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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 12: Power Play

Chapter 10 - Power Play

"Commanders log: April 23th, 0800 hours."

Resources are starting to become stretched. Elerium has always been in short supply, but now we're consuming more basic resources like metals and machinery parts then we can replace too. The good news is that last night the CoE was able to request aid in the form of both kinds of materials from the factions on the surface. This isn't something we can continue to do regularly, and has strained our relations a little.

Stockpiles aside we've got one other piece of good news. As it turns out the next territory we'd targeted to take away from the cult also has stores of elerium. Taking the former Washington D.C. area just became doubly profitable. Further more it doesn't appear the cult has too strong a grip on the area, and a full scale assault won't be necessary. The plan this time is to drop a team in, find the cults regional leader they call clerics, and take him out. With out a strong leadership figure they won't have the means to resist a serious attack.

As much as I was in favor of just assassinating this cleric figure, it seems people think it might be a good chance to take a cult VIP prisoner to interrogate. They're right of course, but with the way the cult has been chewing up the team I didn't want to but the extra burden of a capture mission on them. The handicap of a capture mission of course being that if we want to bring the cleric back with us then there needs to be room in the sphere for him. And that means going down with an empty seat."

- - 0824 Hours - -

Golden: Damn it, why did I get volunteered for the mission where we're going to be more out numbered then usual?
Hero: Because if you die no one will miss you. Now quit bitching and start moving.

Rabbit: So what are we looking for anyway?
Hero: Somewhere and important cult figure might be holed up in.

Rabbit: Kind of like that?
Hero: I'd say that works.

Nayo Lus: Wow, what is that thing?
Hero: Old Reticulan UFO. Pretty big one.
Golden: Should have been around when we had to shoot them out of the sky first. Think the teleporter in still works?
Rabbit: Doubt it.

Rabbit: There's a big hole in the side. Looks like our way in.
Golden: There's a cyborg in there too!

Golden: Multiple! One tin man one psionic.

Hero: Open fire, cyborg first!

Golden: Psionic is fleeing already!

Nayo Lus: Target is down. Can't see the other.
Golden: Bastard tagged me with a round before he went down. Vest stopped it.
Hero: Move in then, keep your guard up.

Rabbit: Found her. Freeze, cult scum!

Rabbit: We have your surrounded!
Golden: You think Vault will really care if we just take this one back and call it a day?
Rabbit: Don't make any sudden mov-

Rabbit: Damn it Golden!?
Golden: She made a sudden move! Thought she was going for a gun or something.
Nayo Lus: She was holding a medkit, dumb ass.
Hero: Well, guess we go find the cultist cleric after all.
Nayo Lus: So how do we get around in this thing?

Hero: I'm glad you asked, rookie.
Nayo Lus: Aw crap...
Hero: See the pulsating ball of green light there? You get to go through first.
Nayo Lus: What if I don't want to?
Golden: Come on rookie, not scared of a little green light are you?
Nayo Lus: This is going to hurt, isn't it?
Hero: Nooo... You'll be fire. Step into it, look around and take a position and wait for us to come through.
Nayo Lus: Alright fine. Here I go!
Rabbit: Man, I still remember how much my first teleport sucked.
Hero: Oh yeah.
Golden: Stupid Booya 'poke the green ball Golden, come on, do it'. Jerk.

Nayo Lus: Ouchies!

Nayo Lus: I see cultists! I'm going to need help here!

Hero: I'm here Nayo.
Nayo Lus: You lied to me...
Hero: Grow up. How many cultists you see?
Nayo Lus: At least two.

Nayo Lus: They see us too, incoming!

Hero: That ones down. Glad we packed some lasers for this.
Nayo Lus: Yeah?
Hero: Should have seen how much lead their armor can stop.

Nayo Lus: Oh, face shot!
Hero: Looks like two more. Another Psionic with them.

Nayo Lus: Ouch, Face shot two: Revenge of the face shot.

Golden: Damn it, why do I always come out of these things facing the wrong way?
Hero: Hurry up and get in position, we're going to get over run here!

Nayo Lus: Psionic target down!
Hero: Hey Rabbit, where are you? Could really use that AA12 up here!

Rabbit: The teleporter isn't working for me.

Nayo Lus: Nice, neck shot, the new face shot.
Hero: Seriously rookie.
Nayo Lus: What?

Rabbit: Finally. Had to kick the the pad down there a few times.
Hero: Well, glad you could join us. Get on point with the shotgun.

Rabbit: Contact!
Golden: This ones gotta be the cleric, better armor then all the other ones.

Rabbit: Target down!
Hero: Wow, one shot?
Rabbit: Haggis gave me some new ammo to play with. Explosive rounds for the AA12.
Hero: Nice. Nayo, stabilize him and drag him back to the sphere with Golden:

Nayo Lus: He's getting up!
Rabbit: No he's not.

"Commanders log: Supplemental

Hero pulled off another successful mission. The cultist cleric is being held in a secured medical bay under guard. I'm looking forward to interrogating him, myself."