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Part 49: Stronger Monsters

Welcome back! It's time for the LP's victory lap, where I show off as much side content as possible in a single third run.

But first, I'll need to pick a new name.

















There we go!

Things are going to be a little different.

This part is the same, at least.

Do not worry, I have labelled the ones that you need to flip. It seems that the labelling has worn away.
Oh dear.
This might be far more challenging than I anticipated...

The puzzle is the same, but the markings are gone. Do you know why?

Because we're on HARD MODE.

Just for fun, I'll mess with this dummy a bit.

I choose Spare about a million times.

The next room awaits.

The next bit is normal.

Time to set out on my own.

I exhaust the candy bowl of candies. There's one less than normal.

BGM: Stronger Monsters

This is where Hard Mode really picks up. The basic enemies are replaced with their versions from the end of the game!

The strategies for the monsters are the same as they were in the Core. Whimsalot is stopped by Pray, and Froggit is stopped by Mystify.

I clear the first fight with minimal damage.

The puzzles from here on are the same, though.

There's a trick to Astigmatism I didn't mention on my first run! On his first turn, he says either "Pick on me" or "Don't pick on me" randomly. Whichever it is, that's what you have to do.

Already taking heavy damage, I eat the first of my monster candies.

Made it to the save point alive!

Napstablook is, as far as I can tell, totally unchanged.

I'll need some better items down the road here.

But there's three monsters in the Ruins that don't have Core equivalents!

Options are Hiss, Devour, and Snack.

They're a lot like Vegetoids in terms of attacks, but they're a lot more dangerous.

Strategy is the same, too. I Snack.

I'll take it!

Unfortunately, the faster bullets makes snagging the green one harder.

Several tries and another monster candy later, I manage to eat enough snakes to pacify them both.

I'm going to need more pastries.

No way am I getting through this dungeon without superior armor.

Moldessa replaces Moldsmal!

They're not too powerful, but...

It IS three against one.

Options are Lie Down, Switch and Fix.

Fix stops the face from rotating, and readies the monster for Sparing.

Once Moldessa stops fighting, she looks super creepy!

I deal with the first two, then I Switch the third.

No effect on the battle, but it changes the shapes on her face.

As their numbers drop, the remaining enemies get more intense, as usual. I Lie Down.

No effect.

I fix her face and move on.

Puzzles proceed as before.

Migospel replaces Migosp!

It fights in much the same way as its weaker self.

There's more bugs, but they're still basically doing the same thing.

A bit more morose at the end, though.

And that's the Ruins.

No butterscotch-cinnamon pie for me.

The Snail Pie restores all of your HP... minus one.

What if I ignore Toriel completely, and just head down here myself?

And I'm taken back upstairs.

But I'll go back down again.

It is dangerous to play here.

It is drafty here. You will catch a cold.

It is dusty here. You will catch a cough.

There is nothing to see here.

Do you want to read a book?

I do not like the game you are playing.

Why not go for a walk in the yard?

Really now.

This is where the new dialogue runs out.

Next, the normal method.

Video: A hard battle

BGM: Heartache

The fight is... honestly, pretty much the same. All her attacks do 5 damage even with the Ribbon equipped, though.

Just for fun, I'll show off another way this fight can end.

I wait until she's stopped attacking...

Then I attack.

BGM: Silence my most vulnerable moment...
To think I was worried you wouldn't fit in out there...
Eheheheheh!!! You really are no different than them!
Ha... ha...

BGM: Dogsong

You are ending it NOW?
And on such a dramatic moment...?
That's the difficult part.
Not the bullets.
But, accepting that it's all over...
But there WILL be more, will there not?
Knowing the answer is...

Aren't you supposed to be dying or something?
Well. What is the point of that now?
What will you do instead...?
Hmmm. Perhaps I will bake another pie.
The last one ended up a little burnt.
I thought it was good.
It's not like I ate it all while you were fighting.

Hey! Hey! Can I have some pie!
You are just going to eat it all...
I can helllp!!!
Snoring on the floor is NOT help.
I'm not snoring, I'm cheering you on in my sleep!

Don't you have anything better to do?