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UFO: Aftershock

by Jade Star

Part 35: Part 1 - Ye of Little Faith

Chapter 25 - Ye of Little Faith

>>Warning! Security breach in R&D labs.
>>Warning! Weapon use detected inside Laptua.

Vault: What the hell's going on?
Johnson: We don't know right, the alarms just went off.
Vault: Who's shooting?
Tasuki: Unknown.
Vault: God damn it, if it isn't one thing it's the next. And if it isn't that it's something new.

>>Warning! The alarm in storage locker 6b has been set off.
>>Incoming on board communication.

<Radio>: Command?! We've got people breaking into everything and grabbing any weapons they can down here!
Vault: Who is it? What is going on?
<Radio>: It's- <gunfire....silence>
Vault: God damn it! Were we boarded by something we didn't see?
Tasuki: Unlikely.
Vault: Alright... get all the squads up and armed, now! Assign them around key points of the Laputa and make sure one squad is assigned to protect the armory. Haggis is probably shooting everything that moves down there. And get the nearest squad here to protect the command center. I'll be right back.
Johnson: Where are you going sir?
Vault: To get my gun from my quarters.

>>Warning! Command Center doors breached.
>>Live Feed

Golden: God damn, what is all that noise? I'm trying to do things in here!
Vallhallan: Is your head up your ass again? We've got trouble on the Laputa.
Golden: Oh come on, can't someone else handle it? I was busy reading my pre-Nightfall matieral.
Vallhallan: No one cares what you do with yourself in your own room Golden. Grab your gun and get out here dirtbag.

Golden: Okay, suited up, what's going on?
Felix: No one is sure right now. We just got a message from command to suit up and head for the command center, full combat gear and shoot at anything that looks hostile.
Draconic: We're on the Laputa, what's going to be hostile here?
Vallhallan: Hell if I know.
Turtle: There's a lot of confusion here. Lots of minds in panic. And a number of calm minds with hostile intentions.
Vallhallan: Right, gather up on my position and lets see what we're dealing with.
Titan: Where's the major, or the captain?
Vallhallan: Hero's planet side. No clue about Booya.

Shoehead: Hey, here comes another squad.
Vallhallan: Hey! You guys know whats going on?

Vallhallan: Hey! HALT! What squad are you guys with?
Shoehead: They're not even showing CoE insignia on their uniforms...
Vallhallan: What the hell... Who are these guys? Not a step closer! Put down your guns!
Shoehead: They're ignoring us.
Vallhallan: ...Ffffuuuck! Waste them!

Vallhallan: Gaahhh.... GOLDEN!
Golden: What? I didn't fucking do anything yet!
Vallhallan: You've been screwing with my rocket launcher again!
Golden: Oh, yeah, that.

Unknown: Whoa... look at that rocket.
Vallhallan: Shut up, I'll kill you!
Golden: Not with aim like that.
Vallhallan: You are so next.

Shoehead: Got one!
Vallhallan: The fuck happened to that other guy? Is he break dancing?

Turtle: That one was mine.
Vallhallan: But... you shot him from behind... The impact... Physics does not work like that!

Golden: Hey you weren't kidding, we've got hostiles!
Vallhallan: I hate you so much... Could this day get any worse?

Draconic: Hey Shoehead, your 'kill' is back on his feet.
Shoehead: Not for long.

Golden: Two targets down, one left.
Titan: I'm still stuck way over here. Don't see anything else behind you guys, wait, uh oh.
Golden: What is it?

Titan: Vallhallan is down.

Titan: Ohh... I bet that hurt too.

Draconic: Target down, minimal damage sustained.
Vallhallan: Grgh... Shouldn't have asked how it could get worse...
Golden: You okay over there Colander Crotch?
Vallhallan: Get over here with a med kit damn it.
Golden: What? Hell no! Patch up your own junk!
Vallhallan: Not for that. The first one, bullet pierced the armor. Everyone else gather up over here and we'll take the teleporter inside.

Vallhallan: Ow! The fuck are you doing over there?
Golden: It pierced your shoulder, I'm doing the best I can here. Do I look like Leaf?
Shoehead: No, you look more secure in your masculinity.
Vallhallan: Oh burn. Even if it does somewhat compliment Showers, that was a good one.

Felix: Fuck, late to the party. Finished this one off for you Turtle.

Turtle: Bigger problems at hand. I see three more hostiles behind me, and I sense another near by.
Felix: Hustling back!

Felix: One down!
Turtle: Visual on the fourth.

Golden: Target down.
Felix: Oh, and the neck shot before he hits the ground!

Shoehead: Front one is down.
Turtle: Last one tried to flee, didn't get far.
Golden: Area clear, turtle keep a look out. Guys, check this out!

Draconic: Now that's something you don't see every day.
Shoehead: What that hell is keeping him in place?
Golden: Hey Drac, gimme your sword.
Draconic: What? Why?
Golden: I want to poke him.
Vallhallan: Would you guys stop clowning around! Get your asses over here! We have to go secure the command center!