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Part 8: 1/2: Meet Phoenix Company

Chapter 6 1/2: Meet Phoenix Company

"Commanders log: Situation Report, April seventeenth.

The Laputa has been undergoing major repairs lately. It seems either this thing wasn't as in great shape as we first thought, or all our recent activity is putting it under more stress then it was used to. We're experiencing power failures randomly through out the Laputa, and it is greatly slowing any activity down. Chief Engineer Alan O'Connell is advising against trying to move the Laputa or send down the drop spheres until everything is fixed, and I'm inclined to agree. We don't know what would happen if the power systems malfunctioned while the Laputa was maneuvering or while launching the spheres but it's not hard to imagine the result being disastrous.

Given this period of down time where the soldiers are unable to deploy and everything else is held to a stand still Phoenix Company has been getting some R&R. Well needed too, after some of the missions everyone has been through. With no other major issues to address other then the continuing repairs of the Laputa systems and equipment I will end this report with a more personal look at the men and woman fighting for humanity."

>>File Attached
>>Phoenix Company Photos

Major Booya

The major is the longest serving veteran, serving as far back as before the CoE was fully formed fighting side by side with Vault following The Nightfall. The Major has proved to be an unstoppable killing machine on the battlefield. Presumed KIA on the mission to the Reticulan Lunar Base, he was posthumously promoted to Major, only to fly a badly damaged Reticulan UFO back to the surface of Earth where he was shot down and then rescued by CoE forces. Booya has been a capable squad commander and has lead more missions against alien forces then anyone else in the CoE.

Sergeant Golden

Golden is another soldier that has been around since the start of things. Originally rescued in a field mission by Booya he has since joined Phoenix company as the squads point man and scout. While his service record and combat skills are impressive his powers of observation have been questionable at times. Most notable was the first encounter with the transgenant later named Death Bellows which lead to the first death of follow company member Canuck, and lately Golden has expressed some difficulty with corners. Also of note is his continuing psychological struggle with surviving The Fall. Perhaps a form of mild survivors guilt Golden is prone to lapsing into philosophical musings of how and why he has survived the fate that claimed the lives of over 6 billion others.

Sergeant First Class Valhallan

Valhallan, another of the first CoE solders to form Phoenix squad. After a rocky start, nearly losing his life to an ambush by the Cult of Sirius he has turned into the squads heavy weapons man. Usually carrying the largest weapon available to the CoE at the time Val is often found blowing things up with grenade launchers, RPGs, or collapsible turret weaponry. His use of excessive force and sometimes questionable aiming has lead to nicknames such as 'late hit' during the time he used a M60 grenade launcher as his primary weapon (The nick name coming from the delay in the time the grenade would take to reach its target) or 'overkill' after he RPGed a transgenant bird, none of which stuck for any length of time.

Captain Hero

Hero, shown here with a cat found and retrieved from a surface mission, was the first addition to Phoenix Company after its formal establishment. Like Valhallan, her early career could have been summed up by a number of trips to medical. Hero fought back and showed exceptional leadership skills in combat situations, an exceptional feat considering who she had to command at the time. Hero was given a commission and her own squad once Phoenix Company had enough soldiers to warrant such. During the first campaign her squad specialized in the close combat operations that were common place due the tight and cramped nature of all Reticulan structures and UFOs.

Sergeant Rabbit, and daughter Vina

Rabbit was a prime candidate for Phoenix Company as a former law enforcement agent prior to The Fall. Skilled soldiers were rare after most military installations around the globe were devastated by traditional weapons and Rabbits training put her ahead of the average recruit by miles. Rabbit was also exceptional in the fact she was the only soldier to have had family survive The Fall. Rabbit was able to save and bring Vina, her little daughter, with her to the CoE. Rabbit became the pointwoman on Hero's squad, specializing in high powered automatic shotguns before trying out alien weaponry.

Specialist Fastball

Fastball was another quick recruit choice of Commander Vault's. Previously an athlete Fastballs natural physical conditioning and strength put him well ahead of average recruits. Fastball is also known to like grenades, to the point of showing off with them. Often times banking them off walls and around corners to get targets other wise out of reach. Fastball became Hero's heavy weapons expert during the first campaign and favored alien weapons, usually carrying an advanced alien plasma launcher into battle.

Corporal / Rav-Tarai Ackbar

Corporal Ackbar was the first and to date most successful sniper in the CoE. Originally using a Barret sniper riffle salvaged from an encounter with the cult he perfected its use and became an invaluable asset to any squad he served with, often able to strike transgenats dead before they were in range of anyone else's weapons. The loss of all CoE armory struck Ackbar hard until recently, the acquisition of several cult sniper weapons and the down time of the power failures has given Ackbar more then enough time to become re-accustomed with his long range friends.

Specialist Leaf, M.D.

