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Part 196: Shannon's Question (Wrong Answer)

"...I don't get it. I think I almost do, but..."
"Yeah. I almost know what all the groups mean, but I can't figure out that last step."
"It's... tastes, right?"
"Yes, that's right. Have you figured it out now, Ange-sama and Kanon-kun?"
"I'm confused. What is it, Aunt Eva? Tell me!"
"Everything in the 'W' group is sweet, right? So, what about the 'O' group? The 'P' group?"
"...I see, so that's what it was... Not bad, coming from you, Nee-san..."
"Why don't you try saying 'sorry for making fun of you'? If you don't, I'll make all your meals 'O' and 'I'."
"'O' is one thing, but eating 'I' all the time would be awful."

In the end, Kanon caved under the threat of 'I' cooking and was forced to apologize to Shannon. Ange was still confused.

No point thinking about it any more. I've got to pull myself together and take a shot at the next one.