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Part 190: Natsuhi's Question (Wrong Answer)

"I give up too. It seems even you know some pretty hard puzzles, Natsuhi nee-san."
"Hahahaha. It's the sort of puzzle that brings out one's upbringing. Perhaps it was a bit too hard for you."
"Wh, what did you saaaaaaay...?!"
"...Aunt Natsuhi. Could you tell me the answer?"
"The answer is... a keyboard."
"A keyboard? Like on a piano?"
"That's right. The blacks and whites are the pattern of colors on a keyboard. In which case, you must already know the right answer."

Aunt Natsuhi smiled at me, but I don't really remember what a keyboard looks like... Nnn, too bad. I'd better have a go at Uncle Krauss's puzzle and redeem myself.

"Ready? It's Nii-san's turn now. We'll solve it in a flash and teach him a lesson, okay?"