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Part 62: Sacred Phase Scenes

Extra Sacred Phase Scenes

Let's see what we missed out on.

There are three pairs of characters that get an extra scene if you send them up at the right time. We've already seen two of them (Lawfer & Kashell and Suo & Shiho). The third one is slightly tricker; you have to send up Jelanda and Badrach, but I believe you have to send them up at Chapter 6 at the latest, and you'll then get the scene at the Chapter 7 Sacred Phase.

Incidentally, since Freya's informing us of Lucian's death overrides the Chapter 7 Sacred Phase, this scene, as well as the Suo & Shiho scene, can't be gotten on the way to the A Ending.


So... I wonder if Arngrim is doing well?

Ha! You know Arngrim. He's probably happily killin' some bad guys or savin' some old folks or somethin'!

Sniff... Yes, I can imagine...

Yes, you are right.

Let's move onto the individual unique scenes. We'll start with Jayle and Nanami, since we missed out on their scenes because of Freya.


Yes, I was.

You are a brilliant warrior, so you must have had a good teacher.


What is wrong?

I thought so. I can tell by your swordplay.

Oh Jayle. If only you were as memorable as your backstory tried so hard to make you be.

Now for Nanami. Hers are... in a slightly different vein.


Is that so?

Yes, those clothes are so precious.


Yes, absolutely.

Tee hee.

I don't even know.


Oh, Lord Ull.

Just call me Ull, okay? This place looks wonderful.

I've always enjoyed cleaning.

Yes, sir.




You almost had me.

Close maybe, but a loss is a loss. But I won't lose next time.


Thank you!!

Looks like we're nearly finished.

It appears so. But being with you is tiring work.


Ha ha, it looks like there are no enemies left. Let's take another look and then return.

Yes, let us do that.


Anytime you want. I'm not worried.



Wh, what?!

Ha, not as tough as you think, huh? Try me again someday. I'm ready anytime. Ha ha.



That is what I should say! You have no idea what you speak of!

...What is it?

Obstinacy is never a good thing. Let's combine our strengths and find a good plan.


Really? You think me so? I never saw myself that way.

That is what makes you elegant.




Sir, I apologize for not following our battle Plan, but considering the circumstances, I didn't see any choice, did you?

What?! Lorenta, you're talking back to me?!

I don't mean to talk back, so I'm sorry if you see it that way. You may punish me as you see fit.




Hey, don't say that. This is important.

Man, I almost wish the Vanir would hurry up and attack already.

Hey, that's not funny! That's no joking matter!

Hey, settle down. I was kidding.


What is it? Did you see something?

No... I think I mighta seen somethin' over there. Is it my imagination?

Over there. Near that soldier...

I don't see anything.


You're just getting jumpy.


While this next scene isn't unique to Badrach (all Einherjar get a 'praised by Thor for their exploits' scene), Badrach's responses are slightly different:

That's pretty much it. There's also Lyseria, but since she's only gotten on Chapter 7, I didn't manage to get her scenes.

Random fireworks artwork.