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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 17: 1/2 - Canuck's Counterattack

Chapter 13 1/2 - Canuck's Counterattack

Canuck: I've gotten word from Vault, their squad was lost in this area and they can't do much about it. Seem the new aliens they're calling Wargots have shown up all over the globe and they're hard pressed to hold the lines.
Jasveer: So we've got to join the fight huh?
Prem: It's that or they come through and kill anything in their path.
Canuck: That's exactly it. We can not let our homes or family come under threat like that.

Naveen: Theres the facility. So what are these aliens like?
Canuck: From what I was told, big, strong, heavily armored and very strong.
Naveen: Great...
Daruka: Shoot the first thing you see with as much fire power as you can. Got it.

Prem: I see something! Big, ugly, yellow and green colored. Must be them!
Oilip: Don't hold back, hit it with everything we've got!

Hiresh: There another one behind it. Red and heavily armored by the look of it.

Naveen: Grenade! Hiresh's hit!
Hiresh: I'm okay. Just need a moment.

Daruka: Incoming! There's a third one back there firing grenades at us.

Naveen: I'm going for cover behind the shack! Don't have the range for this with SMGs.

Daruka: That burns! I think that just melted a servo!
Canuck: Plasma weapons eh? Wish we had the old CoE rifles.

Jasveer: Daruka's down!

Naveen: Finally a good shot! Good thing we don't have to worry about the fire eh boys?

Jasveer: Canuck's hit too! We're getting out gunned.

Naveen: Gaargghh
Hiresh: Naveen!

Jasveer: Oilip, get your medkit out and help Canuck and Daruka, we gotta get back and regroup.

Oilip: Okay everyone is set! Gotta go back for my gun though, left it behind.

Canuck: Get back! It's not worth it, they're right on top of you!

Oilip: There you are. I wouldn't leave you behind ol' shooty. You didn't mind the fire did you?
Daruka: Is he talking to his gun?
Jasveer: And gave it a name?
Prem: And the alien just walked right past him?

Oilip: Okay, I'm all set again- Oh shit!
Prem: Never mind it just noticed Oilip! Shoot it!

Oilip: That was close! Nice shot Canuck.
Canuck: You're welcome, now get back here!

Hiresh: It's not dead! Take this!
Oilip: There is one by the shack too!

Oilip: Got one!

Daruka: It's still coming!
Jasveer: That is one tough red son of a bitch!

Prem: It's down. Finally not moving.
Jasveer: Christ. Was about to blast it again from point blank.
Canuck: I can see now how the CoE would have a tough time with hordes of these things all over the world. It took us that much to kill just two.
Oilip: Third one is still over there!

Oilip: What the hell... He just did a flip through the air when I shot him.
Daruka: That looked impressive.
Oilip: Yeah, but I don't think he's getting up after that.

Canuck: Look out! Another one!
Prem: Should have guessed three was a bit small for a squad of these guys.

Oilip: Got another one! That one was strangely easy.
Jasveer: Doesn't look like that one was as armored.

Jasveer: Damn, out of rockets already. No point lugging this launcher around.
Oilip: Hey behind us!

Hiresh: How do you keep doing that to them?
Oilip: I have no idea.
Canuck: Well, they sure die in undignified poses.

Naveen: REBOOT COMPLETE. Argh my head...
Jasveer: Naveen?! We thought you were dead!
Naveen: I'm alright, was just a few small rounds to a soft spot- hey why is there shrapnel stuck in me?
Jasveer: We thought you were dead?
Naveen: So you shot a rocket at me?
Jasveer: Well there was an alien over there that we needed to kill.
Naveen: Hold on a moment.

Naveen: That's better. Now come on, if I die I hope you guys will do me better then firing rockets at me.
Jasveer: Yeah alright pal.

Naveen: I see two more one back here. There's a red one with something weird on its arm.

Naveen: Shit it's a rocket launcher! I hate rockets!

Canuck: Naveen! Damn it! Lost him again.
Jasveer: Hey, at least his last wishes will be carried out. I'm out of rockets.
Canuck: That's not funny.

Prem: Aliens spotted!
Canuck: Let them have it!

Prem: Lining the red one up...
Oilip: I got a good position on him over here.

Prem: Bam! One shot!
Oilip: Damn, nice one.

Hiresh: Other one is going down.
Canuck: Make sure those two aren't getting up and then let's take care of Naveen.

Canuck: Damn, looks bad... I don't know how much we can fix. Let's get him back to my son ASAP, maybe he can do something to rebuild him.