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Volgarr the Viking

by Combat Lobster

Part 5: World 5

Update #5

Völgarr wants to install some new AC units in his home, so he asks the Sky Knights if he could get an estimated quote. Their feathers got ruffled and proceed to attack him.



Not everyone from ancient City of Akron wished to become isolated under the sea. A splinter group decided to stay and take to the air instead, and rather than isolate themselves from the world, act as stewards of it.

Using their magic and technology to grant themselves the power of flight, and eventually taking on a bird-like appearance, this group became known as the Sky Knights, protectors of the peace. Chivalrous and noble, and remarkably long-lived, the Sky Knights were respected by all for many years, until a mysterious ailment of unknown origin caused their birth rate to plummet.

Eventually becoming a paranoid and desperate people as their population continued to shrink, the Sky Knights retreated to their castle in the clouds. But their fear only grew, and feeling they had little choice to survive, they enslaved and brainwashed a peaceful diminutive race to act as their servants, who then used small gliders to help them navigate the sky and emulate their beloved masters.

Lead by a great general, once known as the most noble and brave of them all, yet now corrupted by a pact with Fáfnir, the once-noble Sky Knights have decided that will never be safe from the savages that live below, and that the only way to truly protect themselves is to enslave all other races as they did with the first.

The Sky Knights have mobilized their air ship armada to begin their grim task...