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Part 12: 1


Awaken Potential increases the proc rate of potentials for a single unit.

If no news is good news then we're in quite a pickle.

In addition to the standard weapon upgrades the less common grenade upgrade is present.

We've finally managed to fill the Edelweiss' inventory. With mostly useful stuff too.

We're shooting for elite scouts as our next major target now. Though I did level up other classes as well.

Speaking of scouts:

Finally, we've unlocked the last section of headquarters:

Award Ceremony.
Upon certain conditions we get medals from the princess. That and royal weaponry which is often quite nice.

Chapter 10: Liberation of Fouzen (Part 1)


Squad 7's R&R
. I apologize in advance.


The Fouzen Operation, The Concentration Camp


Infiltration of Fouzen

Next time: Squad 7 vs. a train.