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Part 58: Epilogue: Uwa!! So Holiday♫

I finished updating in the previous post, but hard-working goons have covered lots of things that I did not! Here's some of them:

Hacking your name past the length limit (by ManxomeBromide)
Another way to defeat the Ruins Dummy (by Maximum Tomfoolery)
Hard(?) Napstablook (by Toad King)
Defeating Napstablook (by fractalairduct)
Betraying Toriel
After the end of Hard Mode (by Friend Commuter)
Neutral Snowdin details (by dancingbears)
Genocide Snowdin details (by ManxomeBromide)
Papyrus's death, and killing a flower (by YggiDee)
Betraying Papyrus (by Jeek)
Snowdin after killing Papyrus (by YggiDee)
Quiche and other tidbits (by Jeek)
Being mean to an educated Temmie (by Suaimhneas)
An alternate Undyne encounter in Waterfall (by YggiDee)
Killing Undyne on a Neutral run (by Friend Commuter)
The other two answers to Mettaton's last question (by YggiDee)
Buying Muffet's overpriced pastries (by Tengames)
Betraying Muffet (by Jeek)
Judgment after killing Papyrus (by YggiDee)
The ending where you killed Papyrus (by YggiDee)
The ending where you killed everyone but Papyrus (by Camel Pimp)
After killing Flowey (by dancingbears)
Serious Roleplaying (by dancingbears)
Fridges in the True Lab (by fractalairduct)
Being a pacifist but also a scumbag (by Sordas Volantyr)
Dying 9+ times to Sans (by Jeek)
Going beyond Genocide (by Dartonus)
After dodging every Kickstarter backer (by curiousCat)

There's plenty more to uncover, but you'll have to get the game yourself to find it, because this LP is now officially over.

Thanks for reading! That was the last update, so there's nothing left to see here.