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Part 27: Part 5-1: Badrach Was Here! Freya Is A Loser!

Badrach Was Here! Freya Is A Loser!

Villnore won the poll by a landslide. Well, let's get to it.

What!! Who the hell are you!?


There you are!

Ugh... Ah...!!

You went too far.

Unf, Damn!


Job? You think I dunno what I'm doin'? Don't ever wake me up at this... god-forsaken hour again.

Go on out and get some sunshine or you'll turn into a mushroom. Besides, you lazy bum, I've got cleaning to do!

Bah, okay, okay. Ya old stick-in-the-mud!

Times like this, it don't feel like there's a war going on at all.

...I don't know what you're talking about.

Hey you, have you seen the flower that's growing in front of the house?

Flower? You mean this ugly green thing? Oh yeah, I was planning to ask ya.

This is a variety of cactus.

Huh? Cactus?


You won't see it if you're sleeping, but on the other hand, if you make a wish when the flowers bloom, it will come true.

Oh, I get it... That's why you're taking care of this piece of junk, eh.

Piece of junk!

You want money that bad?

You fool! I'm praying that this horrible war will be over soon.

Well, I'm bushed. I'm going back to bed.

Why you...


You know where this is, don't you?

Yeah, I know, I know. You want a finder's fee, right? This is the territory of the world-famous, Villnore Thieves' Guild. None dare defy us!

Come back again tomorrow. We'll talk again.

Yeah, sure. See ya tomorrow.


I work on my own. Screw them!!

In case you don't recognize it, this is Artolia, right by Arngrim's house.




(It hurts... Help-)

(Who is it? Who's calling me?)

Am I... Am I alive?

Am I dead?

Is this for real? I'm gonna be, whaddya call it? One of those warriors from Valhalla, right?

...You are mistaken.


You... But aren't you a Valkyrie? Ain't it your job to take the dead to the afterlife?

Yes, that is true... However-

Do not misunderstand. Try to remember the things you have done in your life. I am a judge of men's souls. And you will find me a harsh judge.

So... so then what? What's... what's gonna... What's gonna happen? What are ya gonna do about me? Hey!!

She wishes for you to writhe in torment, for all of eternity!!!

Wa-wa, wait!! Hold up a second! I should... I should at least have a chance, shouldn't I? I don't wanna die. Oh, I am dead... I mean, I don't want to go to Niflheim!

Anyway, lemme think. It's not like everything I did in my life was bad. I think...

Did you do a single thing in your life to make you worthy of redemption?

Ummm... Yeah, lemme think... Oh yeah, I got it-

There was this old geezer..., I mean, this old man...

I... robbed and murdered him.

Surely that is reason enough for you to go to Niflheim.

Just lemme think, ... I...

I assisted a kidnapping, how 'bout that?

...I spied on my country!

...I fenced stolen goods!

...I sold women into slavery!

No, wait a minute...

Human, it is time for us to part...

Wait! Hold up a second!

...This is a waste of time.



Listen: Badrach

The above dialogue track covers this entire flashback.

This is the slave auction in Lassen, seen in Belenus' recruitment.

For who, you say? They were, um... Slave traders. Oh come on, don't gimme that look!

It gets better, okay? Hear me out. Yeah, it's all coming back to me now. Kind of an embarrassing story, really.

We haven't gotten a good look at it, but this is actually Coriander Village.

Well, up in places like that, 'specially in Villnore, sometimes the townsfolk gotta sell their daughters just to eat.

Anyway, I got hired to escort a bunch of slavers and there was this little seven year old girl there.

A typical village rat, like ya see everywhere. I forget her name. Anyway, for some reason, she took a shine to me.

And on top of that, they didn't tell me how dangerous their route was. So I said to hell with the job. Course I didn't get paid neither. Anyway, before I left, I took that little girl away with me.

I only saved her to piss off the slavers, but what a pain in the butt she was. I told her it was my house, and she believed me. Even though it had a big ol' cross and everything.

Ha. Maybe I shoulda told ya I saved her and took her all the way to the orphanage 'cause I felt sorry for her...


Not good enough?

Well, are you coming or not?

Huh? I, I'm comin'! I'm definitely comin'!!



Yes, the cactus did flower, if you compare screenshots.

And that's the story of how Lenneth scraped the bottom of the morality barrel.

We can visit Villnore before recruiting Badrach:

People who stay here are an unsavory sort. No good for you to be around...

If you want, maybe we can even have breakfast tomorrow?

Then after we recruit him, if we go back to Villnore:

More interestingly, if we remember right, there is indeed a church in Camille.


Someone's here.

Hey! What're ya gonna do with me!


Well, um you see... Well anyway...


I see.

You're not a person either, but people are bad, ain't they?

The Handwoven Bandanna can be worn by Archers and Sorcerers, and provides a modest amount of RDM as well as reducing Holy damage by 50%.

Badrach character art.