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Part 6: World 6 & 7

It's been awhile since the last update, so I figured I should go ahead post the remaining videos now and finish up the LP. So here's a back-to-back double update. Happy early turkey day and thanks for watching!

Update #6



Only by defeating each of Fàfnir's Seal Guardians can the way into the Tower be opened, but even then, the Tower is filled with legions of enemies from all the races loyal to Fàfnir. Völgarr will have to make his way floor-by-floor to the top of the tower to face Fàfnir and put an end to his spread of fear and chaos. But perhaps there is another way to the top?

Update #7

World 7: ?????? aka Yggdrasill's Roots


There's isn't really any lore in the manual for world 7, just this:


Rumors exist of a secret 7th area that only the most skilled will ever lay eyes on. Will you be the first to find it and unlock its mysteries?