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Part 2: Part 0-2

We gain control of Arngrim, the following day. We can't open the menu, so the only thing we can do is run around.

Well, we can also jump around.

Heading out, we can talk to Roland, try to leave, and there's a knock at the door.

Just sit down and relax.

And who should enter but...

Do you want something?

Yeah, that's right...

I am... I mean, my name is... Um... Jela...


Yeah! I mean, no Jela... Uh...

My name is Angela.

Master of disguise and wit, people.

And... what do you want from me, Lady Angela?

I came... to offer you a job.

...Are you serious?

You've got time. Why not talk to her?


Let's go to, ah, one of those... restaurants. Do you know of any fine establishments?

Well this place over here is about as fine as it gets in Artolia.

Let's see... I'll take this, and this, and this...

And what would you like to drink?

Umm... This and this and one of these...

Hey!! Are you really gonna eat all that!?

Why would I? I'll just have what I want and leave the rest.


So, ah, what was it you wanted to hire me for?

Why don't we talk while we eat?


I said, call your manager!

Don't act like such a... spoiled little princess...

Hey, she said manager, not head chef! The service in Artolia these days.

"Not to my liking", you say! What is this meat? It's raw!!

But Miss... That is called "Sashimi". It's classic Yamato cuisine...

Sashimi is, as I expect quite a few people know, fresh raw meat or fish in thin slices, commonly served in Japan. Salmon is typically the most common form of sashimi outside of Japan.

And what's this cloudy soup? It smells awful!! It must be rotten!

Miss... That's an absolute staple of Yamato cuisine, "Miso Soup"...

Miso soup is a standard Japanese side dish with miso, a Japanese seasoning, mixed into a stock. I'm not a big fan of it myself, but I know people who enjoy it.

And what about this! It's a monster!! You're trying to make me eat baby krakens!?

But Miss... That's just plain octopus...!

You serve monsters here!?

I assure you, Miss...

...I have never been so insulted in my life! Aaah! Now my throat is parched!

Kaff! Blech! What kind of water IS this!?

Are you trying to poison me?! How dare you...! 10,000 deaths are not enough for you...!!


Your bill, sir.

It's not explicitly stated in the translation, but my guess is that what Angela drank was likely sake, or rice wine. The NA version removed the visible blush in Angela's portraits after she had her drink, possibly to remove the outright statement of underage drinking.

We finally get a chance to save after that scene.





Well, I know she came here in disguise to offer me a job.

Roland leaves.


She's very proud.


Huh? Talking in her sleep, eh.



Foul oathbreaker...! 10,000 deaths are not enough for you...!

Listen: Arngrim's Monologue 1

Of course, I didn't mean to. I just wanted to show what a gutless coward the king is. What I did wasn't wrong. But-

But a daughter can't help but love and honor her own father. Is there any child that would not feel anger at seeing their sire made a fool of...

Arngrim is voiced by the late Maddie Blaustein. Blaustein's most famous other role is, of course, from Pokemon, playing the role of Team Rocket's Meowth, which just shows the extent of the range of her voices. This game is her only role as Arngrim; Dameon Clarke takes over as the role in other games.

Blaustein also voices two other characters in this game, so don't look her up just yet if you don't want to get spoiled on who else she does.


Where am I? It's already evening!

I just had to include Jelanda's face there. VP has some seriously goofy expressions at times.

I have to go! Oh! Is it okay if I come back tomorrow to make my offer?

Yeah, sure.

A job offer, huh? Probably some sort of revenge for what I did to her father... When she comes tomorrow, I'll apologize to her.


So, what's your offer this time?

It's short notice, but I need you to help another man deliver.

What? Gimme a break! You're wasting my time for that?

C'mon, the pay is top price. So will you take it?

Dangerous cargo, eh? Well, I'll take it. But I want 5,000. My price has doubled.

You serious? Well, if you say so. By the way, who's the other guy you've got me teamed up with?

You'll meet soon enough.


Listen: Badrach

Badrach is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi. This one provides the voice of Gary Oak from Pokemon, as well as the roles of James later on in the series. Zoppi also has one more role in the game.


Control of Arngrim again. Let's see what Roland has to say.

Probably not.

But if you think about the princess being out of the castle...

Yeah, I suppose.

If she keeps sneaking out, she's going to get her attendants executed-


Some conversationalist...

Well, we don't really have any leads on where to go. We can head outside and wander around Artolia. We can go back into the restaurant, but there's nothing of note (the waitress just says 'Welcome'.) Let's poke around the houses and talk to NPCs.

Artolia also has a chapel.

If the Villnore army comes this way, this whole town will be wiped out...

All we can do is pray...

Bah. Who cares about flowers anyway?

The other day I opened up a treasure chest and some poison gas shot out at me! Luckily I was crouching down, so it didn't do anything except give me a big scare.

Hey, no foreshadowing game mechanics!

Well, nothing interesting in town. Let's head back to Arngrim's house.


I need to speak with you...


The agent leaves after a few seconds.

Is this about a job?


Did you take it?

I leave tomorrow morning. You'll be alone again for a few days.

And what about the Princess?

Cancelled, probably...



Aw, don't gimme that. The name's Badrach. Nice to meet ya, Arngrim. I've heard all about ya.

If you must engage in such meaningless blather, do so on the road. This cargo must be delivered!

Next time: Actual fighting this time! Really!