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UFO: Aftershock

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Part 34: Battleship Down

Chapter 24 - Battleship Down

Hero: Okay boys, here's the deal; the Sectoids from the Ethereal Empire from back during the first wars are back. Talking about 'the empire forgives sometimes' and shit like that. Vault's acting on good faith so we are not shooting everything on sight. Grays are on hostile action only. Cultists are fire-at-will. Understood? Good. ...Hey, where's Leaf?
Parts: Uh, I'm the new medic sir, Private Parts.
Hero: ... Leaf is trying to fuck with me right?
Parts: No sir. He said something about 'Spare parts don't have feelings and I outrank you, so ya'll get down there and try not to die'.
Anti-Cheese: That was the worst Leaf impression ever.
Parts: What? For being half Asian, the man sounds a lot like a Texan.

Titan: That's the ship? It's huge! How the hell would it fly?
Canuck: You can do a lot with some elerium and zero gravity. The real question is why they all look identical since the first war.
Johanssen: Aliens lack imagination?
Hero: Enjoy the sights while we climb up there. If it's anything like all the others we've cleared out there should be a teleporter on top.

Hero: You know, I kind of expected to met some resistance out here. See anything you two?
Johanssen: Looks clear.
Turtle: Nothing, just our minds out here.
Hero: Strange... screw it. Why waste an opportunity for an easy time? Get up to the top.

Parts: Hey, I found this weird green glowing section.
Canuck: Don't touch anything. Wait until everyone is here.
Parts: ... Now?

Johanssen: Fuck these ships are tight quarters.
Turtle: No room for sniping. Switching to a paralysis projector.

Hero: Okay, two ways from here. Let's take a look.

Johanssen: Not going this way. I don't think you or Titan are making the jump in that armor.
Titan: Not a chance.
Hero: Okay, back the other way.

Turtle: Wait!
Anti-Cheese: What is it?

Turtle: I see them...

Turtle: Three of them. Below us.
Hero: Okay, let's get the drop on them. Ready, go!

Parts: Target spotted. Cultist, heavy armor.

Titan: Second hostile! Psionic sniper.

Anti-Cheese: Target one down! Parts got him.

Hero: Oh! Right in the spare parts. Haha, looks like you might just fit in around here Parts.
Parts: What? I was just shooting until he was down.

Titan: Johan! Behind you! Found the third one!

Johanssen: Crap, I'll get her!
Titan: Sniper is down! ACR tore right through her.

Titan: Argh, the bitch is shooting at me! Johanssen!
Johanssen: Sorry, I wasn't fast enough.

Turtle: She's fleeing!
Johanssen: No she's not!
Titan: Damn, that was a nice shot.

Titan: So was that. Good kill.
Johanssen: Thanks, you alright?
Titan: Yeah, was nothing but a laser pistol. Barely warms you up in this armor.

Hero: Shit, Titan, behind you!
Titan: What is it?

Hero: Sectoids. Guns at the ready, but do not shoot unless they show hostile intent. Turtle, get up there and talk with them.

Turtle: .....
Sectoids: .....
Turtle: .....
Anti-Cheese: What are they doing?
Canuck: Probably talking telepathically.
Anti-Cheese: Oh right. We should work on something like that.
Hero: Telepathic Cyborgs?
Canuck: Hahaha! More like private communication implants.
Turtle: Okay, they are friendly, but say that hostile humans have been trying to raid the ship.
Parts: Yeah we noticed.
Turtle: They're just a security team. They say the admiral is down below, through a teleporter on the lower level.
Hero: Good enough. Let's get going then.

Hero: This place is a sprawling mess. The seven of us won't be combat effective if we run into something down here anyway. Canuck, take Parts and Johanssen and check that way. Rest of you with me.
Canuck: Roger. Okay rookies, let's go.

Parts: Contact! Cultist... with a sword?
Canuck: Yeah, some of them aren't very bright.

Parts: Psionic one too!
Johanssen: I'll get that one!

Canuck: I can't get past you two if you block the doorway, and you got one more cultist in the back too.

Johansen: Two down!
Parts: Ahh! Fuck, my shoulder!
Canuck: Warned you, now move out of the way!

Canuck: Fuck, Parts is down! Hero, you reading this? Private Parts is down!
Hero: Damn, can you manage the situation? ... Hey, stop snickering and cover the door Cheese!
Canuck: Should be able to, but he was the damn medic. Hope we can get him back up.

Canuck: That one's dead. Johnassen, got a medkit?
Johanssen: Just a basic one, never used it before.
Canuck: Get it out and stop Parts from bleeding out.

Canuck: Hero, we got Private Parts back up. He looks like he's been beat pretty hard.
Hero: You're doing that on purpose now!
Canuck: Haha, so what? His name is Parts!
Parts: Yeah, thanks for saving my life you jerks. I'm perfectly fine, thanks for asking.
Johanssen: Sorry, Parts, but I just have the basic 'point here to administer drugs' training. Should take a minute to patch your self up better.
Canuck: We'll head back to your position Hero, we should keep Parts out of danger. Another hit or two might drop him for good. You know you can't always get private parts up so quickly every time.
Parts: Oh hah hah.

Hero: Alright. We're moving up a little, I think the hallway will lead you right to us.
Turtle: Hmmm... thought I felt someone.

Hero: Fuck, hostiles! Little more warning next time Turtle!
Titan: We're right behind you captain, we got your back!

Anti-Cheese: That's a few more then I expected!
Hero: Just unload with that thing, Cheese!

Anti-Cheese: Grrrgh... damage incurred!
Titan: Where did these guys get a plasma gun from?

Anti-Cheese: Serious damage sustained!
Turtle: Canuck, we're going to need Parts over here quickly!
Canuck: We're en route now.

Turtle: Freeze you little freak!
Cultist: Hurgghkk...

Titan: Enemies neutralized.
Hero: How are you holding up Cheese?
Anti-Cheese: Barely holding together. Took two plasma bursts and a heavy laser shot. Could use Parts right about now.
Canuck: Almost there, cover the doors and we'll be right there.

Anti-Cheese: Ahhh, that's the stuff.
Parts: You may need to see a mechanic or something when you get back, Cheese. There's a lot of little metal bits that look melted or damaged.
Anti-Cheese: Yeah, I'll be fine for now though, thanks.
Hero: If you're good to go then let's move. Find this teleporter.

Hero: Guess that's it. Who wants to go through first?
Anti-Cheese: I'm good to go again.
Hero: Alright, we'll be right behind you.

Hero: What's on the other side? Any hostiles?
Anti-Cheese: No hostiles, but you might want to give me a minute before you follow after me.
Hero: Why is that?

Anti-Cheese: The teleporter pad is kind of full.

Sectiod Admiral: Well played, intrepid native, well played! Return us now to our station. Of many things, we must speak.