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Part 36: World at War

Chapter 25: World at War

Before continuing on to domestic matters, an update on the Spanish-American War:

The United States is using this war to make a point to Europeans. That point is "we will beat you like a dog and don't give a fuck". It won't be long before all of French Africa is seized by America and Spain gives in due to Americans landing in their own countryside.

Our population is now more than 18 million, and the latest statistics show more Mexicans now than Texans (for obvious reasons) and a unexpected appearance of Communists.

In a few of the newly complete formerly Mexican states we educate capitalists. Factories should be popping up more often now, and the populous Mexican interior should be able to support many.

Temple Houston's Populist Party rode this victory over Mexico all the way to the voting booths. The Populist Presidential candidate is H.S.P. "Stump" Ashby. A fiery speaker and raging drunkard, Ashby is a former wandering preacher removed from his holy office due to politics.

A Great War has begun. Russia declared war on the Ottoman satellite of Wallachia, wishing to exert dominance over the area. The Ottomans in return declare war on Russia in defense of their satellite, and Austria has joined the side of the Ottomans in defense of their ally and friend Wallachia. Afghanistan and Montenegro honored their alliance with Russia and joined the war, though it is unlikely they will be of much influence.

Rebels in central America took advantage of our victory over Mexico and declared their independence as the nation of Honduras.

The United States, who recently settled for white peace with Spain, is now able to concentrate on the war against France. They've already seized all but a few French African possessions, and have just conducted a successful invasion of Rennes.

The curious invention by the late Gottlieb Daimler called the Automobile has made its way to the Republic. Only a handful of automobiles exist, but we hope our capitalists are willing to risk the investment for a factory; the demand for motor cars is growing and no one has built an automobile factory yet.

Russia is winning this two front war; Austria's border did not hold up for long, and the Ottomans are completely unable to defend themselves against the might of Russia.

It is not much longer before Russia forces a peace with Austria, forcing them to cede the entire northeastern section of their nation.

Though we produce little timber these days and must import it to our lumber mills (pecan trees, of course, are not to be harvested except for their nuts), our capitalists are committed to taking advantage of our lumber making abilities. We wish they would put the money down for an automobile factory, paper still fetches a decent price these days so the new paper mill is not unwelcome.

Electric Machinery has been discovered in the Republic (unsure if we're the first ones; probably not), enabling Electric Gear factories, and Mexico has put down the Honduran Revolution.

This is all that is left of the once proud Mexico. They have essentially been pushed south and have taken the (still 2-province) USCA's place as the premier central American nation.

The British Commonwealth, citing undue Russian aggression (they are trying to outdo me for badboy points) and wanting to drive the Russians out of North America, declares war on Russia. Britain actually mobilizes their reserves, something we have yet to see them do. Afghanistan dishonors the alliance with Russia, not wanting to be at war with such a powerful neighbor of theirs.

The Ottoman Empire is crumbling before Russian troops, who will be in Konstantiniyye soon.

The Greeks sign an alliance treaty with Russia and declare war on the British Commonwealth but surprising not the Ottoman Empire. We would think they could gain at least a few provinces, but perhaps the Greeks do not wish for an enemy so close to home.

Norway declares their independence from Sweden, peacefully through a national referendum. This method is entirely foreign to us.

The system of forts along our border is completed, and we continue to improve our fortifications by beginning to construct redoubts (love those Napoleonic era forts!) along the border (level 3).

The Ottoman capital of Konstantiniyye has fallen to the Russians. A humiliating peace settlement is sure to follow.

Poor Montenegro is annexed before the Russians settle with the Ottomans.

Canada is trampling all over Russian North America, in a show of military prowess that was rather unexpected. Reports tell us that the Canadians actually have around 40 divisions, slightly more than two-thirds the number of our own divisions.

Russia settles with the Ottomans, taking a large amount of land in the Balkans and in the east of Anatolia, even taking Baghdad. The Ottoman Empire is now fractured into many pieces, and we wonder if they will manage to keep together under one flag. Wallachia had been annexed months ago; Russia's original enemies in this war have all surrendered and they can focus on Britain now.

The Populists in Congress decide to repeal the uemployment subsidies that were created under the short Socialist administration one decade ago, to the lament of many railroad hobos.

Apparently the Russians have already been quite busy in the area of northern India. They took the provinces Britain took from China, and have progressed southward since.

The British are trying to open another front in Finland it seems too.

The Bingwu Revolution* is occuring in the China. The Chinese Revolutionary Alliance, looking to create a French/American style republic in the place of the failing Qing Empire (going by the US Constitution, since they haven't made one of their own yet).

*historically called the Xinhai Revolution; 1911 is "Xinhai" year in the Chinese calender, and when this revolution historically occured. 1906 is "Bingwu". ("Bingwu" means fire horse. "Xinhai" means metal pig.)

We decide to increase our navy slightly, and are building 6 pre-dreadnoughts, two at at time.

In return for the forced abdication of the Qing Emperor and peace between the north and the south, Sun Yat-sen, the provisional President of the Republic of China, resigns his position and gives it to Yuan Shikai. China is now a (rather fragile) Republic. We are curious to see if it lasts.

The short Great War comes to an end, the Russians victorious. The British were forced to cede much of northern India and the two western Chinese provinces they had. Canada, unfortunately, was unable to gain the Russian Columbia and Northwestern Territories.