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by ProfessorProf

Part 59: Resurrection

October 5th, 1986, 11:30 PM

BGM: Witch in Gold

He didn't feel like going back to the guesthouse in the middle of this rain, and wandered halfheartedly inside the mansion in search for a place where he could sit adequately, making the dining hall into his stronghold. It wasn't even locked. He thought that maybe the shapeless murderer, or the Golden Witch, would come to kill him now that he was isolated, but he no longer thought about confronting the culprit. On the contrary, he didn't even feel like using the locks to block the culprit. He wanted that person to come at him openly, from the front. If it was the murderer, he thought he'd ask them to tell about some of those wonderful closed room tricks as a parting souvenir. If it was the witch, he thought that she would at least take his life with some wonderful magic.

...However, ironically, neither of these two came to meet Battler...

Battler opened the liquor cabinet on his own and enjoyed the liquor to his heart's content. No longer was there anybody anywhere who would have a problem with him drinking alcohol. He boldly set both of his legs on the extravagant table cloth and savored the high quality liquor, which probably had a mind-boggling price, tilting down each one of the bottles...

At that time, someone knocked. Battler realized that someone had finally come to greet him...

"Even though I look like this, I am well know as a breast-sommelier, y'sheee? Hic."
"...It's Genji, Battler-sama."
"...Genji-san, is it... Sorry, but I have no interest in your bust size. Please, come in. It's open."

Genji-san opened the door and bowed. So Genji-san was the criminal after all... or maybe an accomplice? That theory probably explains most of the tricks...

"Did you come to give me my last rites?"
"...Nothing of the sort. I apologize if I am disturbing you."
"...Hey, hey, saying I'm sorry without even telling me what you want is actually pretty creepy. What do you want? Are you gonna tell me that drinking alcohol is forbidden for minors? I'll just die anyways. Please, let me do as I wish, at least in the very end."
"...Battler-sama, do you love alcohol so much, that you will spend the little time you have left before you die drinking it?"

Those words, pierced me... That wasn't true.

"...It's just that, if I don't drink it, nobody will. I don't know the flavor of alcohol at all..."
"...You are just like Master. Indeed, you inherited Master's blood strongly..."
"You mean that Grandfather, the heavy drinker, drank to drown all his cares in alcohol...? First I've heard of that."
"...After some sad incidents, Master's life... was completely reduced to atonement."
"...What do you know?"

BGM: Ageha

"Wha-...what did you say...?"

My drunkenness was completely blown away. I lowered my feet from the table and listened carefully to hear what kind of words Genji would say next...

"Battler-sama... I shall guide you to the Master's study. It would probably be better to hear it directly from them."
"From... them...? H-hey, what in the world do you mean by that...!!"
"...Come, this way. I shall guide you. Battler-sama."

After Genji-san told me to follow him, he started to walk down the corridor. I threw my drunkenness off completely and went after him...

We climbed a big staircase, towards the third floor. Genji-san stopped walking halfway. He then turned back and spoke.

"Don't threaten me. Today, I've seen more things I can't understand than I'd have liked to."
"...What you see is as it appears. What you hear is as it sounds, so please accept it."
"Why? What? There is no need for questions like that. Battler-sama, you will probably at least know the truth. I will leave it completely up to you, Battler-sama, whether to accept it, believe it, or deny it."

Genji-san checked one last time to see whether I was prepared to know the truth. The eighth twilight had already ended. And at the ninth twilight, the witch would be revived... and nobody would be left alive. It meant that Beatrice was already being revived. And probably, none of us would be allowed to live and return.

If I was going lose my life anyways... I wanted to know the truth in the end. It didn't matter how hard it might be to accept.

"...Yeah... Even if a demon or a witch shows up, I'm prepared."
"...Indeed, you are just like the Master in his youth. Battler-sama, please be diligent in your studies. In the future, you will surely have great aspirations. And at that time, make sure that there is nothing that you will regret for your entire life due to lack of knowledge."
"...If I have chance to work hard in my studies, then no problem."

It felt like Genji-san's silence forced me to consider that resignation of mine more deeply...

Genji-san picked a gold key with an elegant design out from his pocket. The master keys had been confiscated by Aunt Rosa, but the key to this study was the only one he had kept with him.

He put it in the keyhole, and it made a heavy clunking sound.

"...Master. It's Genji. I brought Battler-sama with me."

There was no reply, but it seemed that permission to go in had been given...

"Come, Battler-sama. Please, go in."
"...Yeah. I'll go in."

I readied myself, and threw the door open...

BGM: Black Liliana

It was... somehow... a swarm of butterflies, shining gold. The golden butterflies that were completely filling the inside of the study poured out all at once...

"Wha-... What is... this..."

It was almost like golden leaf confetti. The interior of Grandfather's study was filled with a golden glow... And... there was a sofa like a reception chair in front of the study desk... where I could see Grandfather's back. 

There was someone on the side opposite from Grandfather. It was a shadow, so I couldn't see it well...

"...Master. I brought Battler-sama."
"...Battler, is it? I'm busy thinking now... Be silent for a while..."

Kinzo declared that unhappily, his back still turned. It seemed that he was enjoying playing chess with a visitor... Apparently, the opponent had counterattacked with a superb move. Kinzo seemed to be enjoying himself as he thought deeply, while occasionally laughing and groaning...

"...Fufufufufufufufu. Indeed, this is a deeply matured move. So fun, so fun... *cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*, hahahahahahaha...!! Unbearable, unbearable."
"... Wha- What is... this..."
"So you came, Battler. I've been waiting for a while. Be silent for Kinzo's sake. Isn't it too early to resign, Kinzo? I could already counterattack it in several ways. *cackle*cackle*cackle*...!"

It should have been... my first meeting with that witch. However, I knew this witch. Even though it was our first meeting... I knew her... from the portrait...!

"Genji. Serve some alcohol for Battler. What would be an appropriate liquor for this man...?"
"...That liquor which Master has loved since the days of his youth."
"That's good, serve it. You did well coming here, Ushiromiya Battler. First, sit down.

"...The door of the Golden Land will soon be opened. Soon, we will have a banquet to celebrate my revival, at which I will be welcoming the witches. In the meantime, I'll be answering your questions, as many as you like."
"I... I have a bunch of things I want to ask about!! What happened on this island?! And why did incidents like these occur?! I want to ask about the closed rooms too!! What about the chapel?! What about Jessica's room?! And the servants' room?! And Aunt Natsuhi's room?! And the parlor?!"
"There's much more I want to ask about!! About the witch's true nature!! Is Beatrice really a witch?!! What is your purpose, what do you want to make us do and why did you call me here?!! Answer me, about everything!!!"
"Arrrrghhh, be quiet!! You think you'll get answers if you ask?!?!"
"Don't say that, Kinzo. A fragile and fleeting spider web did protect from King Herod once. Just like there are no useless things in this world, there are also no useless questions."
"Veery well, I'll answer all your questions. But, there is only one condition."
"What is it?"

"...Kinzo and I made a bet. We bet on which would come first, Kinzo thinking of a new move, or me making you surrender. I don't feel like losing. *cackle*cackle*cackle*cackle*...!"
"...D... Damn you, talking so tough!! Yeah, alright. Try to make me admit it. Try to make me admit that you're a witch and that you can use weird, awesome, and great magic!!"
"If I surrender, I'll kiss you or do anything else!!!"

The witch cackled gloatingly. Then, she glared at him unpleasantly with eyes that said a man can't go back on his word...