A fortunate find for Phoenix Company, a trained medical doctor willing to brave fire fights with aliens was not something Vault had anticipated finding. Part of the first recruits during the second campaign Leaf's medical skills naturally landed him as Phoenix Company's medic. Dr. Leaf has shown to be a capable combat medic, and has even scored a small number of kills for himself. In addition to his combat service Dr. Leaf has taken it upon himself to help the medical staff in his off time and has compiled very detailed autopsy reports of transgenants.

Private Pumpkin

Pumpkin is the first of the 'new age' psionics to join the CoE. Redeker, who was a former CoE soldier, retired after the first campaign in an attempt to form a psionic nation. Redeker was partially successful, able to turn much of the former UK into a nation where psionics and hybrids lived together. Due to the psionic cataclysm that stripped many of their powers and killed many others Redeker's faction was decimated. Pumpkin has joined the CoE in effort to establish good relations once more between psionics and the rest of the population. Her psionic abilities are much more limited then the psionic powers used in the first war against the Reticulans, but in some areas they have shown much more useful. Her ability to spot enemies using her psioic powers gives a great advantage to squads fighting in places where cover or buildings might make detection difficult.

Private Gillian

Gillian is a British woman who returned to her home after the first campaign against the aliens. Having her home threatened once more by aliens and the Biomass she volunteered to serve the CoE. After passing through the basic tests she showed remarkable competence with firearms for a woman with no prior history of firearm use. Willing to don the armor of Phoenix Company she has joined the ranks of soldiers and shows the talent of a promising rilfewoman and has also been her popular with most of her squad mates.

Private Andrew 'Anticheese' Cheese

Originally a Frenchman, Andrew was seriously wounded by a roving band of mutants. Rescued from a dire fate by Canuck he was brought back to Canucks village and his life was saved by replacing much of his dying body with cybernetic implants. Half man, half machine Andrew Cheese has been sent to us by Canuck as one of his finest men. Wishing to fight for humanity and prove what cyborgs can do Andrew Cheese has shown his valor many times in his short career with Phoenix Company. His cybernetic enhancements make him stronger and tougher then any other recruit out there, and has shown in battle his ability to withstand wounds that no ordinary man could.

Private Quicksilver

Drafted from the population living on the surface Quicksilver has only taken part in a handful of missions. His relativity low kill scores belie some of his better talents. He has reliably shown an ability to find situations on the battlefield where he is able to inflict damage on hostile targets while giving them little to no chance to return fire. As such he has spent far less time in sickbay then any other active soldier.

Private Nayo Lus

Private Nayo Lus was a recent addition to Phoenix Company, passing the CoE soldier recruitment course near the top of his division. Private Lus has only been in one major sortie so far, returning from it badly wounded by sniper fire. He shows potential though, and will be a welcomed addition to the squad however what ever role he decides to fall into, though Booya seems to have made Lus his pointman when Golden is unavailable.

Private Ian

Ian may have been a Laptua engineer if he had not chosen and done so well in the soldier testing. Ian shows a natural inclination towards small scale mechanics and weaponry, two skills that go a long way in making a battlefield engineer. Current CoE supplies are rather minimal for such a profession to have wide spread use at the moment, but it very foreseeable that Ian's skills will come in handy once the Phoenix Armory is better provisioned. Ian currently holds the squads record as the top sharp shooter at 100% accuracy, but that is credited to his limited time in the field.

Private First Class Steve

Private Steve was KIA on his first combat mission against the Cult of Sirius. A costly reminder that not all of humanity's biggest threats are alien.

Chief of Production and The CoE Armory, Haggis

Haggis has been instrumental in keeping Phoenix and other companies well armed and combat ready. Originally just a volunteer during the start of the first campaign Haggis showed his skills at maintaining and repairing the archaic weapons left behind after The Fall. Without the plasma and laser weaponry that had become so prevalent after X-Com's release of weapons technology the CoE would have been hard up to find anyone else able to keep CoE soldiers stocked with working 20th century weapons. Haggis has recently been called upon to expand his role and is overseeing the manufacturing facilities on the surface which produce the armor and weapons the CoE now carries into battle.

Chief of Janitorial Operations Seaborgium, and Head Cook Michael Thompson.

Seaborgium was another survivor taken in by the CoE in the first campaign. Given a job helping maintain the Denver base he quickly became an important figure in the CoE support staff. Largely responsible for maintaining the living conditions of many of the important CoE facilities this unsung hero of the first campaign has continued to serve the CoE on board the Laputa, a task not made easy by the complexities of all the alien machinery.

Michael Thompson is a man with an impossible job, caught between the many soldiers demanding their favorite kind of home made food. An uprising between the Phoenix soldiers demands of falafels, burritos, and waffles may spill into an all out food war. Despite all this the cooking staff have done all that can be done to maintain regular meals and keep the CoE soldiers well fed and ready for action.

Laputa Navigator Alan James O'Connnell

Mr. James was regular mechanic for the CoE for a length of time fixing the old planes flown during the first campaign until coming to the Laputa. It was Alan who first started to understand the Laputas engines and flight mechanics and since has been put in charge of all Laputa flight maneuvers and oversees the engine maintenance.

