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Part 36: Part 2 - Holy Fuck An Update

Chapter 25 Part 2 - Holy Fuck An Update

Vault: Booya? Is that you?
Booya: Commander! Found you at last. What is going on?
Vault: I'm not sure. Johnson heard something about a Cult before the control center was stormed.
Booya: The cult on the Laputa? Guess they were really pissed we took out their high temple.
Vault: I don't know, but they have the control center. We need to get it back.

Anti-Cheese: We're with you Sir.
Vault: Good, let's kick their asses back to the surface.
Booya: Hold a sec... You guys hear something?

Unknown: My spleen!

Canuck: Last of them here... Got to find out what's going on here. Find the rest of the squad.

Vault: Gunfire, that means someone else is around here. Let's go!
Booya: Wait up sir, you don't want to run ahead with out any armor and just a pistol.

Booya: Yeah, there's why.
Vault: Thanks Booya.
Anti-Cheese: Got the one on the right.

Booya: There's another for you. Looks like they were waitng for you Sir.

Anit-Cheese: Hey, it's Canuck! Looks like he snuck up behind these guys.
Vault: So much for us rushing to help him.

Booya: Ha haaa! That one's not getting back up again.

Anti-Cheese: Last target is down. Looks clear.
Vault: Good, need to get communcation going again. And find out who the hell these people are!

Anti-Cheese: Hey! Rabbit, over here!
Rabbit: Looks like I missed the fight.
Anti-Cheese: Where were you?
Rabbit: When everything started happening I ran for the squads equipment locker, suited up and started following the sounds of gunfire. There are small fire fights going on all over the place.
Vault: You figure out who these people are? Are they cultists?
Rabbit: No sir, just fighting and trying to keep the non-combatants out of harms way.
Booya: I have a clue who they are.
Vault: Who?
Booya: Us. The dead one over here I shot in the balls? It's Johanssen.
Rabbit: What?!
Vault: You're sure? So this really is a mutiny? And they got to one of your soldiers?
Booya: Looks that way Sir.
Vault: This is really bad.