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Ultima Underworld II

by fixelbrumpf

Part 1: Down the Rat Hole

Update 1: Down the Rat Hole

Things to do in the castle:

The first thing I did was pester Lord British. He tells us to go talk to Miranda, a member of the Great Council, which makes her something like a politician, I guess. We're also told to see our old pal Dupre for some reason. Yep, he's stuck in the castle as well, along with our old buddy Iolo. I guess they really went out of their way to make this game more Ultima-esque than Ultima Underworld I.

Miranda in turn tells us us to go see Nystul and Nelson, the resident mages. Apparently, Lord British made her the person in charge while we're pretty much treated like the local errand boy. Yep, this is an Ultima game all right.

Nystul seems to believe that getting our hands on the spellbook used to cast the Guardian's spell might get us out of here.

... while Nelson tells us this bizarre tidbit. Are you sure you didn't have a few too much at the party as well?

If you talk to Dupre, he hands you the key to the sewers below the castle. Apparently, there's now monsters down there. Hmm, didn't Nelson mention the sewers as well? I thought old games were supposed to be really enigmatic and never tell you where to go next?

For the curious: here's what the not-so-secret item stash I just got done plundering at the beginning of the video looks like, our rune bag's on the left.


3.) Castle British Basement/Sewers, Pt. 1 (Dailymotion) (Viddler)