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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 15: Wargot Woes

Chapter 12 - Wargot Woes

"Commanders Log: April 25, 0200 hours.

I was going to save the reports for tomorrow after some rest and sleep. We have a lot of wounded and damage done to the Laputa. Leaf organized a triage center shortly after the attack and Haggis is doing his best to get the materials and repairs done with O'Connell. The short of it is that we defended the Laputa at a heavy cost. We lost dozens of soldiers from multiple squads, including two from Phoenix Company, Gillian and Nayo Lus. Civilian casualties are incredibly low thankfully.

I'll enter a more detailed report into the records later when I've had more sleep, but it's zero two hundred hours and we've just gotten a report that our territory in Ottawa has come under attack. We're figuring this is the work of the Cult since we are now bordering their base near Chicago, but don't have any informative reports other then the attack came hard and fast.

Phoenix Company has just enough men ready for action to field a full team so Hero is preparing to lead a seven man team down to our last remaining stronghold in Ottawa."

Hero: Here we go, keep you're guard up and eyes open. We're looking for whatever drove everyone else of the area. It's probably cultists. Our mission is to secure the area, and the bunker under the hills.
Fastball: Damn it, don't we even get a day off after defending the Laputa?
Ackbar: We will have no rest, for the devils will have no mercy.
Fastball: Lousy alien devils...
Hero: Come on grunts. If you don't see anything outside we're just going to head in.

Quicksilver: Holy shit! Something huge behind us!
Ian: What the hell is that?!

Rabbit: It's an alien in a huge power suit!
Hero: It's a walking heavy weapon platform!
Pumpkin: The regular aliens were tough enough, do we have enough to bring that down?
Hero: Got to try!
Fastball: I'll hit it with a rocket.

Quicksilver: I'm hit!
Ian: Holy shit, that things got chain guns for arms!
Hero: Shut up and help Silver out!
Fastball: I can't tell but I think I hit something besides the alien mech suit.

Ian: Aargh!

Ackbar: The devil is too strong!
Fastball: He's got support too, just figured out what I hit.
Hero: Fuck, this is bad. Get back, into the bunker all of you! I'll get Ian and Silver!

Quicksilver: I'm up, I can still move Hero.
Hero: Good, get cover! Move!

Quicksilver: They got me...
Hero: God damn it, not again!
Pumpkin: Hero, you can't do anything for them.
Hero: No!

Rabbit: Hero, run!
Hero: We are coming back for them!

Ackbar: Hero you must hurry!
Fastball: That fucking thing better not be able to fit in here.

Pumpkin: There's one right behind you!
Hero: Waste it!

Rabbit: Target down!
Fastball: Do you guys hear that?
Rabbit: What?

Fastball: That!
Hero: Shut the door!

Rabbit: Well, we're safe for now.
Fastball: Yeah, no way they can get that thing down here.

Pumpkin: The bunker seems pretty empty. I don't sense anything in range either.
Hero: Okay, we look around but stay alert and be careful.

Pumpkin: Oh my heavens!
Rabbit: It's another alien mech suit!
Hero: What? No! They couldn't have... We need to get out of here, we can't stop one of those things in here, there isn't even cover!
Ackbar: There is one down here and one at the surface, where do we go?
Hero: We get back outside somehow. All we have to do is get Ian and Silver and make it to the sphere!
Rabbit: It's our only option.

Fastball: Go, I'll slow it down!

Fastball: Never mind, a direct hit didn't do anything to it!
Rabbit: Forget it Fastball, we're getting out of here!

Hero: We hit the surface and lock the elevator down and wait until the aliens aren't right inside. We grab Ian and Silver and get them back into the sphere.
Pumpkin: Hero, you know-
Hero: We're not leaving anyone behind! Is that clear?!
Pumpkin: Yes ma'am.