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Part 14: Boarding Party

Chapter 11 - Boarding Party

"What do you mean the point defense guns had no effect?"
"They jus' dinnae have the power Commander!"
"Fuck, then they're coming aboard. Punch me into the PA system."
"Ready Sir."
"This is Commander Vault. We are about to be boarded by an unknown alien force. All civilians evacuate the surface levels. All CoE troops gear up immediately and prepare for combat. Phoenix Squad get topside and find the aliens. Bear Squad, guard the shuttle bays. Lion squad escort and protect all non combat personal evacuating the combat area. All other teams report to your CO's for further orders and Godspeed men."

"Go go go! We got xenos to kill people, haul ass!"
"Where is Hero and everyone else?"
"No time to sit around and look for them, everyone topside now!"
"What's the load out for the mission?"
"Who knows? Ammo, bring lots of ammo!"

Booya: God damn it you apes, where the fuck is everyone?

Ackbar: I am in position on the roofs. Excellent sniping position. I believe I see Dr. Leaf across the bridge.

Dr. Leaf: Yeah I'm here, coming your way Ackbar.
Booya: Regroup in one place, where is everyone else... and how the hell do I get up there?

Ian: Reporting in, I'm outside the building Ackbar is on.
Ackbar: I see Cheese, Nayo, and Vallhallan making their way to us.

Booya: Well I still cant find a way up there right now so I'll have to stick close. We've got a full squad here, I hope Hero has organized everyone else. No one saw anything while regrouping?
Nayo Lus: Negitive.
Ackbar: I still don't see any hostiles from up here.
Booya: Damn. Okay, scouting time. Where is Golden when you actually need him? Spread out, but not very far from each other and report the moment you see something.

Anti-Cheese: I've got something!

Booya: What is it? Reticulans?
Anti-Cheese: No, it's a new alien race. Opening fire!

Anti-Cheese: Uh oh, grabbing cover!
Booya: What is it?

Anti-Cheese: Looks like it has some kind of grenade launcher.

Anti-Cheese: Going back in. Booya, they're down on your level. Give me a hand?
Booya: Alright, on my way! Time to kill some new xenos!
Vallhallan: You're way too happy about this.
Booya: You're just jealous I got the brand new laser machine gun to play with!
Vallhallan: What? I have a friggen LAW!

Anti-Cheese: Uh oh, running!

Video footage

Anti-Cheese: Ow Jesus my chassis...
Ian: You okay?
Anti-Cheese: Sustained some damage, but the explosion knocked me off the platform.
Booya: I'm coming for you tin man, don't sweat it.

Booya: Just time time! Whoa those are some ugly fuckers.

Anti-Cheese: Target down, pretty sure he's dead.
Booya: Oh shit... Cheese look up!

Anti-Cheese: Huh? Oh hell.

Anti-cheese: Right where I was standing. These guys are good.
Booya: And don't seem to care about friendly fire.
Dr. Leaf: Kind of like Fastball.
Nayo Lus: Hahaha, wait what?
Dr. Leaf: He needs some practice with the Reticulan rocket launcher. He keeps shorting his shots, badly.

Booya: Another one!

Anti-Cheese: Got him!

Booya: Oh shit he got a shot off!

Dr. Leaf: You guys okay down there?!
Anti-Cheese: I've got shrapnel in my implants.
Booya: My ears are ringing, but it exploded a bit high. We'll be okay. Just need a moment to get our bearings.

Booya: Aw fuck...

Ian: Guys?!

Anti-Cheese: I'm still operational. This is becoming a real pain though.

Booya: I'm okay.. Give me a hand up will yo- Get back!!
Anti-Cheese: What?

Anti-Cheese: The majors down and not getting up this time!
Dr. Leaf: We can't get down there, you'll have to take care of him.
Anti-Cheese: I didn't bring a medical kit.
Ian: How bad is it?
Anti-Cheese: Doesn't look that bad. I can't see any obvious severe wounds or bleeding. I can't do much for him so I'm going after the aliens.

