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Um Jammer Lammy

by RJWaters2

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Original Thread: Paper Covers Rock...N' Roll! Let's Play Um Jammer Lammy! [sub-VLP]



Um Jammer Lammy is the follow-up to the genre-defining rhythm game, PaRappa the Rapper. Three years of successful PaRappa sales gave developer NanaOn-Sha a bigger budget, which allowed for major improvements over the first game, such as Co-Op and Versus modes, more detailed worlds, and song remixes. As with the original, the music was written by game designer and pop star Masaya Matsuura and the paper-thin art was drawn by American artist Rodney A. Greenblatt.
The gameplay has not changed much, but the genre has. Leaving PaRappa and his rap behind, the story follows Lammy, a teenage lamb with confidence issues and mean guitar skills, as she races to her band’s first live gig…having woken up only 15 minutes before her set.

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