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Part 24: Flying Around Lost in Britannia

Deceased Crab posted:

I enjoy how mean you are to Iolo.
Use the pepper spray on him.

I doth not know. How wilt pepper spray help me rescue Lord British?

I doth not see Iolo or Shamino recommending thine course of action...

...yet I shall try anything once.

: Avatar? What art thou retrieving from thine tunic?

Thus I aimed carefully and did spray it right in Iolo's eyes.

: 'Tis mine error.

Flying Around Lost in Britannia

I figured I might as well head for Skara Brae to see what Archmage Flain wants for the Oppression, but I can never actually find Skara Brae and so I got lost somewhere in the south of Britannia. I did find this place, which I think marks the location I found the Silver Horn last game. That's probably what the sign says, but I'm too lazy to translate.

Once I found Serpent Hold, I knew I had probably gone a little too far south and east. There's really not a lot to do here at the moment.

They do, however, sell decent gear. Halberds and Morning Stars are inferior to the Magic Axe in many ways, but superior in that their 2 square range is not affected by cover or obstacles (or other party members), like the Magic Axe is. I might eventually pick a few up, but in a moment I'll be a bit short for cash.

Heading back northwest, another lighthouse named Grayhaven. Within is a crusty old salt who has something else I could use.

You see a crotchety old man.
: I am called David.
: Job?
: What dost ye thinks I do? Ye mangy dog!
: Tend to the lighthouse?
: Good guess, ya scum!
: I expected a lot more out of the inventor of the sextant.
: Aye, shiver me timbers, so ye've 'eard of me great invention?
: Yes.
: We have?
: Avatar, dude.
: Obviously thou art a person of exceptional wisdom!
: That's what my Codex tells me.
: So, me matey, does ya think me invention were a good one?
: Yeah, I suppose.
: Thou dost speak true! Wouldst thou like one I've made with me own hands?
: That's why I'm here! I mean, uh, yes, I would be honored.
: 'ere ye are mate, use it wisely and thou shalt profit by it!

The sextant is kind of handy. It's just like it was in the last game with several noteworthy changes: First, the coordinates are in runic, which is qutie annoying. Second, it only works at night. I mean, yes, it's technically a sextant and all, but still. First telescopes, now this.

Anyway, there's something good in Jhelom, which I know is to the west. Unfortunately I have no ship, but I figure if I can fly there quickly on the carpet it won't be too disastrous.

Clearly, I was somewhat incorrect on this matter. Oh well, they're just holding me back right now anyway.

On to Jhelom!

Wait, this doesn't sound good. This doesn't sound good at all.

But why let that stop me? Let's examine the local law and make our way in. See how the friendly locals think of the situation at large.

My goodness, that's rude!

Gosh, why doesn't anyone want to treat me nicely? And why are all the trees withered? And why is it suddenly getting dark? And who is that black-robed gentleman moving towards me?

Oh dear.

Each of the three Shadowlords travels to a different city in Britannia periodically. Their appearance initially seems random, but there is a way to predict where they are (I will show you later, so sit tight). Entering a town with a Shadowlord in residence will warn you with a message "An air of Hatred/Cowardice/Falsehood doth surround thee..." If you see this, get the fuck out of town and camp out until midnight when the Shadowlord leaves.

As you can see from the screenshot, the battle is horrifically stacked against you. The Avatar and companions will be scattered about in the outdoor areas, blocked off from the Shadowlord and each other by energy fields (the pink barriers). The Shadowlord can teleport, go invisible at will, fire beams that deal damage and poison, and of course kick the shit out of you most enthusiastically. There is generally no escape from the Shadowlords, although there are two ways that may work if you're lucky. The first is to hit the Shadowlord with a Glass Sword, if you can actually hit them at all. This may not be enough, but I think it is possible to defeat a Shadowlord in direct combat. It may be nearly impossible to actually connect though, and it won't destroy them. The second is to dispel the fields and flee, although you won't get far. There is an item that can help you escape the Shadowlords, but you have to actually confront (or have already destroyed) them to get it. And if you lose a fight to them, they may take that item back. Bad news all around.

So let's reload for now.

Much nicer. The trees are in bloom and the people aren't complete assholes.

