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by ProfessorProf

Part 205: (Eva's Hint)

"No it isn't. I've already figured it out. This is even easier than the one your mom gave a second ago."
"You can't trust the two who aren't Miyoko, so you first need to figure out who Miyoko is. Miyoko doesn't lie, right?"
"Yeah. Miyoko doesn't lie."
"So, start off by figuring out who Miyoko is, then read through the puzzle again. I'm sure you'll see it at once."
"Just think about who Miyoko is... Okay, I've got it."
"You really do whatever Eva nee-san tells you."
"Yeah. Aunt Eva is nice and smart, and I like her. So I do what she tells me!"
"We'll need to ask her for a hand, next time we try to feed Ange eggplant and bell peppers."