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by ProfessorProf


I load my game.

you look frustrated about something.
guess i'm pretty good at my job, huh?

Video: Round 2

birds are singing, flowers are blooming...
on days like these, kids like you...

Here we go.

You think that's gonna stop me?

always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.


Sans has one hit point.

Remember Papyrus? Sans has most of his attacks, but harder.

Anyway, if he has 1 HP, I just have to hit him once, and it's over.

what? you think i'm just gonna stand there and take it?

Sans's attacks all do 1 damage, but they ignore invincibility frames, and also poison me for a little extra damage over time.

our reports showed a massive anomaly in the timespace continuum.
timelines jumping left and right, stopping and starting...

A couple mistakes, and I'm already on the brink of death.

I eat a pie.

Sans's dialogue only advances when I attack. I can't just stall like I can with other bosses.

until suddenly, everything ends.

heh heh heh...
that's your fault, isn't it?

you can't understand how this feels.

knowing that one day, without any warning...
it's all going to be reset.

look. i gave up trying to go back a long time ago.

and getting to the surface doesn't really appeal anymore, either.

I stop to eat a steak.

cause even if we do...
we'll just end up right back here, without any memory of it, right?

I lose my rhythm, and everything goes straight to hell.

Noodle time.

to be blunt...
it makes it kind of hard to give it my all.

Did better that time, but I still stop to eat a Legendary Hero.

Sans repeats the same attack, more or less.

...or is that just a poor excuse for being lazy...?
hell if i know.

all i know is... seeing what comes next...
i can't afford to not care anymore.

Stopping to eat another Hero. More bones ensue.

BGM: The Choice

you, uh, really like swinging that thing around, huh?
i know you didn't answer me before, but...
somewhere in there. i can feel it.
there's a glimmer of a good person inside of you.
the memory of someone who once wanted to do the right thing.
someone who, in another time, might have even been...
a friend?
c'mon, buddy.
do you remember me?
please, if you're listening...
let's forget all this, ok?
just lay down your weapon, and...
well, my job will be a lot easier.


Maybe this is enough.

BGM: Silence

you're sparing me?
buddy. pal.
i know how hard it must be...
to make that choice.
to go back on everything you've worked up to.
i want you to know... i won't let it go to waste.
c'mere, pal.

BGM: Get Dunked On

This is one way the story might end.

That was your last chance to let this story have a happy ending.