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Part 1: Most memorable matches

Since each show is pretty long and watching all of them would probably be a bad idea I've collected some of the best matches so you don't have to. If you want to watch full shows I'd recommend the PPVs most of the time.


These all link to the respective shows they occurred at starting at the timestamp the match in question.

31.05.2015 Interrupter Jones vs. Loki vs. Midnightlight
"This is a true LPFWA moment."
With no current LPFWA Champion a tournament was started on the day of this match as a series of Triple Threat matches. Earlier that night Punchy lost his match, next up were Jones, Loki and Midnightlight. Much to everybody's surprise something... happened. This match is a showcase of all the things that can go wrong, be they within my control or not.

20.06.2015 BFC vs. IGgy
"What the actual fuck?!"
Talcott Cargo has been a little deranged ever since... well... he ceased being BFC, underwent intensive surgery and started developing roleplaying campaigns he played with himself in his head. But this time he acted particularly weird. Probably because he recently lost an eye and he blames IGgy for booking him in the match in which it happened so he challenged him to a grudge match, no BNF allowed. IGgy was beaten into submission by Schir earlier that night. The massacre that this match became is a sight to behold.

20.06.2015 Sterv vs. Loki Starwind (LPFWA Championship match)
"One... Two... THREE!"
After Sabateini left with the original LPFWA Title because IGgy did something horrible in Montreal a new champion needed to be crowned. Many LPFWA Superstars competed in a tournament to earn their shot at the championship plastic. Eventually only Sterv and Loki were left. Winner takes all. Both wrestlers gave it their best, finishers were exchanged. But in the end one went down to the mat, 1... 2... 3... we have a champion!

11.07.2015 Aurora vs. Eeevil for the Kawaii Title
"And here comes John Cena"
"Joan Cena"
"I'm gonna call her John Cena"
Legendary Suplex Queen Aurora defends her title against the Rookie Eeevil who's basically a gender swapped John Cena parody. You might think that means Eeevil wins by default but you need to consider that Aurora is basically Brock Lesnar only she suplexes everything. She's a legend of the business. She's been around since 2013. She once defeated Junpei-Chan after Jumpy ascended to Kawaii 3 AND being in a fight with Rara before that. Eeevil on the other hand proved herself against various women of LPFWA to get a shot at Aurora's title.

12.09.2105 - Immortan Joe vs. Sterv and Simsmagic (Co-Comm Title Match)
"Do it Joe! Kill the cat and the fish! You can handle a cat and a fish!"
Immortan Joe and Lazyfire have been Co-Comm champions almost since the beginning. But at the anime PPV Lazyfire was tragically killed by being run over by Palpatine in a monster truck about ten or so times. Now Joe was forced to defend the Co-comm titles despite not having a partner. Against a former LPFWA champion and a time-traveling fish nonetheless. But he decided not to go down without a fight.

12.09.2015 - Flamander vs. John Cena
"Holy shit! Flamander got in a punch!"
Ever since John Cena has descended from the heavens three weeks prior he's been dominating LPFWA Superstars vowing to return until someone defeats him
LPFWA Championship Tournament finalist Loki: Defeated
Close friend to Flamander and rad dude Eclectic Tastes: Beaten
And now Flamander rises to the challenge. And he was ready to give John Cena the fight of his life.

03.10.2015 - Junpei Hyde vs. John Cena
[Hell March starts playing right as the table gets set on fire]
After defeating Flamander John Cena continued his rampage claiming victim after victim. At the Sandcastle PPV hell broke loose, IGgy got set on fire, Palpatine took over the show and changed the match card. But Junpei didn't give a fuck about this. He was just furious that he wasn't in the flaming tables match that happened that night. Junpei demanded the flaming tables. He called out the winner of the previous match at first but then John Cena appeared to the Scene and while the Sandcastle was burning, they would have a match that set the world ablaze.

24.10.2015 - BFC vs. Pyroi (Ladder match)
"Yes, do it again! Oh fuck! He's doing it again!"
Junpei, having defeated John Cena, was allowed to pick his own match card. One of the matches he wanted to see was BFC, Former Mr. Money in the Bank and all around Ladder Match winner, vs. Pyroi, a guy who has another person living inside him and that person pays rent. He also looks exactly like King Dedede. After it was all over everybody on commentary agreed that this is one for the history books.

24.10.2015 - The Undertaker vs. Emperor Palpatine
"Look at this idiot! Palpatine is like Donald Trump, he never stops winning, even when he's losing."
On the height of Emperor Palpatine's Power LPFWA had one trump card. Junpei had defeated John Cena in a flaming tables match and so was granted the privilege to decide one match card. It was halloween too, so it was spooky as balls. So Junpei made Palpy fight Undertaker, the man who was undefeated at Wrestlemania until some steroid monster beat him in an anticlimatic manner. So Palpy set out to do it better. But in reality we all wanted to see palpy get beaten to a pulp.

30.01.2016 - Aurora vs. Bonette
"It's gonna be 20 minute match, that's gonna be fun, HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, I'm an idiot"
Aurora was once again the Kawaii Champion which of course meant at least one title defense per month for her. Her opponent was the rising newcomer Bonette. A skeleton. Aurora for some reason felt the need to prove once more that she is indeed the suplex queen. To make things more interesting IGgy decided to take a sip of his drink every time Aurora suplexed. However, it had escaped his mind that he made it a 20 minute Iron Woman match. Oops.

06.02.2016 - Dr. Rath vs. Triple H
"They are both heels, they know we want Sledgehammers so they're not giving them to us"
This match had been a long time coming. Dr. Rath has called himself The King of Kings since 2013 but HHH came up to him and was like "Yo, I've done it for way longer than you so you can't call yourself that." So to settle this they obviously had a match, not only to decide who gets the title of King of Kings, but also all the other ones. Little did they know, though, that Triple H's iconic (tm) Sledgehammer had a bigger role to play than either of them could hope for.

The below match was the last one from the final show, It's quite possibly the best match we've had and I'm glad it ended that way but I encourage you to watch the entire final episode, even if it's the only one you watch, because it was all around very good. Click here if you wish, otherwise just go on to the last match below.

26.03.2016 - Frederick Hope and Flamander vs. The Sun (also starring: Sledgehammer)
"Oh my, this is intense! (now higher-pitched) Oh my, this is intense!! (higher pitched still!) Oh my, this is intense!!!!"
Earlier at Lpfwamania Aurora hit two suplexes so powerful they flung the moon out of orbit... towards the sun. Throughout the show the brightest minds of LPFWA have tried coming up with ways to avert the sun's fiery embrace. Having Aurora suplex again would break the moon in half, so that wasn't an option. As a last ditch effort Frederick Hope and Flamander decided to try to use various moves less powerful than the Auroraplex SX but more powerful than a normal person could withstand, strategically placed and timed in the sacrific-e arena to put the moon back into its place. What followed exceeded all expectations and was a worthy end to LPFWA