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Volgarr the Viking

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Part 3: World 3

Update #3

There was a strange typo in this lore update as it mentions Vyssith (the world 2 boss) instead of Frakkus.



These dead lands reached their current state from the sad tale of one Frakkus, who had an unfortunate fascination with death and necromancy (and a complete lack of empathy for his fellows).

Cast out from his small rural village, Frakkus was soon fending for crypts by the time Fáfnir found him. Fáfnir offered him exactly what he wanted most - knowledge and power in the art of necromancy.

Within moments of gaining this power, Frakkus slaughtered everyone in his village, partially out of revenge but more out of a fascination with all the ways they could die. Soon all of the surrounding landscape was filled with the stench of death and decay, and none dared set foot in the region.

Fortunately, unlike many other Seal Guardians Frakkus has no interest in conquest, but is content to stay buried in his favorite crypt, continuing his research, and only rarely sending out murderous raiding parties of his unded to nearby villages to fetch him more "research material."