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by ProfessorProf

Part 34: Here We Are

Behind the door is an elevator.

It begins to descend.


The elevator has lost power.

I can't go back.

Where am I?

As I proceed down a long corridor, screens light up on the wall.

This is it... Time to do what the King has asked me to do.
I will create the power to free us all.
I will unleash the power of the SOUL.

The barrier is locked by SOUL power..
Unfortunately, this power cannot be recreated artificially.
SOUL power can only be derived from what was once living.
So, to create more, we will have to use what we have now...
The SOULs of monsters.

But extracting a SOUL from a living monster would require incredible power...
Besides being impractical, doing so would instantly destroy the SOUL's host.
And, unlike the persistent SOULs of humans...
The SOULs of most monsters disappear immediately upon death.
If only I could make a monster's SOUL last...

I've done it.
Using the blueprints, I've extracted it from the human SOULs.
I believe this is what gives their SOULs the strength to persist after death.
The will to keep living... The resolve to change fate.
Let's call this power...


BGM: Here We Are

I save my game.

For players who didn't bring enough healing items, there's a vending machine here that dispenses unremarkable bags of popato chisps.

The huge door won't open.

"elevator... lost power..."
"enter the center door..."
(That's all you could read.)

It sounds like I have to get that door open.

For now, I head west.

ASGORE asked everyone outside the city for monsters that had "fallen down."
Their bodies came in today.
They're still comatose... And soon, they'll all turn into dust.
But what happens if I inject "determination" into them?
If their SOULs persist after they perish, then...
Freedom might be closer than we all thought.

things aren't going well.
none of the bodies have turned into dust, so I can't get the SOULs.
i told the families that I would give them the dust back for the funerals.
people are starting to ask me what's happening.
what do i do?

(It's sticky...)

I continue north.

"drain... dropped it..."
(That's all you could read.)

Maybe it's in one of these sinks.

Nothing happens with these two.


BGM: Amalgam

Checking them is no use.

What are these things?

Options are ITEM, STAT, and CELL. I try ITEM.

The same attack repeats.

I check my inventory.

Against my better judgment, I use it.

They only have one attack.

I try STAT.

No further information.


I don't know if this is better.

The ACT menu has changed.

Join is ineffective. I'm forced to stop and eat a Nice Cream.

Since I used CELL, the monster names are now visible.

What if I Refuse?

It seems like they don't care about fighting anymore.

The fight ends.

I take the red key back to the room to the north.

Seems like I activated something.

One of the four lights on the door has lit up.

Now I can go to the east.

nothing is happening. i don't know what to do.
i'll just keep injecting everything with "determination."
i want this to work.

one of the bodies opened its eyes.

What's this doing here?

What did you do, Alphys?

Everyone that had fallen down...
...has woken up.
They're all walking around and talking like nothing is wrong.
I thought they were goners...?

I save my game.

All this suspense has tired me out.

It's time for a nap.

OK, that's long enough.

I head north.

Seems like this research was a dead end...
But at least we got a happy ending out of it...?
I sent the SOULS and the vessel back to ASGORE.
And I called all of the families and told them everyone's alive.
I'll send everyone back tomorrow.


I'll come back to that door.

I don't like the look of that machine. For now, I head north.

"under... sheets..."
(That's all you could read.)

I've been researching humans to see if I can find any info about their SOULs.
I ended up snooping around the castle... and found these weird tapes.
I don't feel like ASGORE's watched them...
I don't think he should.

(They seem to be alphabetized, save for a few stray... sticky ones?)

(They seem to be labeled in a specific order.)
(Will you watch one...?)

BGM: Home (Music Box)

(Two voices are speaking. Plain is Asgore's voice, Italics is Toriel's voice.)

Mmm? What is it, dear?
...err, and why do you have that video camera?
Shush! I want to get your reaction.
Gorey, dearest. What is my favorite vegetable?

Hmmm... Carrots, right?
No no no! My FAVORITE vegetable is...
...get it???

Go back to bed, dear.
No no!! Not yet! Hee hee hee.
Now, if I were a dog, what breed of dog would I be?

Hmm... I don't know, honey. What kind of dog would you be?
I would be...

You sure are excited to have this child.
You know, if you keep making jokes like this...
One day, you could be...
...a famous MOMedian.
Well, I am going to bed.

Hey, come on, Tori! That one was funny!
Hahaha, I know. I am just teasing you.
Goodnight, dear.

Goodnight, honey.
Oh dear, perhaps it is too dark in here for the video to come out...

BGM: Silence

(An unknown voice is speaking.)

Do your creepy face!
AHHHHH!! Hee hee hee!
Oh! Wait! I had the lens cap on...
What!? You're not gonna do it again...?
Come on, quit tricking me! Haha!

(An unknown voice is speaking.)

Ha, this time I got YOU! I left the cap on... ON PURPOSE!
Now you're smiling for noooo reason! Hee hee hee!
What? Oh, yeah, I remember.
When we tried to make butterscotch pie for Dad, right?
The recipe asked for cups of butter...
But we accidentally put in buttercups instead.
Yeah! Those flowers got him really sick.
I felt so bad. We made Mom really upset.
I should have laughed it off, like you did.
Um, anyway, where are you going with this?
Huh? Turn off the camera...?

(An unknown voice is speaking.)

Wh... what? N-no, I'm not...
...big kids don't cry.
Yeah, you're right.
No! I'd never doubt you, Prof... Never!
Y... yeah! We'll be strong! We'll free everyone.
I'll go get the flowers.

(Plain text is Asgore, Italics is the unknown voice.)

Prof! You have to stay determined!
You can't give up... You are the future of humans and monsters...
Psst... Prof... Please... wake up...
I don't like this plan anymore.
I... I..., I said... I said I'd never doubt you.
Six, right? We just have to get six...
And we'll do it together, right?