Head of Research Dr. Tasuki

Dr. Tasuki was a recent college graduate just before The Fall. Applying to help the CoE in anyway possible she was given a token position as Commander Vaults secretary. Vault realized her skill and worth quickly after and gave her a research role and has been responsible for several in depth studies into fields the other researchers would have passed up. Currently assigned as part of the Laputa bridge staff and in charge of several research teams.

Commander of the CoE Leon Vault

Originally a reserve officer in the US Army. Vault's post was too small to draw conventional weapons fire from the Reticulans fleet during The Fall. He and the surviving military staff banded together and started the formation that would become the Council of Earth. Though Vault had no prior field combat experience he held the most training in command, strategy, and leadership and was put in charge of the CoE's military. With the death of most of the council members aboard the Omen Vault now commands the whole of the CoE.

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>>Phoenix Company Soldier Recordings Attached.
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>>Begin Playback
>>Major Booya's Quaters

Booya: Hey, what is this thing? Do they have cameras in the barracks now? Helloooo... Huh, guess I'll ask about that later. Don't think they'd really do that, do you?

>>Phoenix Lounge, Veterans

Fastball: Hey guys, check out these shades I found on the last ground mission!
Valhallan: Fastball, did you ever watch classic movies before The Fall?
Fastball: No. Why?
Valhallan: The Matrix comes to mind here.

>>Phoenix Mess Hall, Rookies

Gillian: Fuck waffles, breakfast is all about cereal!

>>Golden's Quarters

Golden: Hey guys, check what I've got set up in here.
Valhallan: Holy shit, how did you manage to get a swimming pool in here?


Golden: You should have seen their faces when they saw my room.
Rabbit: I bet! But how the hell did you get a swimming pool installed on the Laputa?

>>Phoenix Barracks, Rookies

Dr. Leaf: Dude, this sucks! We get this shared barracks while Golden has a fucking swimming pool?
Ian: A swimming pool? I tell you, thats what rank and seniority does for you around here. Fuck that, lets go outside and play some football.

>>Laptua Surface, Simulated Outdoor Enviroment

Dr. Leaf: Ow god my crotch!
Ian: Sorry!
Dr. Leaf: It's alright. I'll shower it off.

>>Rookie Showers

Dr.Leaf: Oh yeah, that feels better already.

>>Mess Hall, Veterans

Quicksilver: Hey guys, hope you don't mind me coming over here. The other guys were arguing about waffles or something.
Booya: No problem, just don't Val started with burritos.
Golden: What the hell is for chow today, grilled cheese?

Gillian: Oh there you are Silver. Been looking for you.
Quicksilver: What's up?
Gillian: Nothing luv, just wanted to spend some time with you...
Quicksilver: Oh yeah?

Golden: What was that about rook?
Quicksilver: I dunno. She's been real friendly to me and just told me to follow her. Maybe she's hitting on me.
Golden: Yeah right. Good luck pal.

>>Rookie Showers

Quicksilver: Oh man, I tell you guys I really needed that, she wa-
Nayo Lus: We don't want to hear about it!

>>Mess Hall, Veterans

Rabbit: How do you like your new home Vina?
Vina: It's okay mommy. I miss playing outside.
Rabbit: Well we are way above the ground now, isn't it cool that you get to live way up in the sky?

>>Lounge, Veterans

Valhallan: Fucking Golden and his swimming pool. I am so bored...

>>Mess Hall, Veterans

Ackbar: What is this? Hamburger? Where are my falafels!?!

>>Fastball's Quarters

Fastball: ...zzzzz I'm so sexy...

>>Rabbits Quarters

Fastball: "And old man Willard yelled 'And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!' the end."
Vina: I knew it was him all along!
Fastball: Glad you enjoyed the story. Hey can I ask you something?
Vina: What?
Fastball: You know what kind of guy your mother likes?
Vina: You mean like daddy?
Fastball: She's married?
Vina: Uh huh, but she said daddy is away somewhere called heaven.
Fastball: Oh....

>>Hero's Quarters

Hero: crabs....

>>Laputa Surface

Seaborgium: Darn cat, you're getting everywhere aren't you? Slipping into maintenance hatches and having fun pawing at every switch and wire and shitting in whatever dark corner you find. And you know who has to clean up? Me, thats who!

>>Veterans Lounge

Michael: Okay fine, if you can beat me at pool I'll cook whatever you want twice a week. If I win no more falafels, burritos, or waffles!
Ackbar: You have a deal my friend. Rack the balls Golden.
Golden: Isn't that more of Valarie's field?

>>Veterans Lounge

Rabbit: Hey, when did we get a cat on the Laputa? Such a cute little guy, I bet Vina would love to play with him.
Booya: It's nice to relax with all this down time huh bunny buns?

>> Mess Hall, Rookies

Anti-Cheese: Hey, has anyone seen my uniform?