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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 18: Gaining Momentum

Chapter 14 - Gaining Momentum

Hero: thats the local area outside the base and where the Wargots have been seen. They'll probably be coming from this direction then so lets get ready. Rookies, welcome to the fight. Too bad we didn't have more time before getting sent down here.
Stone: What...? No worries.. like everyones in a rush but I'm not. You know?
Hero: Er.. Right. What was your position in your previous team?
Stone: I like, helped people in need yeah.
Rabbit: ... You were the medic?
Stone: Yeah! That's what they kept screaming when they needed me to do something.
Fastball: God damn rookies... I swear...
Dr. Leaf: A medic huh? Welcome to the Leaf Blowers Association, we'll get you initiated when we get back to the Laputa.
Hero: Right... And you?
Shoehead: General infantry! Waiting to get some specialized training in after getting upgraded like this.
Hero: Nice, fully moded out cyborg?
Shoehead: Exactly.
Hero: Okay, let's get outside and get on the walls. The aliens shouldn't be that far away.

Fastball: Captain! They're already here!
Hero: Shit, grab cover and open fire!

Stone: Whoa, check out that one. He's all shiny...
Rabbit: Damn it, the rookie just found one of those red leader types.

Dr. Leaf: Wow, this new laser rifle has some power to it. Right through a couple of crates!
Stone: Hey man watch it yo, that was kind of close.

Dr. Lead: Oh crap!
Ackbar: The devils and their infernal shuttlecocks! Take cover!

Ackbar: It was only incendiary, get out of the fires my friends!
Rabbit: Oh crap here comes the big guy... Stone get back here and shoot him!

Hero: I'm going around the container to flank him!
Shoehead: Switching the shrike to full auto!
Ackbar: What is that strange thing leaving a trail of green in the air?

Rabbit: Big reds going over! Nice shot leaf.
Hero: That's not going to keep him down, Canuck told us how tough they can be.
Shoehead: Hey, I see that weird thing now. What the hell is it?

Fastball: Argh crap it was a missile!

Hero: Grenades! Ow fuck!
Rabbit: Ha, they just hit their own guy with two of them, that ought to keep him down.

Shoehead: Incoming!

Shoehead: Never mind, it detonated too high up!

Shoehead: That one didn't! Systems damaged!
Stone: Oh god my body!
Rabbit: Oh crap!

Hero: Knew it, red guy is getting up. Gotta put this guy down before he gets one of us.
Ackbar: We're getting pinned down by grenades!

Ackbar: Fastball is still down, so is Rabbit and Stone. Shoehead's just getting up.
Dr. Leaf: I can't do anything yet, there are still five aliens firing at us.

Rabbit: I'm up, I got a kit, I'll take care of them.
Shoehead: Watch out for the red guy!
Dr. Leaf: Incoming, look out Ackbar!

Rabbit: Shit, Hero this is bad, we're losing this.
Hero: I just got to put this red one down and we're fine! Just get Stone and Leaf up and they can take over while we kill everything.

Hero: Red ones down, and another grunt! Hope they stay down too.

Rabbit: I've got Stone stable but he's still out cold from the blast.
Shoehead: Herrrggh...
Rabbit: Shoe's hit too! We can't keep this up.

Ackbar: Ahh.. my head... Allah shield me from my foes while I regain myself and deliver your fury!

Hero: Good, we could use you Ackbar. Just have to push a couple of grunts back then we can get back and take care of-

Hero: Aaghh!

Rabbit: Come on fastball, get up.
Stone: Oh man my head... It's like theres a fog in my mind and I can't get out of it.
Dr. Leaf: God damn grenades. What ever happened to the rules of engagement where you don't shoot the medics? ...except for that guy, who thought trusting peoples lives to him would be a good idea?
Stone: Hey man, that's harsh.

Hero: I hear you with the grenades. At least the new heavier armor offers some nice protection from even direct hits. How is everyone holding up?

Rabbit: I've got everyone patched up and on their feet, Leaf can take over from here.
Shoehead: Last visible alien terminated.
Hero: Good work.. that got close.

Ackbar: Hold on, I still see one in the distance! He shall not evade me!

Ackbar: I've lost site of the devil. I think he is down though, he seemed to fall after my last shot.

Hero: Yeah, looks like you got him. Rabbit, if you'd like to make sure of it.
Rabbit: With pleasure.

"Commanders Report; April 25, 21:00

Hero's team has returned to the Laptua. Battered and bloodied, but everyone made it back after a tough encounter with a sizable Wargot force threatening out base in Baghdad. The new additions to the team held up well in the heat of combat as is required as our fights become tougher and tougher. Hero also speaks well of the new medium armor suit that was completed just in time for her to take into the mission. While Haggis pounds the dents and shrapnel out of it the factories should be mass producing as many of those things as possible. We're still trying to figure what the Wargots are using as armor, but its a metal we've never seen before and will likely take a long time to figure out even under the best of circumstances.

Today does mark an important event though. We fought these new alien aggressors off with out any fatalities and shows that with a little more time and equipment we should be able to fight them on even ground or better. The only concern comes from now that all but five Phoenix soldiers are either in medical or currently in weapons training meaning it may be a day or two at minimum before another mission against the Wargots can be under taken. This isn't too much of a problem though as it should give us time to get them the better armor owed to them. Just so long as the Wargots don't spring up everywhere again in the next 48 hours we should be fine, I'm sure our remaining soldiers at ready can handle any mutant or Reticulan nuisance.

Further encouraging news comes from contact with Canuck. It seems after having to take to the battlefield again to defend his people he's giving thought to rejoining the CoE. While I still question why he left to begin with, Canuck is a battle hardened hero of Phoenix and I and everyone else would welcome him back. I guess he's found he's a better soldier then politician. I doubt one can be skilled at both things at the same time. I've sent him message that he's welcome to the fight any time he likes. I assume he has things to handle within his own faction first though. With the downtime Phoenix is looking at though, he may well join them the next time the Wargots show up."