And of course the cult is expanding the most where we have no presence. They are rapidly expanding all over North America, likely taking advantage of the facilities we left behind when we took the Omen. With that much land under their control it is likely they will become a major force and a serious threat to the CoE's plan to restore the planet. In fact, they hold nearly as much territory as we now do. With the other minor factions scattered around the globe either joining us or being taken over by the cult it seems as if a showdown between the CoE and the Cult of Sirius is inevitable."