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Original Thread: Let's Play Volgarr the Viking: Video Games are like Cheeseburgers



Völgarr the Viking is a 'arcade-hard' styled platforming game made by Crazy Viking Studios, through the support of Kickstarter. It offers a 16-bit arcade-esque look and feel with tight controls and carefully thought-out levels for an authentic old-school package. (Quoted saying, "We're here to put the meat back in the cheeseburger!") The game is available on Steam, GoG, and at the studio's website.

The Story

Most of the story isn't told in the game itself, but rather told in the game's manual. Level lore will be included with each update.


A Long Time Ago...

There lived a greedy, murderous dwarf named Fáfnir, whose greed eventually transformed him into a deadly poisonous dragon. Though a few sought to slay him, generally out of a desire to obtain his treasure, most learned to just avoid him, for he seemed content to stay hidden away with his ill-gotten treasure hoard.

One day Odin received word that Fáfnir was showing an unusual amount of activity, sowing chaos throughout Midgard, and eventually even somehow constructing an imposing tower fortress, complete with a magical barrier that even the Æsir could not directly penetrate. Odin feared that Fáfnir's rising power and influence may eventually threaten realms beyond Midgard, but unfortunately he and the rest of the Æsir were occupied by more immediate threats.

It was then that Odin witnessed the death of the fearless Völgarr the Viking, who fell to overwhelming numbers defending his homeland, but only after slaying hundreds of his adversaries. Odin realized he had found a solution to the Fáfnir problem. He restored Völgarr's mortal life on Midgard and tasked him with breaking Fáfnir seal and slaying the beast before he could cause any more trouble.

Völgarr must travel to many strange and perilous regions in order to defeat each of Fáfnir's Seal Guardians - entities whose life force is tied to the magic protecting Fáfnir's tower, but who also gain strength and power from this bond. Once all are defeated Völgarr can face Fáfnir himself and complete his quest.

The LP

This will be an informative LP with each update coming in two parts. The first being the normal Crystal Path run and the second being the alternate Path of the Valkyrie run. Check out the second post for more information about these two paths as well as other information about items and stuff.

Table of Contents


Most of this is lifted directly out of the game's manual, so if you'd rather read all of this there here's a link to the manual.

Alternate Paths

There are two modes of play in Völgarr the Viking, the path of the Crystal and the path of the Valkyrie. Death and resurrection are handled slightly different depending on the path you are on. The game always starts on the path of the Crystal, and only the most skilled players will be able to reach the path of the Valkyrie.

Path of the Crystal

Odin's power is strong. He has imbued the power of life in crystals from Asgard and has distributed them all over Midgard. Despite Odin's might, his power does not reach everywhere. If Völgarr dies within the reach of a Life Crystal, he is born anew at the foot of the last Life Crystal reached.

Path of the Valkyrie

On maps without a Life Crystal, Odin's power is weaker. Because of this, he has sent the Valkyrie to assist Völgarr. If Völgarr dies on a map where a Valkyrie is present, the Valkyrie will bring him back to life... provided he has in possession a special item (Warrior Spirit) that allow her to do so.


Vidr Skjoldr (Wood Sheild)

Völgarr starts every new life with a Vidr Skjodr. This shield only blocks 1 hit - on the next hit it shatters, leaving Völgarr exposed to a lethal blow. Shields block most enemy attacks, but only if in a raised position (such as while not attacking), and not if Völgarr bumps directly into an enemy or hazard.

Hamarr Skjoldr (Hammer Shield)

Hamarr Skjoldr can block attacks indefinitely as long as Völgarr doesn't lose it by bumping into enemies or hazards. It also gives you a powered spear throw, just hold Up to store energy first! There are some attacks that cannot be blocked, pay attention to which ones they are via experimentation.

Baldr's Skjaldborg (Baldur's Protection)

This helmet absorbs a single strike from an enemy, if Völgarr has a shield and takes a hit, he loses the helmet instead. Additionally, the helmet increases Völgarr's attack speed.

Tyr's Villieldr (Tyr's Flame)

The fire sword is a purely offensive weapon. It deals double the damage of the sword and extends its attack range. Beware! If Völgarr takes a single hit he will lose this weapon, no matter what other gear he has with it.

Mjölnir's Power

This special power cannot be found in chests, it is hidden in each area. Be sure to search thoroughly; it may even be buried inside a wall! Obtaining this power allows Völgarr to take a hit without losing any gear at all and unleashes a powerful counter-attack, although it only works once before it must be obtained again.
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