Anti-Cheese: He's running away! What the hell?
Vallhallan: Maybe they ran out of ammo? You can't carry a lot of ordinance on your body you know.

Booya: I'm up... God damn, what hit me? Feels like I was run over by a truck, multiple times.
Dr. Leaf: Multiple grenade hits Sir. We can't reach you right now so find some place to stay low until we can.

Anti-Cheese: I found two of them! Die!

Anti-Cheese: Okay, they are not getting back up. What's it look like up there?
Ackbar: Still quiet and no signs of movement.
Booya: Alright, Val, take Lus, Leaf, and Ian and go check across the bridge. Ackbar, do your thing if anyone of them show up in the open.
Ackbar: Yes sir.
Vallhallan: Okay ladies, let's go hunting. Need to try out this new LAW.

Vallhallan: We're across, so far nothing.
Ackbar: I see no aliens as well.

Ian: Found one!

Dr. Leaf: Right in the face! That wasn't so bad. New blaster rifles are incredible too.

Ackbar: Look out above you! Grenades! Move forward!
Nayo Lus: That puts us right around the corner where they're probably waiting for us.
Vallhallan: It's that or eat grenades, charge!

Dr. Leaf: Nade missed us, we're safe. Thanks Ackbar.
Ackbar: No trouble my friend, but if you want me to shoot them you need to get them out from behind that building.

Vallhallan: Here they come, eat this!

Vallhallan: Oh what the fuck?!
Ian: What is it?
Nayo Lus: Ha ha, he's going to miss again.
Vallhallan: Come on, this thing is busted or miss-calibrated, look at that!

Dr. Leaf: Three of them! I see two new weapons on them.

Vallhallan: Suck it! Still got them!
Nayo Lus: Except the big one.
Ian: He must be heavily armored.

Dr. Leaf: Crap, here he comes, right for me!

Nayo Lus: Whoa, he almost got me!
Ian: Don't run in front of a fire fight then.

Nayo Lus: I couldn't see! Time to open up with the Shrike AWS anyway!
Dr. Leaf: I'm hit! Holy shit that burns! It's plasma or something.

Nayo Lus: Ha ha! Bowled him right over. One of Val's is back up though.
Vallhallan: Yeah yeah, they're tough bastards.

Nayo Lus: Every thing's down now. Just making sure they stay down.
Booya: Regroup guys, good going. One of you medics get down here. I have the worst fucking headache since we had to pull Forest out of the Biomass. Damn purple shooting psionic armadillos...
<Vault>: Booya, are you there?
Booya: Yeah, I'm here. Squad is banged up but we've cleared our area.
<Vault>: Good, get back here ASAP, we've lost contact with Dragon Company and- what was that? They're trying to breach the command center! Booya~
Booya: Vault? Sir? We lost contact...

Golden: What the hell was that explosion, and where is Hero?
Gillian: Look out! Behind you!
Golden: Shit we gotta move. Anyone still on the short wave radio?

Fastball: I'm here.. I'm uh... in that creepy room we never found out what it was for.

Pumpkin: I'm in the main room. I see two large aliens across the room. I don't think they see me.

Hero: Rabbit and I are in the north room together.
Pumpkin: Careful, there are two aliens outside there.
Hero: Right. Okay Pumpkin join up with the others. Rabbit and I will lay low until it's safe to rejoin everyone else.

Gillian: You guys watch the halls, I need to reload one of my guns.

Fastball: Heads up, theres one in the hallway. See if I can't get him first.

Fastball: ... Short. Again.
Golden: God damn, you suck worse the Val.

Quicksilver: Here they come!

Gillian: That's one down!
Fastball: Uh guys, that one I missed is coming up behind you.

Pumpkin: I have intercepted him. Please help.

Gillian: Close quarters, my kind of fight!

Gillian: One down!
Pumpkin: He got a shot off!
Gillian: Oh fuck...

Gillian: Ahhh!
Quicksilver: Argh!

Fastball: Fuucc...
Pumpkin: I am wounded....

