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Part 33: Part 6-2: Requiem


No shortage of Einherjar from Hai-Lan, it seems.

We'd be better off without you! Can't you understand that!?

Listen: Shiho

"Shiho, you are our inspiration. Your song makes men into warriors with no fear of death. And brings our nation great honor. So please don't let the words of that foolish woman upset you."

Shiho herself doesn't have a voiced line in this sequence, but she's voiced by Tara Jayne, who's also voiced Llewelyn, Celia, Nanami, and Yumei.



That singer transformed their warriors into fearless berserkers! As long as that songstress draws breath, we have no hope of victory.

Music stops.

Panic is spreading throughout the enemy troops!



Then you can't see?

From birth, I have been destined for life as a song-maiden. The god's gave me no light, though. Perhaps they grew tired of giving it. Yet, is my desiring it such a terrible thing?

If you gave up singing, what would you desire?


We have captured the enemy's song-maiden.

Yes, but...


Why! Even her companions abandoned her fighting spirit and all that-!

That woman has led many of your compatriots to their deaths!



If we visit Hai-Lan before her recruitment, we can overhear the NPCs talking about Shiho:

And afterwards:

Shiho character art.