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Original Thread: Let's Play Undertale - Thread secreted by a dog



Undertale is a very recent RPG, created by Toby Fox. It almost immediately became my favorite RPG of all time, so I want to share it with as many people as possible. The game's demo is available here, and the full game is on Steam.

I'm jumping into this pretty damn quickly after release, but I'm going to do everything I can to make this as well-crafted of an LP as I can manage. I am confident that I'm not starting this under-prepared.

The ground rules:

"Hey, it's not really a spoiler but you just missed this thing you can do so let me tell you about it"
Don't post about it. I will be doing a total of three playthroughs, then after the end of the third one I will be opening the LP to posts about other things I didn't cover by other people.

Look, if you're really worried that I missed something because I didn't know about it, throw me a PM or something.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Once Upon A Time
Part 2: Ghost Fight
Part 3: Ruins
Part 4: Heartache
Part 5 (?): Your Best Friend
Part 6: sans.
Part 7: Nyeh Heh Heh!
Part 8: Dogbass
Part 9: Dogsong
Part 10: Snowdin Town
Part 11: Bonetrousle
Part 12: Dating Start!
Part 13: Danger Mystery
Part 14: Waterfall
Part 15: Memory
Part 16: Dummy!
Part 17: Temmie Village
Part 18: Spear of Justice
Part 19: NGAHHH!!
Part 20: It's Showtime!
Part 21: Metal Crusher
Part 22: Another Medium
Part 23: Live Report
Part 24: Spider Dance
Part 25: It's Raining Somewhere Else
Part 26: Hotel
Part 27: CORE
Part 28: Death by Glamour
Part 29: Undertale
Part 30: ASGORE
Part 31: Start Menu
Part 32: Your Best Nightmare
Part 33: Alphys
Part 34: Here We Are
Part 35: Amalgam
Part 36: Don't Give Up
Part 37: SAVE the World
Part 38: Reunited
Part 39: Bring It In, Guys!
Part 40: The Choice
Part 41: Fallen Down
Part 42: Enemy Approaching
Part 43: Battle Against A True Hero
Part 44: Power of "NEO"
Part 45: Small Shock
Part 47: Determination
Part 48: Silence
Part 49: Stronger Monsters
Part 50: Fallen Down (Reprise)
Part 51: Snowy
Part 52: Dating Fight!
Part 53: Spooktune
Part 54: Ooo
Part 55: Oh! One True Love
Part 56: An Ending
Part 57: Last Goodbye
Epilogue: Uwa!! So Holiday♫

Spoilers ahoy.

Some skeleton Friends
A spider

dog days are over
A fast skeleton
A lazy skeleton
A goat

Lesser Dog 1 Lesser Dog 2 (original by Dogbomber)

A bad time

John Liver
Holding Hands

Suplexing Boulders

Endboss Prep 1 Endboss Prep 2 Endboss Prep 3
The smell reminded him of something

Knit Papyrus
Knit Sans

A dusty tutu
It's almost an anagram

Who licked a soul?

Don't look at this until you've finished the entire LP:
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