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Part 5: Part 1-1: Destiny's Design

Destiny's Design

You guys voted to do Lassen first, so let's hop into it.

OST: All is Twilight.mp3


Belenus snatches the flower away.

Lord Belenus, give it back! I do not like slave auctions! Do not make me watch!

We have to do this, Asaka. My wife and Maria are gone now. You cannot take care of the mansion by yourself.

The one you buy will be well-treated. But, when I think of the fates of others... I do not wish to go.

But I need you to go, Asaka. I do not speak their language. I need your help to pick a good worker-

I cannot do it! To have that kind of power over someone's life...

How is choosing a servant any different from picking a flower?



Destiny is the path chosen for us by the Gods-



I will pay her upkeep with my own salary. So please allow her to stay.

Are you sure that was a good idea, Maria?

I am sorry, young lord.

It's okay. Do you know what her name is?

Her name is Asaka.

Asaka? That's a Yamato name...


Finally we get to see your face. The scary man is gone, so don't cry anymore-




Listen: Belenus

Was it destiny that sent my friends and father to die in a distant war? Is it the reason I am here now? The reason I met Asaka-?!

Belenus is voiced by Ed Paul. He played Giovanni, James and Tracey in Pokemon.


...I am fine. Well, we should head home.

Yes, Lord Belenus.


A spectre!?

What manner of being are you? No, it can't be!

...Your home... It has fallen under a Vampire's curse. The young lady is in danger.



Asaka, Asaka!

It is already too late. No one can defy their destiny.

As if such talk could possibly ease my mind!? I loved her-

There is still a way...

I'll do anything!! Tell me!

But you would have to die in her stead.

I was a slave to circumstance. There was nothing I could say.


This is nothing to me.

Alright, so what was that about?

Beliza is never mentioned again; it's effectively a dropped plot thread. She makes a bigger appearance in the VP manga, where it's implied that Belanus' wife summoned a demon to kill Asaka because she was jealous of their relationship. Of course, Belanus mentions his wife is dead in the game, so I guess it was a lose-lose situation all around.

There are a few more things we can do about Belenus. If you visit Lassen before viewing his Spiritual Concentration, you can visit his mansion and talk to Asaka:

...and Belenus himself.

Asaka!! I thought I told you not to let strangers in!

And if you go back to Lassen after recruiting Belenus, if you visit his mansion with him in your party, it will be empty, but you can go into Asaka's room:


And you get what is implied to be the flower Asaka picked. It's an accessory that doesn't do anything.

Belenus artwork.