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Part 39: Putting The Pieces Together

Chapter 27 - Putting The Pieces Together

"Commanders log; June twenty second.

The Laputa is nearly fully repaired after nearly two weeks of extensive repairs and things on board are starting to look better. However during this time the situation on the surface has continued to deteriorate.

The Starghosts have been nearly unopposed in setting up pillars of death around the globe, killing everything in the areas and leaving them covered in Biomass. It's clear the rebellion on board the Laputa dealt enough damage to give the Starghosts an advantage over us we can not over come. We might be able to stop them from deploying more pillars, or at least slow them down greatly, but it's a losing strategy. We're not likely to ever have the supply lines and manufacturing power we once used to hold off our enemies again. In light of the dire news and the rapid loss of more and more populated territories on the surface the CoE has been taking in any and all refugees. Many are taking our offer to flee the surface and come to the Laputa, and we badly need the personnel to fill jobs around the Laputa.

We are faced with a losing situation and are only buying little bits of time for ourselves right now. Thankfully we may have put together enough of the pieces to come up with a solution once and for all. Dr. Tasuki is again to credit for the invaluable scientific research. Included in this report is the summery of her research in full, as presented to command staff. This one report could explain why aliens came to our world almost ninety years ago and all of their activities since.

>>File Attached
>>Putting The Pieces Together

If everything Tasuki says is correct then I can not even begin to come up with the words to describe my thoughts on everything that has happened to us, to the Earth, as a part of an intergalactic species mating ritual. I refuse to accept it fully at the moment, to think so many men and woman died in the course of things and to have that be the reason for it infuriates me beyond words. For now though, at least we may have a possible way of stopping the Starghosts. Destroy what has brought them to Earth and they may simply leave. Finding and destroying this lure sounds a lot easier then an assault on the Starghost spaceship itself.

Tasuki's mention of a base on the moon gives me a bad feeling though. I think I know where this is going. Booya and Canuck are not going to like it."