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Victoria Revolutions

by Danimo

Part 35: The Fall of Mexico

Chapter 24: The Fall of Mexico

The first battle of this war, surprisingly, is at sea. Our navy encounters two poorly supplied Mexican raider divisions in the Western Gulf of Mexico. They are quickly destroyed, but we are surprised that there even is a Mexican Navy, considering all those wars against the United States they were in.

Four more troop divisions are on the way. At this point we are producing batches of four divisions, usually Mexicans based out of Revilla, so we are going to refrain from reporting the new recruitments unless it differs from the usual. (much like the boring techs, I've grown tired of reporting each one and I doubt they'll be missed. I will try to provide army size updates if possible near the end of each post)

Five of our border guard armies are being sent down to confront the Mexicans before they can take much of our territory. If we were in this situation 50 years ago, it would be very dire; our troops would be meeting theirs about halfway and they would have taken almost everything we just took from them. Our industrial investments since then have paid off handsomely though, in the form of a speedy railroad system. Our troops arrive there so quickly that the Mexicans are only able to take one border province.

Meanwhile, our navy is attempting a repeat of our amphibious operations from the last war, but is meeting resistance on the seas by Mexican raiders and even a monitor division. They've wisened up to our strategy for taking their capital, but their navy is even worse than ours. It does serve as an annoying and time-consuming distraction.

Mexico's plan has become obvious as the war goes on. They saw few Texan divisions on our border and stacked everything they have on the other side, then put any ships out to sea that they could. Fifty years ago it would have worked: they'd be within 200 miles of the Rio Grande before we stop them, and their ships would disrupt our naval operations long enough to let the land operations happen. But there are railroads now, and Texas has a (small,outdated) navy.

This war progresses like the previous, but much faster.

Its nine months after the war started now. We've taken the Mexican Pacific provinces that weren't connected to the rest of Mexico, pushed Mexico out of Acaponeta, and have taken Acapulco and Mexico City.

It is not long at all before Mexico offers peace, and a generous one at that. Seventeen of their provinces.

We actually think about this one for a bit. On one hand, taking seventeen provinces that we have no stated claims on, from a country that we are clearly superior to, will not be taken lightly by the rest of the world, and bigshot Great Powers might think they can punish us for it.

On the other hand, fuck them.

We accept the offer.

Welcome to the República de Texas, amigos.