Golden: That sucked... I'm okay though.
Quicksilver: I'll live too.

Quicksilver: Unfortunately the alien is also alive.

Gillian: Oh fuck, get me out of here!

Pumpkin: Gillian!

Pumpkin: That bastard's down.

Quicksilver: I got a kit, hold on Gil. You'll be okay.

Quicksilver: You too Lowball.
Fastball: Hey! Oh come on-
Golden: Yeah yeah save it Sinker.
Quicksilver: Sinker?
Golden: Yeah, I'm sticking with pitches in baseball. Sinkers drop low over the plate.
Quicksilver: Ahh, makes sense then.
Fastball: Oh screw you Showers.

Quicksilver: Okay, everyones almost all patched up.
Hero: Hey, when you guys are done over there shooting each other-
Fastball: Hey it wasn't my-
Hero: -and giving each other new nicknames, maybe you ladies could see if the command center is clear so we can see if every one made it out alright and you can link up with Rabbit and me.
Golden: Yeah we're coming and soon as dirtball stops bleeding.

Gillian: Clear so far.

Golden: Main room looks empty. I guess Vault and the command staff made it out to somewhere secure. You girls can come out now.

Golden: Check that, we got two uglys on the east side. North is still clear for you two though.

Fastball: Sinker my ass... Watch this one!
Golden: This'll be good.

Gillian: I've got their flank!

Quicksilver: One down, one to go.

Gillian: AAAARRRrrrhhh....

Quicksilver: Gillian's down! That didn't sound good.
Pumpkin: She's dead...
Quicksilver: You sure? How do you know?
Pumpkin: I can tell. I cant sense her anymore.
Quicksilver: Damn it...

Fastball: Damn it, got him just a little to late...

Golden: Here comes more.

Golden: A lot more!
Quicksilver: One is sporting some thick looking armor.

Fastball: Fuck, way off.

Hero: We're here!
Rabbit: Eat lead!

Hero: Whoops, terminal got in the way.

Fastball: Out of rockets, going to my side arm. There better not be too many more or I'll be totally out.

Hero: Charge!
Rabbit: Yaaa!

Quicksilver: That one behind you isn't dead yet!
Hero: Take care of it and don't hit us, I've got things to burn!

Hero: Damn, fuels dry. Switching to back up.

Rabbit: Thats the last of them.
Hero: Damn it... Gillian.
Rabbit: Not your fault Hero.
Hero: Nothing we can do about now... Secure the area, and someone figure out the com system on the main controls. Find and tell Vault we have the control center under control again.

<Helios>: Come in. Come in anyone! We need back up!
Booya: I got you soldier, what's your situation?
<Helios>: This sergeant Helios with Bear Squad, we've been hit hard and need reinforcements. Half my unit is down.
Booya: Hold tight sergeant, Phoenix Squad is on the way.
<Helios>: Thank God. We're pinned down by the shuttle launch site.
Booya: We'll be right there. Let's go men, we're needed by the shuttles. Move, move, move!
Vallhallan: God damn it, I need to stop volunteering for the heaviest fucking equipment we have.
Booya: At least it's not that old 60 kilo turret, eh slow man?

Ackbar: We're here.
Nayo Lus: No sign of Bear Squad.
Ian: Has anyone seen my rifle?
Dr. Leaf: What? You lost your gun?
Ian: I set it down to heal that wounded soldier we saw on the way here, I must have forgot to pick it back up.
Booya: Son... I don't even know where to begin with you. I know you're a medic, but you don't forget your god damn gun in the middle of a war! What are you going to do now if you run into an alien? Offer it a therapeutic massage and when it lets its guard down slit its throat?
Ian: No Sir... I'll keep my head down and keep the medical kit ready.

Booya: Anyway let's hope the Bears pulled back safely and- Damn it how did I fall behind?
Vallhallan: Ha, suck it Booya.

Booya: Gr, I'm coming to regroup with you guys. Take defensive positions and Nayo, look around a little.
Nayo Lus: Already on it. There's one in the launch path.

