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Part 19: Bad News Travels In Pairs

Chapter 15 - Bad News Travels In Pairs

"Commanders log; April 27, 13:00.

So much for the hopes a few days off to improve our situation. It seems the Wargots have no interest in holding back for even a few days time. Wargots have once again been spotted threatening multiple territories under our control. This time they have shown up near Halifax, Nova Scotia, and in the wilds of west Venezuela. At least we have had two days for soldiers to recover and our factories to work. Medium armor is just beginning to roll off the line and we're producing it at a much faster rate then expected. We may be able to fully suit every member of Phoenix in medium armor within three to five days. In the mean time we've also produced several sets of Reflec light armor to help protect the troops until then.

Weapon factories are still trying to build up a sizable stock of advanced weapons, but they are taking much longer to produce comparatively. Also of note is that since the appearance of the Wargots our forces are chewing through our stockpiles of armor piercing ammunition. Not surprising considering how much lead it takes to drop a Wargot, but still something our ordinance factories are having to keep an eye on.

The last bit of news before I prepare to send Hero back to the surface to fight the Wargots again is that Tasuki has finished more research for me. We've been looking into the cult for a long time, wondering why they still persist after the Reticulans defeat. If they worshiped them then surely the defeat of the Reticulans and then the psionic attack that killed or retarded the left overs would shake the very faith of the cult. It had been my hope they would have completely dissolved at that point. Of course nothing is ever that easy. Tasuki's report offers a little bit of insight into their believes and why they still cling so strongly to them.

>>File Attached
>>Taskui's Report

There is still more to the cult, I can feel it. They're up to something. Whether they're planning something or just being crazed fanatics, I know they'll continue to be a problem as long as they are left around.

Concerns aside, Hero is set to lead a team to the Halifax area. Most of the veterans are either recovering or in training programs right now so hero will be taking Rabbit, Val, and four new additions to Phoenix Company."

Hero: Welcome to the party rookies. It's too bad we didn't have the time to train together. But with the Wargots, what are we going to do. So give us a quick intro on your skill sets.
Turtle: Turtle, advanced psionic and expert sniper.
Rabbit: Hauling around a .50cal Barrett? Ackbar might be in for some competition. He's not going to like that.
Turtle: Why not?
Hero: It took a long time for Ackbar to get used to working with women. Having one trying to out snipe him might be tough for him. Alright next?
Johanssen: Stalker/Scout in training. Forward scout.
Vallhallan: Yeah? Awesome, we could use a scout that's not Golden. And can work around corners.
Draconic: Cyborg Commando in training. I provide the close range muscle.
Goatface: Call me Goatface, I'm a tech. Mines, repairs, that sort of stuff.
Vallhallan: Wait, Goatface?
Goatface: Yeah what?
Vallhallan: I'm torn here. On one hand I want to nickname you Blackface, but on the other hand Goatface is bad enough.
Rabbit: Could go with Blackgoat Face?
Hero: Oh don't help him.
Rabbit: Heh alright, let's get going.

Turtle: I hear something... Now come out so I can kill you.
Hero: Damn, too dark to see anything that far away. Get down and set up positions.
Rabbit: Hey Hero, meant to ask you. New gun?
Hero: Yeah, traded up for something bigger then a SMG. Got a M60 with gyro stabilizer and recoil comp.
Rabbit: Nice.

Turtle: No problem for me. I can see him...

Hero: Oh shit! It's one of those power suits! Val, hit it!
Vallhallan: On it!

Draconic: I think it's seen us.
Goatface: I don't think the muzzle flash from a .50 cal is easy to hide.

Hero: It's getting closer! Val?
Vallhallan: G'aaargh!
Rabbit: He muffed it again, didn't he?
Hero: Looks that way.
Turtle: There's someone behind it too.

Turtle: It's much smaller then the first.
Hero: Good, just Wargots and no more power armor.

Vallhallan: That's not a Wargot, its a cultist!
Hero: What?! What the fuck are they doing here?

