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by bxfenns

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Original Thread: Vampire Rain: Bring an Umbrella



I'm sorry what is this?
Vampire Rain was a poorly received game (in the USA; Japan loved it) that was released in July of 2007 in the States. It was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive title in Japan, which later got a remake/rerelease on the PS3 with some fixes and added cutscenes. For some reason. We're going to be playing the 360 version for this Let's Play. This will be an uncut LP, considering the fact that this game is very silly and it's cutscenes mean nothing.

It's a stealth horror game that has a bunch of stealth and barely any horror. However, there is a lot of rain and a lot of vampires, so you can't accuse the title of lying to you.
Joining me on this wonderful adventure is my good friend Lynxwinters, who I'm forcing to suffer through this game with me.

Why this game?
I'm playing it so you don't have too.

Why not the superior version on PS3?
I already own it on the 360 and I really don't want to pay for this game twice.

Part 1: Vampires not Included
Part 1-2: Tutorial Time
Part 2: These Vampires Stink
Part 2-2: Very Necessary Tutorials
Part 3: They got Ups
Part 3-2: The Final Tutorials
Part 4: Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel
Part 5: Hey Lloyd do you Wanna See a Dead Body!?
Part 6: Everything's Fine Over Here
Part 7: Be Like Lloyd
Part 8: Dating Advice from Lloyd
Part 9: (SUBTITLE)
Part 10: Oh, Kelly
Part 11: Professional Voice Acting
Part 12: Modern-Day Vampires
Part 12-2: DLC Adventure
Part 13: Cover Your Butt
Part 14: JAMES
Part 15: Kelly is Banned
Part 16: Bomb
Part 17: Vampires...?
Part 18: Sun Stick
Part 19: Oh Right. There's a Plot.
Part 20: Pope in a Pick-up
Part 21: Whatta Night
Part 22: Grunt of Pain
Part 23: Good Kick
Part 24: The End
Part 24-2: In Memory of Those We Lost

A link to the playlist can be found here:
Vampire Rain: Bring an Umbrella

"What's Object Permanence, Dracula? Let's Play Vampire Rain" - by gschmidl
"Vampire Rain: Aggressively Bland" - Adapted from djw175's original post here
"Vampire Rain: A More Interesting Plot That I Make Up As I Go Along" - by Lynxwinters
"We Keep Having Better Ideas Than The Developers Did: Let's Play Vampire Rain" - by Derek Barona
"Oh don't worry, something will happen" - Tommofork

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