Nayo Lus: Check that, there's a lot in the launch path!

Nayo Lus: Count at least four, I'm falling back!
Booya: Good, go. Everyone, cover him.

Vallhallan: I'm all over this one.

Vallhallan: Damn it. This thing has got to be busted, still pulled left a little.

Nayo Lus: Oh god the burning! Incendiary grenades!

Booya: Nayo? Nayo are you alright?!
Dr. Leaf: That doesn't look good.

Booya: Damn it! Everyone, guns down range, clear that trench!

Ackbar: Another fire in the trench, what happened?
Vallhallan: That was me. I'm low on rockets, one more left.

Anti-Cheese: Advancing!
Booya: Cover him!
Ian: Pew pew pew!
Booya: What in the world...
Ian: Well I don't have my gun, what am I supposed to do? Sit over here and play with the syringe until you take a few more grenade hits?
Booya: Son, after the Laputa is safe I am going to put my boot so far up your ass you will be permanently reclassified from combat medic to protective footwear!

Dr. Leaf: Nice head shot.
Ackbar: Allah strikes his foes true and deadly.

Anti-Cheese: Pressing forward. There's one in the fire.

Anti-Cheese: He's down and burning.

Anti-Cheese: I found one more.

Anti-Cheese: It's a short walk off the edge, or a long run to the shuttle you fucker.

Anti-Cheese: Son of a bitch! Bastard's trying to make a run for it!

Anti-Cheese: And he doesn't stay down!

Anti-Cheese: What the fuck?! Die already!

Video Footage

Ackbar: He is getting away.
Anti-Cheese: I know I know. I'm out of ammo! He soaked it all up!
Booya: Damn, now that's some armor.
Vallhallan: Hey, try to leave some of it intact for me! Could use that stuff for a codpiece.
Anti-Cheese: I'm going for something bigger.
Dr. Leaf: Bigger then your M60?

Anti-Cheese: Oh yeah.
Dr. Leaf: Jesus, you can carry those things?
Booya: Well he is a cyborg.

Anti-Cheese: I was wondering if that guy was ever going to die. Launch trench looks clear.
Booya: Get back over here and then we have to look around for Helios and Bear Squad.

Anti-Cheese: Oh fuck, I found them!
Vallhallan: Bear Squad?
Anti-Cheese: No! Another squad of aliens!

Anti-Cheese: Engaging! Hope you guys can see them from where you are.
Ackbar: No infidel can hide from my righteous aim.

Anti-Cheese: What was that?! He went flying!
Ackbar: I told you, no infidel can hide from me.
Anti-Cheese: B-but lasers don't cause knock back!?

Video Footage

Ian: Vallhallan's hit! Took a plasma ball to the chest.
Booya: Well then medic man, looks like you can actually do something now.

Vallhallan: Ergh.. Thanks Ian
Anti-Cheese: Error, critical system damage!
Booya: Aw hell, now it's all falling apart. Medic!
Ian: I got him, cover me!

Vallhallan: Still at least two left. Last rocket out bound.

Vallhallan: Direct hit!
Booya: Niiice... why can't you do that every time?
Vallhallan: I had to fix the damn sights! Out of ammo though, I'm going to get one of the launchers they dropped in the trench.

Ian: Almost there Cheese, hang on.

Booya: Eerghhkk!
Dr. Leaf: The major's hit!
Ian: You get him, I'm taking care of Cheese.
Dr. Leaf: On it!

Ian: I've got Cheese back on his feet.

Ian: Oh shit!

Dr. Leaf: Ackbar, you gotta get that last one, everyones in trouble and needs medical treatment.

Ackbar: The devil has escaped! I can not see him anymore.
Ian: God my head...
Dr. Leaf: Ian, snap to, Cheese needs you.
Vallhallan: How's Booya?
Dr. Leaf: Get on the radio and call for a medical team! He needs more then a field kit.
Vallhallan: How is he?!?

Johnson: Heyyyy who set my work station on fire?