You see a battleworn fighter.
: Name?
: My name is Thorne.
: Job?
: I'm resting up between battles.
: Battle?
: Just the other day I was locked in mortal combat with a bunch of nasty trolls!
: Funny, me too.
: They even had the gall to ask ME for gold in order to pass!
: Yeah, Iolo, they asked you the same thing.

You see a merry minstrel.
: My name is Trian. What is thy name?
: Steve.
: A pleasure!
: Job?
: I play songs!
: You're not going to make me listen to one, are you?
: Songs of valor, of course. And no, I'm not going to actually sing. That'd be lame.
: Valor?
: The tales of many a valiant deed come through this pub!
: If it's Dupre, you know he makes all that up, right?
: Deed?
: Why, there's a fighter who frequents this place by the name of Thorne.
: Yeah, I met him.
: His travels take him on many quests.
: Quests?
: He visits the shrines often!
: Shrine?
: Of that, thou shalt have to ask him!
: Oh yes, please, by all means let's ask some random guy who we've never even met all about the shrines that I already know everything about because I'm the goddamn Avatar. Is everyone stupid in this kingdom?
: I'm not.
: You're not from this kingdom though.
: I'm not!
: Yes you are.

At any rate, the real surprise is this secret door in the northeastern wall tower's basement.

Which goes outside, where this stump is. And inside... a Magic Axe! Hooray!

Magic Axes rule. Infinite range, great damage, their main problem is that they don't allow you to equip a second weapon at the same time. Not that you particularly need one. That's going on Steve right away.

Outside, I spy a ship! Where was that when I decided to cross the ocean on a magic carpet?

The crew is a single bard, which makes this phenomenally easy. Steve chunks him in all haste.

And there we are. We now own a Frigate, which comes with its own Skiff. The way Frigates work is a little different too. Notice the sails are down. We can row the ship instead of sailing on the winds, although it's slower. However, we're not at the mercy of the seas. If we yell, it will hoist the sails and the ship will act like the one in Ultima IV. This is problematic though because it can sometimes go a little too fast and crash into those lighter patches of water, where it will start "breaking up" on the shoals and take damage. Damage is bad, even though all ships now start with 99 hull. So it's better to row everywhere.

Just south of Jhelom is a hidden keep, Farthing.

You see a wistful looking man.
: Name?
: My name is Lord Seggallion.
: Job?
: I am the lord of this keep.
: Keep?
: What are you, an idiot? A fine homestead, furnished with the proceeds from my old profession.
: Profession?
: Many years ago, I carved my living from the seafaring trade routes of Britannia.
: Oh, so you were a merchant?
: You know... I demanded a fair toll for passage through my waters. The fact that this usually amounted to all of their belongings is irrelevant!
: Oh. Oh! Ohhhhh. Oh... So I bet you still have your own spyglass, huh?
: I used my spyglass to study the stars. Wouldst thou like to see it?
: Sure thing, Cap'n Not A Pirate Sir.
: I used it on many nights for navigational purposes. I use it but rarely now. Dost thou study the stars?
: Sure, all the time! You could say staring at anything but Iolo is a hobby of mine.
: What is it said that the eight planets represent?
: The virtues!
: I would like thee to have my spyglass, wouldst thou like it?
: Yes I!
: Use it wisely!

And so we have a spyglass. It's not that useful, though as we'll later learn it has one useful function.

You see a round, jovial man.
: Name?
: My name is Quintin.
: Job?
: I am the cook for this keep.
: Cook?
: Yes, I simmer up plenty of tasty dishes for the residents of this abode.
: Who seriously uses the word abode?
: A mixed bunch with an interesting history. Before he retired, my lord was a famous pirate. Now, even he fears Blackthorn. But I mustn't gossip!
: Blackthorn?
: I mustn't gossip!

Sounds like he's worried about someone overhearing.

You see a tall, dark woman.
: Name?
: My name is Temme.
: Job?
: I am a mage of great repute!
: Repute?
: Modesty was never one of my great virtues. But, I am actually quite good. Would ye be impressed if I told thee that I can cast a spell that CREATES light even on the darkest night?
: (Vas Lor is a 1st Level spell) Uhhhhhhhh, sure.
: Well! If ye think that's good, I've NEARLY made things disappear!

Whoops. Looks like we're stuck here overnight, unless I decide to waste a Skull Key. I should probably do something about my dead companions here soon.

Also, I guess I need emoticons for Gwenno, Julia, and Jaana. is technically reserved by Mariah.