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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 37: Part 3 - I finally have everything working perfectly on my computer!

Chapter 25 Part 3 - I finally have everything working perfectly on my computer!

Goatface: Sometimes... I like to come out here where the shuttles launch. And just stand at the edge of the Laputa and look out over the earth. It makes me feel calm. I look down and sometimes when the Laputa orbits the right part of Earth I like to think I can see where home once was...

Alan: Uh that's great Goat. You mind getting back over here?
Ackbar: Halt! Who are you? What squad are you with?

Cultist: We are the Great Church of Universal Love, move aside and surrender your shuttles. We must spread our message to the world.

Ackbar: Allah protect us! They are worse then any infidel, they are... Hippies!
Fastball: Oh come on. If it's not one group of nut jobs it's another. Goat! Get over here!

Felix: One down!
Ackbar: Damn it! Cursed close quarters fighting!

Fastball: Eat plasma! One more down. Goat you almost here?

Goatface: I'm coming!
Ackbar: Sons of...devils...argh...
Fastball: Ackbar! Fuck hurry up Goat, Ackbars wounded!

Felix: Last one is down. Get Goat over here with a medkit.

Goatface: Behind you guys! By the other shuttle!

Alan: That one was mine. What was that guy thinking walking out alone?

Alan: Oh... Nevermind.

Goatface: I'm here an- Oh shit there's three more of them.
Alan: Yeah, we noticed.
Goatface: Cover me!
Fastball: What? No you idiot take cover or something!

Goatface: For Ackbar!!
Fastball: Oh that stupid son of a bitch...

Goatface: I got one!

Felix: Oh right in the face. You called that one Fastball.
Fastball: Fuck this is going bad. Kill that last one quickly!

Alan: What the hell was that? You shot him and he launches into some kind of interpetive dance?
Felix: Hell if I know.
Fastball: Make sure he's down, I'm going to check on Ackbar. C'mon buddy, you can't die on us.

Alan: What do you know, he's still alive.
Cultist: You'll never stop the church...

Alan: We'll see.

Fastball: Fuck.... Find Leaf! Find the rest of Pheonix and get a medic here! Ackbar! Ackbar come on, you'll be alright.
Ackbar: Don't... let them... don't let the infidels take the Laputa... Defend our holy Earth...