Vallhallan: Shit, I even missed him. Wait, he's coming at us with a sword and no armor?
Rabbit: Hey, about time we caught an easy break.
Hero: Rabbit, there is a power suit ten feet from the guy.

Turtle: Power suit is down. Think I punched a hole in the cockpit and got the operator.
Hero: Good job! Okay maybe we are catching a lucky one Rabbit.
Draconic: I'll get the cultist.

Draconic: Ha! Look at the pathetic meat bag fly.
Goatface: Meat bag?
Draconic: You know, you squishy types with out implants.
Goatface: Err...
Turtle: I see another freak behind the trees.

Johanssen: They're coming from the sides too!
Rabbit: Looks like they're trying to flank. But it's another cultist with a sword and no armor.
Johanssen: It might have worked if we weren't covering the side. Maybe their night ops tactic is stealth into melee range and catch us unprepared.

Rabbit: Could be. We all might have been distracted by that power suit if Turtle hadn't shot the operator.
Johanssen: Hey theres another one.
Rabbit: Don't let him retreat and regroup.

Turtle: Wargot is down.

Turtle: But we have lots of company coming.

Goatface: Armored cultist spotted! Taking cover behind the power suit.

Turtle: He's not alone.
Hero: Blackface, er, Goatface, Draconic deal with him. Rest of you keep you're eyes peeled for the others Turtle can see.

Hero: Here comes one around the power suit!
Vallhallan: What, another no armor sword wielder? These guys must love the rush into gunfire strategy.

Hero: I won't complain if they keep it up, that one is dead.
Vallhallan: Damn it.
Hero: What?

Vallhallan: You beat me to it.
Hero: Ha! Well at least we know that Wargot isn't getting back up after that.

Turtle: Another Wargot at long range. I'll take care of him.

Draconic: Argh.. damaged.
Goatface: The tin man is hit!

Turtle: Got another one.
Hero: Okay the Wargot is down, take care of him. Rabbit, this is turning long range so you're on med duty.
Rabbit: Right, I'm on it.

Hero: Muzzle flashes! Another Cultist by the trees.
Turtle: Too easy...

Hero: Drop him fast Turtle, Val's hit!
Vallhallan: My balls! WHY?! Why did Rabbit get the next set of Medium armor? She has less to protect!
Hero: Haha, nevermind Turtle. No rush. He'll be fine.

Turtle: Target neutralized.

Draconic: Ugh, I think that plasma blast shorted me out.
Goatface: You mean knocked out?
Draconic: No I don't, meat bag.
Rabbit: I'm coming to treat you two.
Vallhallan: Argh god damn it. Just give me the pain killers.
Hero: Rabbit, check them out, rest of you, creep forward. Eyes open and stay low and quiet.

Rabbit: Val's fine, might have some bruising but nothing Leaf can't fix on the Laputa.
Vallhallan: Hell if I'm letting him get anywhere near my crotch!
Johanssen: Nothing on the left flank.
Hero: Looks clear here too. Okay keep moving up.

Vallhallan: Hey, when did we kill a cultist psionic?
Hero: What? Yeah, I never saw her.
Turtle: I did. She was easy to find.
Hero: So you're able to pinpoint and shoot her in the dark like that?
Turtle: I am.
Hero: Nice.

Vallhallan: What the? Found another of your kills I take it Turtle?
Turtle: I told you, the psionics are easy to find.
Hero: We need to keep you and pumpkin around on more night missions.

Rabbit: The left flank where those two rushed us from looks clear.
Hero: Alright, that may have been everything. Turtle, you sense anyone?
Turtle: Negative.

Johanssen: Whoa!! Just ran right into a cultist!
Rabbit: Shit, she just came out of the dark!

Vallhallan: No problem though. Dumbass was running around with a medkit and no weapon out.
Hero: So, nothing else around Turtle?
Turtle: It's not infallible, just like your five senses.
Hero: Alright. Well let's sweep the area and call the sphere if nothing else is out there.
Rabbit: Vault's going to love this mission report, cultists fighting alongside Wargots.