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by ProfessorProf

Part 223: (Hint 15)

"Indeed. The narration says that George, Battler, and Maria could not have killed Jessica. The three survivors couldn't have done it."
"The purple statements here sounds like they have a lot of hints for us."
"George's and Maria's purple statements are particularly interesting. If only we could trust them, they would be quite a powerful clue..."
"If George-aniki is innocent, then his purple statement about Maria being unable to kill anyone would be true, and Maria would be confirmed innocent. In the same way, if Maria is innocent, then her statement about George being unable to kill an adult would be true and in the end, that proves George-aniki innocent."
"It would, but we cannot confirm that either of them is innocent..."
"If either George-aniki or Maria could prove that the other was innocent, they would be innocent too. It's like a chicken and egg dilemma. It almost feels like a useful hint, but not quite. Pretty annoying."
"Proving innocence for either of them probably won't be easy. At least we've gotten the suspects down to a small number. From here on out, there's probably nothing left to do except check each one to see if they could have been a culprit."
"You're right. Feels like we're getting to the final stretch!"
"So, looks like they've almost made it, doesn't it...?"
"...I feel like a plucked fish."