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Part 31: Chapter 5 Sacred Phase

Chapter 5 Sacred Phase

A quick trip through the Cave of Oblivion before our Sacred Phase.

No treasure, and only four monster encounters today. First off, a Dragon Zombie, which is much easier to deal with now that we have Mystic Cross.

We get two monsters we wouldn't be seeing around this time. This recoloured Harpy is from Chapter 7, and has 23,000 health and is weak to Fire.

I eventually resort to turning it into a pincushion with the Raven Slayer. One minor note is that the Raven Slayer you can get after recruiting Janus is the only one available on Normal Mode til postgame, so try not to let it break.

Badrach, still great.

The other new encounter we find are four Monstrous Vermin, who we aren't supposed to fight til Chapter 8, and only on Hard Mode. They have 10,200 health and no weaknesses.

It might be considerably lower on power compared to Poison Blow or Mystic Cross, but Icicle Edge is still a really good spell in nasty group encounters like this just for the chance to take a couple out of the fight with Freeze.

Which is good because they can hit hard and can pick on squishy mages even in the back row.

Finally, a Dragon-Tooth Warrior, who is worth a laughable amount of experience.

Time to prep Jun. We'll max out his traits, and get him the skills he needs.

We also get him three Pearls of Karula, which act as a replacement for Swimmer.

Here's where everyone currently stands on Hero Values, if you were so interested. Aelia and Jayle are naturally heroic, but Lucian is off the charts.

Our current situation is...

Our forces are routing the enemy. If things continue as they are, all is well.

Do you wish to know the status of our Einherjar?

Becoming a regular sausage fest in here.

We'll skip past Llewelyn, since he has nothing new to offer.

Janus has nothing new either.

Belenus gets a new conversation, however.

Many thanks.

Think nothing of it. Healing is my job, after all. And your wound was not much.



Don't be so surprised. You cried out her name in your sleep. Over and over again.

She was... someone dear to me.



Kashell finds himself in a sticky spot.

Oh no, what do I do now? ...Maybe if I...

It's a pretty generic one. Jun also got one for being Nimble.

Speaking of which, here's our latest recruit. It's implied there's more on the list than we can see - they definitely add up to less than +133.

......You're blind, but I left you all alone... Forgive your foolish brother!

I guess Odin appreciates those who appreciates family.

And here's Jun's battle.

We have received reports that the Vanir's Flying Troops are gathering near the Junibe Sea. I'm certain they are planning a sneak attack on Valhalla when they see a chance. Hurry and take a ship to the Junibe Sea. We must attack them first and wipe out their forces.

Hmm, I guess that's that.

Lenneth, about your performance...

It is magnificent.

The Lord Odin is pleased with you.

Shiny Rupture is going to be Lenneth's new bow, so it's nice that we're getting it for free here.

Lenneth, I have a request to make of you.

We must perform a ceremony. We need a sorcerer wise in the lore of magic. We need an Einherjar wise in the lore of monsters. We need swordsmen. Send us a warrior who knows how to wield a blade.

Very well, good fortune. I expect mighty deeds.

Let's see who's on the list today...

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 14

"What does red look like?"

"...Why was I even born?"

"...Where's Daddy?"

"I can't..."

"We'd be better off without you, you little witch!"

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 15

"Ah... Oh... perfect!"

"Um... Grey, do you have a minute?"

"Is it any good? I just wanted to try out the recipe!"

"Am I a guinea pig?"

"A-ah... N-no, y-you're, uh, I mean..."

"I can't get over how thickheaded this guy is!"

"It is... quite fine."



"Then... well, do you think... Do you think I would make a good bride?"

You know the drill, voting time.