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Part 61: Part AE-3


Listen: Loki and Odin

Just once, I wanted to see the Spear of Gungnir let loose its full power... It is said that its jet-black aura sucks in all power and then the spear becomes even more powerful... Ha, ha, truly it is much like you!!!

Since you are one of the holders of the Four Treasures, you should know, it doesn't matter how many you have.

Perhaps not.

Loki's voiced by Ed Paul: also Belenus, Suo, and Gandar.


Listen: Frey

The Orb?


You must go to Odin's side. The war does not go well. Freya is already there.



Listen: Frey 2

The Orb has great powers and without it, Midgard will fall into Chaos. And that would also make your job easier, Lenneth...

...Stop it!


Listen: Freya and Lenneth

......Where is Loki?

...You're going to go after him?


No!! First we must rally the rest of the gods, do you not think?!

The whole reason this final battle is occurring at all is because Odin stole the Orb in the first place. In other words, people are suffering... can't we redress the wrongs???

Open your eyes, Lenneth! I know what you're planning to do. But, a person's death is but a fleeting moment. I sealed your memory thinking it was best for you...!!

The Circle of Life turns for eternity... that is the course of nature!! You mustn't allow such human emotions to consume you! You will lose everything!!

Hakuna Matata, what a wonderful... oh. Bad time?


How arrogant of you... "Human emotions" you say?

Alright! Final dungeon time. I think Arngrim and Mystina have earned themselves a spot in our party, so for our last spot, since Lezard wasn't able to follow us (he isn't an Einherjar, after all), our choices are, um...

Okay, I'll admit I messed up my own plan here. My original idea was to have the five highest non-winners from the B Ending poll to be up for voting (which would be Yumei, Aelia, Suo, Badrach and Llewelyn, since Lucian is, well, not present). But I forgot that unlike the B Ending, Asgard Hill doesn't give you back the characters that you've sent up. And I sent Llew up in Chapter 1 instead of Belenus.


So with that little snafu, let's start over and put everyone else up for voting - only exception being Gandar since we brought him along last time (and he's also at level 1, unlike Arngrim). Remember that you're only voting for one winner this time.